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What do Ghosts (Demons) Want From us and What is Their Objective?

Ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) typically pursue the following objectives during their lifespan.

1. To gain pleasure from troubling others

Some ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) have deep-rooted impressions in their sub-conscious minds about troubling others. As a result they are continually engaged in troubling others.

Even those ghosts who did not have such intentions to begin with, can start troubling others. This happens due to the company of other such ghosts or after enjoying the power in troubling others when they were forced to do so by higher ghosts. They then start enjoying it and later indulge in it indiscriminately.

2. Trying to satisfy their desires or cravings

Unsatisfied desires/cravings are other reasons why persons become ghosts after death. As ghosts do not have a physical body, they cannot satisfy their desires/cravings first hand. Hence they possess other living people with desires/cravings matching their own and exploit them to fulfill their desires through them. Depending on how weak or strong the possessed person is psychologically and spiritually, a ghost has to work for a varying period of years to override the inherent resistance of the person. Only then can it control the person enough, so as to indulge in its desires/cravings.

3. Seeking revenge

If for example, person A has harmed or seriously wronged person B and that person B dies, the subtle body of person B may leave his physical body with deep seated impressions of revenge. In such cases, there is a high likelihood of the subtle body of person B becoming a ghost and trying to torment person A with the objective of seeking revenge. This may either be a one-time event or a long drawn out process.

An example of a one-time event is where a ghost seeks and achieves revenge by orchestrating the death of the person responsible for its death when on Earth. It could also be a long drawn process where a ghost keeps on tormenting a person / persons over the years in different ways to exact revenge. This could sometimes last for many decades or may be continued even with the person’s descendants.

The spiritual energy of person B was limited when he was alive as it was distributed among many heads like earning a livelihood, his hobbies, friends, etc. However after death without his physical existence all his energy is focused on the single thought of revenge. Hence those who did not have much influence when living, can still influence others after their death.

4. To torment seekers of God

Seekers of God by doing spiritual practice cause the basic subtle Sattva component to rise. This happens to a greater extent when they make efforts to inspire and teach others to do spiritual practice. This is because by making many others to take up spiritual practice, the basic subtle Sattva component is increased many fold. As the ghosts themselves consist of basic subtle Tama component, they feel distress in an environment that has a higher basic subtle Sattva component. The ghosts therefore torment seekers of God so as to create obstacles in their spiritual practice or to stop it completely.

The likelihood of attacks by ghosts is intensified with the increase in one’s spiritual practice. This is especially so when seekers help others to begin their spiritual practice. However, seekers also gain an increased resistance to attacks by ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.). This is because a seeker’s spiritual level increases with spiritual practice and he is increasingly able to acquire the protection given by God. God’s protection received by people doing spiritual practice themselves and those doing spiritual practice themselves as well as inspiring and guiding the society to do the same is about 10% and 20% more respectively than the strength of the attack by the ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.). God’s protection is uniform for all, but those of higher spiritual levels and those guiding society to do spiritual practice, due to their lesser egos, are able to receive it more.

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