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Chemical analysis of divine particles indicates their supernatural origin

Divine particles found in places of spiritual purity have unusual chemical properties, finds a recent study conducted by the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF).

MELBOURNE / NEW JERSEY (17 April 2013) – Renowned research institutes and laboratories in India have confirmed some unusual chemical properties of a number of divine particles analysed as part of SSRF’s on-going research into spiritual phenomena.

The research started after the first appearance of the divine particles in March last year. They were found in the pores of the skin of Dr. Jayant Athavale, a Saint residing in Goa, India. Soon after that, similar divine particles were detected in many other places in India and around the world.

The divine particles are shiny, of small size, measuring an average half millimetre in diameter, and come in different colours like golden, silver, red, pink, blue and indigo. They are visible through ordinary vision and impart a positive spiritual experience.

Detailed laboratory analyses revealed some special features of these divine particles, such as the absence of any metals in them, a hexagonal shape but not a crystalline structure and a chemical formula that does not resemble any other known particles.

“The analysis of the chemical structure of the divine particles has confirmed very unusual properties that are little known to modern science”, says Ana Prodanović of SSRF. “We believe this is because the particles are of supernatural or divine origin”, she adds.

Additionally, through its own spiritual research, SSRF has understood the reason for the appearance of the divine particles at this particular time in history and their unique importance for humankind. SSRF maintains that such divine particles can appear anywhere in the world when spiritual practice is done with spiritual emotion and an attitude of service to God.

To present this research on divine particles, SSRF is organising a web-conference on 14th May 2013. Full details can be found at:

In addition, four books about the divine particles will be published in English language by June 2013.

SSRF, based in Australia, USA and Europe, publishes spiritual research conducted through advanced sixth sense (ESP). Hence, it is able to study the spiritual dimension that is often overlooked by conventional research methods.

For media contacts visit SSRF’s press release section or call US toll free: +1 201 785 7773

Download the press release Chemical analysis of divine particles indicates their supernatural origin in pdf.

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