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Drawings based on subtle-knowledge of ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) by Activity

A witch intercepting its victim’s thought process by implanting various sexual thoughts

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excessive sexual thought

This is a drawing based on subtle-knowledge that shows what Anuradha Wadekar (a seeker of SSRF with an activated sixth sense) perceived when taking a reading of Luis, a person plagued with excessive sexual thoughts.

The drawing based on subtle-knowledge shows a witch (chetkin) hugging Luis in the subtle. Luis is trying to concentrate on an article that he is writing to spread Spirituality. He is writing the article as part of his spiritual practice of doing service unto God. The witch who is sexually attracted to Luis is trying to put sexual thoughts in his mind so as to establish sexual relations with him. Unaware of this happening in the subtle dimension, Luis is distracted by excessive sexual thoughts.

Discomfort experienced by Anuradha when creating the above drawing based on subtle-knowledge

When I was creating the above drawing based on subtle-knowledge of Luis, my head became heavy, my neck was constricted and my mind was flooded with many sexual thoughts. I realized what distress Luis must have gone through.

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