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Start Your Spiritual Journey

Throughout the website the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) has stressed the importance of doing regular spiritual practice. The purpose of this section is to give you a quick understanding of what you can do to begin your spiritual journey (spiritual practice) today. Whichever religious path or culture you come from, the Spiritual Science Research … Continue reading Start Your Spiritual Journey

How Can We Help Our Departed Family Members in the Afterlife?

When family members die, we pay tribute to their lives by offering flowers at their grave, by publishing kind words about them in their memory in the obituary section of a newspaper or hanging the photograph of the deceased in one’s house. However, all these have no significance in helping our ancestors in the afterlife.

What does the spiritual protective chant of Shri Gurudev Datta represent?

The protective chant of Shrī Gurudev Datta represents the Name of Lord Datta, an aspect of God. One of His functions in the Universe is alleviating distress caused due to ancestral spirits.

Lord Datta Chant – Give and Take account

Chanting the Name of Lord Datta clears our give-and-take account with ancestral spirits. Understand the mechanism of how this works.

Eczema on hands overcome with spiritual treatment

Eczema on hands overcome with spiritual treatment within two weeks. It was not getting cured by modern medical treatment for the last 23 years.

What is eczema and how can it be cured ?

What is eczema? Why is there no cure for eczema despite extensive modern research? Are there factors in the spiritual dimension behind it?

How does one overcome ancestral problems?

By chanting Lord Datta’s Name, we can overcome ancestral problems.

I am a Christian. Why should I chant Lord Datta’s Name?

Quite often people from various religious backgrounds (for example, Christians or Buddhists) may question, “Why should I chant a deity’s Name that does not belong to my religion?”