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Children and teenage smoking – a spiritual perspective

1. Introduction Childhood and the teenage years are formative years during which the foundation for the overall growth and development of an individual is built. As this phase is marked with exuberance and high energy levels where a child learns and emulates others by observing, experimenting and exploring, it puts tremendous responsibility on parents and … Continue reading Children and teenage smoking – a spiritual perspective

Benefits of chanting – psychological

Psychological benefits of chanting include the subconscious mind getting purified, increase in concentration, introversion and introspection and purification of speech.

Benefits of chanting – medical

Medical benefits of chanting include the symptoms of disease being visible before the disease sets in and physical benefit due to mental stability.

Overcoming addictions through spiritual practice

Cyriaque explains how he could stop smoking and drinking when he started spiritual practice.

Overcoming an addiction to smoking by Spiritual practice – Case study

“It has now been over 9 years since I quit smoking and I attribute this to my regular spiritual practice.” – Mr Mulye

Quitting smoking cigarettes by spiritual practice

Omprakash was smoking for 11 years and finally quit smoking after applying spiritual remedies.

How does one overcome ancestral problems?

By chanting Lord Datta’s Name, we can overcome ancestral problems.