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Spiritual experiences of Mr Dewang Gadoya

1. Experiencing the omnipresence of the Guru Principle My wife Rishita and I were moving from India to Canada in December 2003. Before we left we had the opportunity to have a satsang with His Holiness Dr Athavale. During the course of the satsang, He assured us that He did not require a visa or … Continue reading Spiritual experiences of Mr Dewang Gadoya

Collecting data about oneself – how to write a mistake

Writing mistakes in a proper manner goes a long way in reaching the root cause of the mistake and helps in the self-analysis process .

Self-awareness is the first step to personality development

If one wants to improve one’s personality then become more self-aware about one’s personality defects is the first step.

Benefits of chanting – psychological

Psychological benefits of chanting include the subconscious mind getting purified, increase in concentration, introversion and introspection and purification of speech.