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Overcoming hair loss through spiritual healing treatment

SSRF publishes these case studies with the intention of providing some direction to our readers with regard to problems that manifest at a physical or psychological level, but which can have their root cause in the spiritual dimension. When the root cause of a problem is spiritual in nature we have observed that the inclusion of spiritual healing remedies generally gives the best results. SSRF advises continuation of conventional medical treatment along with spiritual healing remedies for the treatment of physical and psychiatric illnesses. Readers are advised to take up any spiritual healing remedy at their own discretion.


This is a case study of Anupama Rane who at the age of 20 years lost all her hair on her head suddenly and without any apparent reason. She tried various conventional treatments to no avail. Finally in a spiritual healing session conducted by a Saint, her difficulty was overcome. In this interview she describes how all this came about.

1. Introduction

Anupama overcoming hair loss through spiritual healing treatment

A young teenage girl from Mumbai, India, Anupama experienced near total hair loss in a matter of days when she started asking for donations for a spiritual organisation in her suburb. She used to ask for donations as her Service unto the Absolute Truth (satsēvā), which is a type of spiritual practice. In the months that followed, Anupama’s faith in God was put to the test as her family told her to stop the collection of donations. This case study is not only about how Anupama was healed through spiritual treatment alone, but how the faith of a seeker of God can be put to test. Faith is always best measured during a period of adversity.

2. Anupama experiences hair loss

In April 2005, after her twelfth grade exams Anupama decided to devote her vacations to spreading the awareness of Spirituality in society. Along with this she helped out in collecting donations for a spiritual organisation. After about a week, Anupama noticed that her hair was beginning to fall from different parts of her scalp. This loss of hair began to intensify within the next two days and was very noticeable.

“I was not particularly worried. However my loss of hair affected my mother pretty badly. Actually she is also doing spiritual practice. But my hair loss staggered her. My mother was convinced that my hair loss was a result of my spiritual practice. It was obvious to her that there was a direct relationship between my hair loss and my going to collect donations. She would not allow me to go about my spiritual practice of collecting donations. Although I did not share her feeling, I did not know how to convince her otherwise.”

Anjali, a seeker of SSRF somehow convinced Anupama’s mother to let her continue with her spiritual practice. Anupama’s mother reluctantly agreed. In the meantime, Anupama’s parents took her to different doctors as she kept losing tufts of hair with every passing day. In two weeks from the start of the loss of her hair, one could easily see her scalp. The only reminder of her curls was a few strands of hair on her forehead. In the weeks that followed, none of the prescribed medicines provided any relief. Anupama’s uncle sent traditional medicine from his village but even that did not help. The following picture clearly shows Anupama’s state.

Hair loss


3. Pressure from family and friends to stop spiritual practice

In a conservative Indian household, this was a devastating thing to happen to a young girl. Her parents were terribly worried about the situation.

“My parents could not sleep at night with worry. My father was close to tears and my mother could not concentrate on her routine work. They would constantly think about my problem.

My mother’s opposition to my spiritual practice became severe and she declared, “I am not going to do spiritual practice till you regain your lost hair! If you are serving God, then does He not understand that He should restore your hair?”

My father frantically searched for new medicines and alternative therapies.”

Along with pressures at home, Anupama had to face a barrage of questions from the people that she met in the course of collecting funds as her spiritual practice.

“All the donors I went to would ask me, “How can you step out of the house after losing all your hair? You first take care of yourself and then do whatever spiritual practice you want to do.” They would suggest to me names of doctors, medicines, therapies etc. but I had full faith in my God. In such testing situations, God would provide me with an appropriate answer to the innumerable questions asked by people I would meet.”

Then came the relatives and neighbours to offer their take on the issue.

“My relatives and neighbours would instigate my parents to dissuade me from doing spiritual practice of service to God and make me rest at home. This in turn would increase my parent’s opposition to my going out to serve God. I would get mentally disturbed when I found it difficult to convince them. It was only through prayer that I would make them understand and resume doing my spiritual practice.”

Throughout this social ordeal, Anupama remained unaffected and resolute in her faith in God and commitment to spiritual practice.

“I never had any expectation from God about curing my loss of hair. I would cry and apologise to God because I felt that He was being blamed by people due to me. I would ask Him to forgive my mother for her emotional outbursts. I would tell her that she should not lose faith and stop doing spiritual practice because of my problem.

