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Examples of superficial causes and root causes of problems in our lives

The following are examples of the apparent and root causes of problems across many dimensions of our life. All these are examples from real-life cases where the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) has found the causes of the problem to be spiritual in nature.

Quite often we go looking in the wrong place and hence some problems never go away because their root cause is spiritual in nature and can only be treated by spiritual means.

1.  Problems that affect individuals or families

Case study 1: Marital problems

Marital problems

If a couple is depressed due to marital problems and cannot work it out themselves they may seek help from a marriage counsellor who has a degree in psychiatry.

What is the spiritual reason for marital disharmony?

Spirits of ancestors who have passed away can cause marital disharmony, which in turn leads to depression. Thus the root cause of depression is distress caused by subtle-bodies of ancestors. Through this, ancestors try to attract our attention so that we can do something spiritually for them to help them in their after-life difficulties.

Case study 2: Chest pain

Chest pain

If we suffer from chest pain, we are asked to undertake a battery of tests including an electrocardiogram (ECG), chest x-ray, blood tests etc. If nothing comes up in the test results, doctors may well say it is a case of cardiac neurosis, which is chest pain arising due to psychological conflicts.

What could be the spiritual root cause for chest pain?

Chest pain that is recurrent and which cannot be treated by modern sciences generally have their root cause in the spiritual realm.

A spiritual reason why this could happen is that there is a block in the spiritual energy flow system in the body. The blockage is generally due to a lack of spiritual practice.

Case study 3: Financial problems

Financial problems

A person going through a financial crunch may attribute it to major losses in business due to poor staff output and may get a consultant in to help.

What could be the spiritual root cause for poor staff output?

Unexplainable losses in business despite the best effort could be due to distressing energies in the factory premises.

In any enclosed house there is an energy that resides in it. Depending on the architecture and the placement of furniture and machinery bad vibrations can be created. This may in turn result in lack of efficiency of workers and discord among workers.

Case study 4: Drug addiction

Drug addiction

In some cases we see people becoming drug addicts. But why have they become addicts? The rehabilitation centre may attribute it to depression or an inadequate personality disorder.

Spiritual research has shown that in all cases of addiction, the root cause of addiction is actually possession by a spirit or a ghost of an addict.

Case study 5: A little girl loses her parents in an accident

Becoming an orphan due to destiny

Sometimes we see that life can be seemingly unfair – a small child becomes an orphan as she survives an accident where both her parents die. People question the reason behind such an event – why did this have to happen to me – what did I do to deserve this? Most of the time, the people around us cannot give us any answers. At best we can help the little girl recover from the incident and ensure that she goes to a good foster home.

Destiny is a powerful factor in deciding the course of our lives. It is that part of our lives which is not under our control. In fact all major events in our lives such as birth, death, marriage and major accidents are pre-destined.

Please refer to the article on, “What is destiny and wilful action”?

2.  Problems that affect society

Case study 6: Violence in schools

Violence in Schools

What about problems that affect society at large. What are they due to and how do we try and solve them?

For example the increasing trend of bullying in schools? We may attribute the cause of this to lack of respect and tolerance. One of the remedies may be educating children to respect and tolerate other kids and treat others with kindness.

At the level of society when there is degradation in Righteousness (Dharma) it shows up in the behaviour of our children.

Shankaracharya who was a great Saint, defined Righteousness as that which accomplishes the three tasks of:

  • Keeping the social system in an excellent condition
  • Bringing about the worldly progress of every living being and
  • Causing progress in the spiritual realm as well.

Case study 7: The increasing intensity of natural disasters

natural disasters

When we have natural disasters such as Tsunamis or floods that wipe out cities, we attribute it to various geographical reasons. Geologists spend many years and billions of dollars trying to pre-empt and predict the next natural disaster but to no avail.

When we read/watch the news covered in today’s media, we find it filled with attacks on humanity, natural disaster, floods, earthquakes and pandemics.

The main reason for this drastic rise, really lies in the spiritual realm. Physical factors such as green house gases contribute to this rise by only 30% .

Rise in the Raja-Tama components in the world is like the accumulation of dust and dirt in our house. Increase in natural disasters, pandemics and wars are nature’s way of cleansing the planet.

This has been explained in detail in our article on the reason behind the increasing intensity of natural disasters.

3. Summary

In summary, SSRF has identified that, a number of common everyday problems that we have, have a high likelihood of their root cause being in the spiritual realm.  It could range from a simple problem such as a boil or blister to bad decisions that impact the rest of our lives.

In the next article, we summarise the various root causes of problems in the spiritual realm and the likelihood of their impact on us.

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