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Ghosts captured in photographs

On some occasions, a ghost materialises and can be captured on film. This article explains the mechanism behind this phenomenon and shows some examples of how they can appear.

Demons – Characteristics and Influence

This article explains in detail the characteristics of the demon

What are Ghosts and How does a Person Become One?

Through spiritual research we have found that any one of us can become a ghost. The desires, cravings and attachments we have during our life on Earth if not controlled and overcome, become our weak point in the afterlife. Higher level negative control lower level ghosts in the afterlife.

Types of Ghosts and Demons (devils, spirits, negative energies etc.)

When we refer to all ghosts as ghosts, we may not realise that there is a wide range of negative energies in the spiritual dimension. In this article we examine the main types of negative energies based on relative strength from the ‘common ghost’ to the powerful ‘subtle-sorcerer’ also known as a mantrik.

Where Do Ghosts (Demons, Devils, Negative Energies, etc.) Exist?

‘Hell’ would be the natural answer that would come to our minds. What most of us do not know is that there are many planes of existence in Hell. Depending on the power of a negative energy, they exist in various regions of Hell and can exist in other regions including the Earth plane of existence.

What do Ghosts (Demons) Want From us and What is Their Objective?

In horror movies we often see ghosts terrorising people. However this is not the only reason they affect people. Depending on a person’s activities the objectives of ghosts may change.