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Where do the ghosts live in a human being?

Ghosts can reside anywhere in a human being, like his body, mind intellect etc. Refer to our article ‘What are we comprised of?’ Ghosts however act through black energy centres that they create in vulnerable parts of a person. They store black energy (which is spiritual energy used for harmful purposes) in these black energy centres to harm an individual. These black energy centres can be in any of the bodies depending on how they want to trouble the possessed person.

An example of location of black energy centres and their effect:

Various places of body where the black energy center is located - table

Ghosts also attack the chakras or spiritual energy centres in the Kunḍalinī. Depending on the specific chakra affected, the corresponding ability of the person is either reduced or incapacitated. For example if the person’s heart chakra (Anāhat-chakra) is attacked, he will be most affected in the heart region and mind (feelings, emotions and desires).

Effect of a black energy center on the kundalini chakras of a person

If the mid-brow chakra (Ādnyā-chakra) is attacked the intellect is most affected.

To refer to the diagram on chakras from the Kundalini system – click here.

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