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About happiness

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1. About Happiness

1.1 Let us start at the very beginning

It always helps to begin a quest by identifying one’s personal goal in life.

Each of us today lives such a fast paced life. One rarely takes the time to step back and view one’s life with a zoomed out perspective.

So what is your goal in life?

Have you set the short term and long term targets to achieve your goal?

Have you accomplished any of the targets that you had set?

Or has your goal changed as the years went by?

You can use these articles to introspect on your life and question its direction.

Let us try to analyse what is the primary objective of any human being’s life. If you look around, you will find that all of us look different, we come from diverse backgrounds, we have distinct personalities, yet there is one aspect common in every one of us.

The one common aspiration that links each and every human being, regardless of faith, gender and social or financial status is the desire to be happy. And in this quest our species is not alone. Every living creature, from the tiniest ant to the majestic elephant seeks happiness. Let’s take the example of an ant. It will scuttle away from a distressing situation and run to a pleasurable one. So if it comes close to fire it will flee, but will move eagerly towards a little heap of sugar.

If we think about it, don’t we all endeavour to prolong pleasurable situations? If we are not working hard to derive happiness, then we at least make attempts to avoid unpleasant situations. For example, we quickly repair the TV should it be out of order as we do not want to miss the enjoyment of watching our favourite programs.

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