I would constantly feel the God’s presence in my life. There was an innate understanding and acceptance that everything happens as He desires it to happen. I would tell my parents not to get overly attached to me and that my suffering could be due to my destiny that I have to endure. All these events did not affect my spiritual practice. It went on regularly due to God’s grace.”

Other seekers of God would enquire about her hair condition. They would give her credit for continuing the spiritual practice of going out to collect donations in spite of losing her hair. Anupama would give all the credit to God as she felt that she could remain stable and unperturbed only due to His grace.

4. Diagnosis of Anupama’s hair loss

When she lost all her hair, she met with Ravindra Salokhe, a seeker with advanced sixth sense (ESP) from the subtle-perception department of SSRF. He diagnosed that the root cause of the problem was due to a ghost (demon, devil, negative energy etc.). The ghost (demon, devil, negative energy etc.) was trying to discourage her from doing any spiritual practice.

“At the time I was regularly taking conventional medicines as prescribed by doctors. They were not helping in the least.

So after the spiritual diagnosis, I started doing spiritual healing remedies  such as applying Holy ash (Vibhūti) and Holy water (Tirtha) on scalp, salt water remedy, chanting, prayer etc.). These remedies helped in reducing my mental disturbance from the constant berating from people around me. My father took me to the family priest at times. I did not believe in going to him but would go to please my father. Nevertheless, I strongly felt that God would take care of everything.”

4.1 Mechanism of how the subtle-sorcerer creates hair loss

The following is a picture of a how a normal scalp looks.

Normal hair without treatment


This is how the scalp looks after the ghost has laid the subtle-mechanism to instigate hair loss. This is a drawing based on subtle-knowledge of what was perceived by Mrs. Anjali Gadgil, a seeker with advanced sixth sense (ESP) when diagnosing Anupama’s case of hair loss.


Hair loss created due to ghosts

An explanation of the above drawing based on subtle-knowledge and mechanism is as follows:

1. Black diagram (yantra): The subtle-sorcerer (māntrik) generally starts with inserting a subtle black energy diagram. This diagram performs the function of imbibing and emanating black energy as desired by him.

2. Balloon of black gas: He then puts a balloon of black gas around the black diagram. The balloon acts as a protection for the black diagram. The black diagram surrounded by the balloon of black gas constitutes a centre (sthān) of the subtle-sorcerer.

Movement of the black diagram creates frequencies in the black gas surrounding it thereby facilitating their transmission across the scalp. They are of two types:

3 a. Effulgent black frequencies moving in an upward direction: They cause uprooting of the hair.
3 b. Effulgent black frequencies moving in a downward direction: They weaken the hair root.

4. Interconnecting black flow: This interconnected mesh of black energy flow hastens the uprooting process. As the black diagrams are interconnected the subtle-sorcerer has to use minimal energy, as he has to set just one black diagram into motion to get them all moving. The time taken for complete hair loss depends on the momentum of the diagrams. If the momentum of the diagrams is

  • High – total hair loss within 1 week
  • Medium – it takes 3 weeks and
  • Low – total hair loss happens in 4-6 weeks.

5. Mesh work of black frequencies: The black frequencies form a mesh work above the entire scalp thus speeding the process of hair loss.

6. Black frequencies are also transmitted from the tip of hair.

5. The spiritual healing

After some time Anupama learnt that spiritual workshops for enhancement of seekership qualities were being conducted in an Ashram in India. Anupama had a strong desire to participate in these workshops. It so happened that one of the seekers scheduled to attend the workshop had to stay back due to urgent spiritual work and Anupama’s name was proposed instead. Anupama was overjoyed and mentally kept expressing her gratitude to God.

The next hurdle was to get permission from her parents to go to the camp.

5.1 Anupama prepares to leave for the Ashram

“My parents refused to give me permission to go to the camp. I started crying. I prayed to God. Then I heard His voice say gently to me, “Why are you crying? Pray that the black covering around their (parents) minds and intellect be destroyed!”  I prayed fervently and soon after my parents reluctantly agreed to send me for the workshop on the condition that I procure and take the full course of medicines with me.”

The next hurdle was to procure the full course of medicines for the 15 days that Anupama would be away. The chemist did not have the medicines that she needed in stock. Given that the next day was a Sunday, all the shops were closed the next day. The chances of Anupama getting the medicines before leaving for the camp were slim. The chemist however miraculously agreed to get her medicines the next morning and even though it was a Sunday, he kept his shop open just for her. Finally having got the medicines in hand, her father agreed to let Anupama go to the Ashram for the spiritual workshop and the seekership camp.

