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Calm manifestation of demonic possession

In this video, we show how a ghost possessing a person can be fully manifest and yet be completely calm. This kind of a manifestation is quite dangerous, as the person may have fully lost control over their faculties to the possessing ghost. The people around would have no clue about the manifest state of the ghost or reason for any uncharacteristic behaviour. For example, a person sitting next to you in a train and looking at you strangely, may be fully manifest. Since people are unaware of this state they dismiss it as rude or asocial behaviour.


Calm manifestation 1:

Image of calm manifestation

This person is a seeker doing spiritual practice for God-realisation since 1998. He is currently undergoing spiritual healing for demonic possession. When exposed to spiritual healing remedies, he usually becomes manifest in a violent manner. However in this manifestation, he is very calm, i.e. a lay person looking at him in this state could have missed that he is in a manifest state. The peculiar glassy look in his eyes is an indication of the manifest state. This is confirmed by a subtle sixth sense reading.

Calm manifestation 2:

Another image of calm manifestation

This person has been doing spiritual practice for the last 5 years. She is possessed and is presently undergoing spiritual healing remedies. This video shows the ghost possessing her, manifesting in a calm manner during the course of a spiritual healing session. Only those with an advanced sixth sense, and the seekers around her, could make out that the ghost is fully manifest.


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