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Finding Happiness Through Spiritual Practice

Finding Happiness Through Spiritual Practice

a1Regardless of religion, gender, social or financial status, every one of us wants to be happy and it is this common need that binds us together. All our endeavors are geared towards finding happiness and alleviating pain. Although finding happiness is one of the prime aim of our lives, spiritual research has shown that on an average we are happy only 30% of the time, whilst the rest 40% we are unhappy. The remaining 30% we experience a neutral state devoid of happiness or unhappiness. Unknown to most of us who seek happiness outwardly, true and everlasting happiness lies within us. God Principle of soul (ātmā) is within each one of us. The soul is the God within us and one of the qualities of God is perpetual Bliss (Ānand). Bliss is the happiness of the highest order and is not dependent on any external stimulus. In the course of our spiritual progress we find that perpetual happiness or Bliss. The quality and quantity as well as the duration of the experience of the Bliss are directly proportional to the stage of our spiritual evolution. By starting spiritual practice and making consistent efforts to increase it, we are able to find Bliss continually.



Research articles

About happiness

Despite coming from diverse backgrounds, having distinct personalities all of us strive for finding happiness.

Reality of life 

Did you know that the average human being is only happy 30% of the time?

Why do we want happiness?

Let us look within to understand why we strive and want to learn how to find happiness.

The law of change

If our happiness is dependent on the outside, we will never find happiness as the outside world is constantly changing.


Bliss is a superlative state which is far above and beyond happiness and is everlasting.

How does one gain access to the Bliss from the soul?

As we grow spiritually through spiritual practice, we gain access to the Bliss from the soul.

Featured Articles

why do we want happinessLet us look within to understand why we strive and want to learn how to find happiness.


blissBliss is a superlative state which is far above and beyond happiness.

start your spiritual journey

Whichever religious path or culture you come from, the SSRF recommends three things you can do right away to begin or complement your spiritual journey.


Living a sattvik lifestyle compliments our spiritual practice and allows us to imbibe more Divinity on a physical, psychological and spiritual level.

Spiritual Healing

Regular spiritual healing remedies will help destroy and remove any negativity so that you are able to experience the full benefits of your spiritual practice.

Case Studies

Maria's transformationMaria’s transformation

Maria faced many hardships in her life, but has come out happier and blissful due to spiritual practice.

AK's transformationAK’s transformation

When depression consumed AK due to lack of purpose in life, only spiritual practice helped him to overcome it.

Marisa'a positive changesMarisa’s positive changes 

Marisa started spiritual practice only 4 months ago but has found happiness and inner peace.

JT's positive changesJT’s positive changes

Read how JT’s life changed for the better after only 9 months of spiritual practice.

Adrian's positive changesAdrian’s positive changes

Adrian witnessed an allround positive change after starting spiritual practice.

Tutorials and videos

Live an aware lifeIncrease your awareness of how the spiritual dimension influences our lives and why spiritual practice is a necessity.

c1-How-spiritual-dimension80% of the root causes of problems in life are spiritual in nature. Understand how the spiritual dimension affects our lives and what we can do to protect ourselves.

causes-of-problemsBy understanding the spiritual root causes of
the problems in our lives, we have a higher
chance of overcoming them.

Spiritual Blog

What is actually important after all?

Maya writes about her realisation on what is really important in life and how we can learn how to find true happiness.