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What is Spirituality ?

Spirituality means many things to many people. Learn about the meaning of Spirituality and gain insights into this subject that is infinite in its scope.

Spiritual Paths

Spiritual Research

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Steps of spiritual practice

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Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Principles for Fast Spiritual Development

Does one have to leave existing spiritual practice to start chanting?

This article explains the reasons to adopt the spiritual practice of chanting alonly with whatever spiritual practice they are used to doing

Spiritual practice with expectation and without expectation

The seeker experiences worldly happiness by doing sakam spiritual practice while he experiences spiritual Bliss (Ānand) by doing nishkam spiritual practice.

Writing books on Maya (the Great Illusion) and Spirituality

Books on Maya (the Great Illusion) are books about the created universe. Books related to Spirituality are books that guide on various aspects of Spirituality..

Writing books on Spirituality

This article showcases an informal conversation between His Holiness Dr. Athavale and the editorial team when the above articles were being written. It provides various insights on why Saints prefer authoring books on Spirituality as opposed to books on Maya (the Great Illusion).