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Reality of life

reality of life

Reality of life

Spiritual research has shown that worldwide, the average human being is happy only 30% of the time, while 40% of the time he or she is unhappy. The remaining 30% of the time, a person is in a neutral state where he or she does not experience happiness or unhappiness. For example, when a person is walking on the road or doing some mundane task and not thinking happy or unhappy thoughts.

One of the contributing factors to this dilemma of more unhappiness in our lives is our educational system. The system is set up to teach students a vast array of subjects, but it does not teach students the subject of lasting happiness in its curriculum. We are not formally taught how to be happy irrespective of the situation we may face in life.

You could have a suave gentleman with an impressive business card who feels depressed and suicidal should he face some kind of financial loss. You could have a woman who is applauded at her workplace for her tremendous contribution to the growth of an organization, but who is victimized by a spouse who belittles her and plays on the fact that she feels emotionally insecure.

One studies hard and appears for many exams to get a head start in life, to get that perfect job that would ensure a comfortable lifestyle, so as to attain happiness.

But are we looking in the right direction? Does a job really ensure we are happy? Does being a family person always ensure that we are happy? As much as people would love to be happy, we find that unhappiness plagues the uneducated as much as it plagues the highly educated.

So maybe we need to explore new avenues that would give us non-stop happiness, regardless of our worldly situation.

Now some of you may be thinking, “I do not think this is for me, as I am generally a happy person.”

To that individual, we would say that these articles are for you for the following three reasons:

  • Life is in a constant state of flux. You cannot guarantee that all aspects of your life will remain constant and unchanging – such as your job situation, your financial situation, your family, and your relationships.
  • You need to learn how to develop a technique that allows you to build great reservoirs of inner strength to face bad times, as one never knows when in life one will turn the corner and be presented with a not-so-nice life situation.
  • There is a saying, “Don’t wait to dig a well when you are thirsty, rather dig it well in advance so that when you are thirsty, you have water to drink.”

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