5.2 Seekership workshop at the Ashram

“For two months before this workshop, I had just a few strands of hair. All medicines and therapies had failed to provide respite. However, within 2-3 days after being at the workshop I experienced a dramatic change. My balding scalp for the first time in two months showed numerous tiny hair follicles. I expressed gratitude to God. Seekers at the workshop would remind me to take medicines and also apply Holy water on my scalp whenever I would forget.”

On the final day at the camp, a Saint started a healing session. Anupama was slightly nervous as the last time she attended one of the healing sessions conducted by the Saint in 2003, a ghost within her manifested. The ghost had manifested as soon as Anupama looked into the Saint’s eyes and she felt a lot of discomfort.

This is because the possessing ghost is Tama predominant and cannot tolerate the high sāttviktā such as that coming from a Saint or a spiritually pure environment. This is similar to ice melting in the presence of fire. We have explained this in more detail in our section on ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies etc.). Refer to an explanation behind manifestation of possession.

On 29 May 2005 at 6 pm, the Saint commenced the healing session. This time around Anupama did not feel any distress while looking into the Saint’s eyes. The sequence of events that unfolded are described by Anupama.


“I concentrated on His Holy Feet and repeated the Lord’s Name in my mind. It was then that I experienced heaviness in my head and my eyes started watering. I was experiencing distress looking at the big toe* of His Holy Feet. After some time, the heaviness became most severe and I felt my head being pulled apart from my body, like how one feels when hair is pulled out of its root.Soon I saw the strands of hair above my forehead falling on the floor. I felt somebody shaking me. The Saint had started the remedial session at 6 pm and we were to leave the Ashram at 8 pm to catch a bus home. At 7.45 pm, a co-seeker was shaking me trying to bring me back to a conscious state. The ghost possessing me had manifested for over an hour.I was finding it difficult to come back to normal from the manifest state. When it was time for me to leave, half the session was still left. I expressed gratitude to the Saint and arose. When I was coming back to my normal state after the manifestation, my vision was blurred for three minutes. I could see everything clearly only after a while. As I was leaving, a co-seeker said to me, “Anupama, do not be scared. God is with you. Pray that you continue to get benefit from the healing session which is still on.”

* The flow of Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) emanating from a Saint’s body is highest from the big toes of the feet.

5.3 Spiritual healing for hair loss continues on the journey home

“Later in the journey I again started experiencing heaviness in my head. My head was splitting with pain and hot vapours were coming out of it. While travelling to Mumbai, India, in the bus my right hand would get twisted off and on and I could feel God healing me subtly. I started to feel a little better after 11 pm.”

The sensation of a splitting headache, hot vapours coming out of her head and twisting of her right hand were all signs that she was indeed benefiting from the spiritual healing session of. This was even though she had to abandon the session halfway through to catch the bus home. The distress was actually felt by the ghost within Anupama.

When her parents saw Anupama and the new hair growth they were overjoyed. Anupama’s head continued to throb for two days after reaching Mumbai. She continued her spiritual practice of conducting spiritual workshops and collection of donations.

“Within two weeks, I had a new growth of healthy hair on my head and my parents started telling everybody that their daughter regained her hair due to God’s grace.”

5.4 How did the spiritual remedy by the Saint work?

Frequencies of manifest and unmanifest divine consciousness were emanating from the feet of the Saint, as He is a Saint of the highest order. Due to these frequencies the diagrams and the balloons of black gas around the root of the hair follicle got disintegrated. Hence the black mesh created by the black frequencies emanating from them was destroyed. Then there was a supply of Divine consciousness to the roots. This rejuvenated them. Consequently an environment that is conducive and complementary to hair growth was generated. Their growth was stimulated and Anupama’s hair grew in a short time.

6. Going from strength to strength

Life is now back to normal for Anupama. In July 2005, she enrolled for a graduate course in hotel management. She continues with her spiritual practice on a regular basis. Her hair has grown back. The picture at the beginning of this article is one taken after her above spiritual healing treatment and the regrowth of her hair. She is grateful for the experience as it has increased her faith in God.

In our spiritual journey, we all come across obstacles that test our faith. Anupama’s case is an example of how a seeker can be resolute in their faith in very trying times.

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