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Why females are more possessed than males?
Why do ghosts possess women more than men?

Note: Please read our article Definition of demonic possession and being affected by ghosts before reading this article, so as to understand it better.

1. Why ghosts possess women more than men – an introduction

Demonic possession is when a ghost or some other type of negative energy controls the mind (emotions or thoughts) and intellect (decision making ability) of a person by merging with the person’s consciousness. As a result, they also control the person’s actions.

In earlier articles we had explained that in today’s times, 30% of the world’s population is possessed by ghosts and negative energies. However compared to men, a higher number of women are possessed. Through spiritual research we studied the reasons for this.

2. Subtle knowledge about why ghosts possess women more than men

The following table gives a breakdown of the proportion of women and men possessed by negative energies.

Possession - Negative energies attracted to gender

Below we give an explanation of the main reasons.

2.1 Physical reasons

Hormones in the female body change frequently and thus create more sensitivity. This sensitivity in the body attracts distressing energies.

Comparatively, there are fewer hormonal changes in men’s bodies over time. As a result they are less sensitive and there is a lower possibility of distressing energies being attracted to their body.

2.2 Psychological reasons

Possession - Psychological reasons for possession

2.3 Spiritual reasons

Women generally have more destiny to undergo. When the accumulated give-and-take account, which is created as a result of one’s wilful karma or the (actions from previous births and give-and-take account) is greater, then one is born as a woman.

In comparison, men generally have less destiny to undergo. This is because the accumulated give-and-take account, which is created as a result of one’s wilful karma or the karmas (actions) of previous births, and give-and-take account in this life are less compared to those of women.

3. Signs of negative energies manifesting according to gender

Possession - Signs of negative energies manifesting according to gender

4. Effect of demonic possession on spiritual progress

Due to women being more emotional and having more destiny to undergo compared to men, fewer of them attain Sainthood. They have to undertake intense spiritual practice to attain Sainthood. There are physical reasons in addition to these spiritual reasons for less women attaining Sainthood. During menstrual periods, the Raja component in a woman increases and the Sattva component reduces. Despite all this, the duration to attain Sainthood varies according to the person. Factors such as spiritual level, past spiritual practice, distress, destiny etc. all play a role in determining the speed of progress. A woman can spiritually progress faster than a man if she makes intense efforts.

5. In summary – spiritual practice as a means to protect from demonic possession

In order to protect or rid ourselves from possession, we can practice the following steps:

  1. Perform spiritual practice
  2. Do spiritual healing remedies
  3. Ask for advice and guidance from those who are at a higher spiritual level
  4. Make consistent efforts for personality defect removal and ego removal


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