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Drawings based on subtle-knowledge of ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) by Type

This gallery depicts three subtle-sorcerers that were tormenting seekers of God.

What are the symptoms of a haunted house?

This article lists the various symptoms of a haunted house.

How to know what type of ghosts are affecting the person?

This article describes how a person can determine the type of ghost that is affecting one.

What happens when all the ghosts desires are fulfilled?

This article details whether a ghosts desires can be satisfied and what happens to the erson they are possessing.

Do animals have the sixth sense to perceive the presence of ghosts

This article explains if animals have the sixth sense to perceive the presence of ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies etc.).

If ghosts do spiritual practice do they become good?

A good ghost or ghost doing spiritual practice seems contradictory like an oxymoron. We rarely think of ghosts being good unless of course we are readers of the famous cartoon Casper the Friendly Ghost. Through spiritual research we have found that negative energies can do intense spiritual practice but it is not for good.

Disposing belongings of the deceased

After a loved one dies, many people are unsure what they should do with their belongings. This article provides a guide to the surviving relatives.

What is the effect of keeping objects in the coffin?

The favourite objects of the dead person kept in the coffin are attacked by ghosts in the same way as the corpse is attacked. This includes even dressing up the dead body in their favourite clothes. The subtle sorcerers can use these objects to do black magic.

Facts about ghosts

A complete study and frequently asked questions about ghosts, demons, negative energy, the paranormal, exorcism, spirits, demonic possession and how they affect us.