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Medicinal plants that will be useful during the coming adverse times

During the coming period, we will witness a third World War. Having access to plants with medicinal properties could be lifesaving during this time period. (156 characters)

Survival guide – Alternative cooking methods in the event of World War 3

Learn alternative cooking methods using different types of stoves such as clay or earthen stoves and prepare for survival during WW3 and other emergencies.

Prepare for power outages and water shortages during WW3

With the imminent 3rd World War and catastrophic natural disasters, the need to increase one’s preparedness is critical.

Climate change update – Causes and solutions

If you think we have time, unfortunately you don’t. Spiritual research shows that in the next 5 years destruction of cataclysmic proportions is at our doorstep and neither the governments of the world nor the climate scientists can see it coming.

His Holiness Dr Athavale – creator of the PDR process

How did the Personality Defect Removal Process Start – this article explains how His Holiness Dr Athavale using his specialisation in clinical hypnotherapy and understanding of the spiritual dimension created the Personality Defect Removal Process

Global Issues from a Spiritual Perspective

Natural disasters – Why are they becoming more common?

The root causes of global warming and the facts behind climate change and the increasing intensity of natural disasters

Examples of superficial causes and root causes of problems in our lives

Learn from examples how to identify the root cause of problems in our lives.