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How my ancestors prodded me to perform Shraddha to help them in the afterlife

When Carlyn became the centre of intense paranormal activity, instead of succumbing to fear, she used it as opportunity to help her ancestors in the afterlife and to grow spiritually.

Giving up alcohol addiction through spiritual practice

Fintan struggled with alcohol addiction for years. He was able to overcome the urge to drink alcohol completely by doing spiritual practice.

Benefits of chanting – psychological

Psychological benefits of chanting include the subconscious mind getting purified, increase in concentration, introversion and introspection and purification of speech.

Benefits of chanting – medical

Medical benefits of chanting include the symptoms of disease being visible before the disease sets in and physical benefit due to mental stability.

Overcoming addictions through spiritual practice

Cyriaque explains how he could stop smoking and drinking when he started spiritual practice.

Quitting alcohol drinking with spiritual remedies

Only spiritual remedies were successful in overcoming Mr Nikam’s alcohol abuse.

The case history in Cyriaque’s words

Cyriaque explains how he overcame problems with ancestral spirits by chanting Lord Datta’s Name.

How does one overcome ancestral problems?

By chanting Lord Datta’s Name, we can overcome ancestral problems.