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Spiritual experiences of His Holiness Cyriaque Vallee

1. Experiencing intense spiritual energy from His Holiness Dr Athavale In December 1999, I met His Holiness Dr Athavale for the first time. When I went to bow at His feet, I could feel my whole body shaking. It felt like I was receiving an immense amount of energy from His feet. Then He placed … Continue reading Spiritual experiences of His Holiness Cyriaque Vallee

Death and Dying

Path of Guru’s Grace – Gurukrupaayoga

This explains the path of the Guru’s grace

Time of death

All of us have to die at some point and this is decided as per our destiny. There are some pre-destined time periods in our lives in which death can occur as per our destiny.

Protection From Severe Predestined Life Incident – Case Study

Mr. Arvind Thakkar explains how he overcame severe destiny through spiritual practice and Guru’s grace.