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I am a Christian. Why should I chant Lord Datta’s Name?

Lord Datta is a deity. One of His functions is such that, those who worship Him are bestowed with the ability to overcome the difficulties in their lives that are due to subtle-bodies of ancestors.

Lord Datta

Quite often people from various religious backgrounds (for example, Christians or Buddhists) may question, “Why should I chant a deity’s Name that does not belong to my religion?”

The universality of this aspect of God, regardless of religious faith or religion of birth can be understood by a simple analogy.

Panadol (whose chemical formula is C8H9NO2) is an allopathic drug that is manufactured in Australia and other countries as well. It helps to provide relief from symptoms such as fever, headaches and other minor aches or pains. Irrespective of place of manufacture (in this case Australia), Panadol whose chemical formula is universal can be used to treat the symptoms of people not only in Australia but in the entire world.

So also, chanting Lord Datta’s Name helps any person regardless of nationality, religion or cultural background to overcome problems caused due to departed ancestors. This benefit of chanting His Name has been experienced by many seekers being guided spiritually by SSRF around the world.

Read the case study of Cyriaque who was troubled by subtle-bodies of his ancestors and how chanting Lord Datta’s Name helped him.

Datta chant
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