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Clothes and smell – How clothes are influenced by positive and negative energy

Clothes and smell

1. Introduction

Have you ever noticed that your clothes can have an unpleasant smell despite being clean? Have you ever experienced your personal belongings feeling as if they weigh heavier than they normally should? The reason for this can be of a spiritual nature.
Clothes and our personal belongings are the next closest thing to our bodies, due to which they pick up the subtle-vibrations emitted from us. We are used to clothes smelling pleasant after being washed, and we generally take care to keep them clean. Yet, we may experience a foul smell emitting from our clean clothes or we may feel tired while wearing them.
On the other hand, at SSRF we have also witnessed cases where positive changes have occurred in clothes or items used by Saints and seekers above the 60% spiritual level.
This phenomena has intrigued us to conduct further research into how clothes can be influenced by positive and negative energies. In this article we will share some cases where these changes have occurred and explain the Spiritual science behind them.

2. Spiritual experiences of changes observed in clothes

2.1 Physically visible changes

Editor’s note: Before reading on, please observe the pictures we have displayed below and see what you experience.


Positive Negative
blood stains
Clothes of a Saint: This is a shirt of His Holiness Dr. Athavale which has taken on a pinkish hue by itself. When spiritual research was conducted to ascertain the reason why, it was found that the pinkish hue was a manifestation of H.H. Dr. Athavale’s divine quality of spiritual love without expectations (prīti). Spiritual healing happens when the shirt is displayed in front of people affected by negative energies. Clothes of a Seeker: In 2003, Mr. Nagnath Mulje, a seeker of SSRF, experienced a strange event in which blood spontaneously appeared on his vest.Spiritual analysis showed that this spontaneous appearance of blood stains was due to an attack by negative energies. After the attack, Mr. Nagnath experienced a bout of depression due to being singled out by negative energies in this attack. This was the aim of the negative energies, that is to destabilize him mentally and to cause obstacles in his spiritual practice.
Experiences: When readers of SSRF were asked to share what they perceived when looking at this shirt, they narrated that they experienced lightness inside, that their chanting began to happen automatically, and that they felt pleasant while looking at it. Below are some of the experiences in their own words.

  • “Looking at this shirt I feel peace and comfort, I can keep looking into it for long time and feel a meditative state – this indicates it is positive.”
  • “I feel it is simple love. Yes I like its simplicity and love emanates from it as if from a teacher.”
  • “I concentrated on my favourite God once I looked at the picture, felt some tingling effect at the tip of the fingers and also some lemon yellow round in shape moving over the picture.”
Nagnath explains his experience:“I told the other seekers that I felt as if my back was on fire. When they looked at my back, they saw that there were some blood-like stains on the vest. They lifted the vest from my back but they could not see any wounds or lesions on my back that could have caused the blood stains. Then they pulled my vest back down and even as they watched, some more blood stains appeared. Then the strangest thing happened. Within 15 minutes of the blood manifesting, it began to turn black.”

2.2 Clothes and smell – changes in clothes at a subtle level

Positive Negative
Clothes of a Seeker: During a subtle-experiment in 2010, Mrs. Avantika Dighe from Brisbane Australia perceived that sāttvik vibrations were being emitted from the clothes of her husband, Mr. Atul Dighe who was at that time above the 60% spiritual level. Clothes of a Seeker: During 2010, a subtle-analysis was conducted on the yellow sari of seeker of SSRF who is possessed by a negative energy. Spiritual research concluded that these clothes were being repeatedly attacked by a subtle-sorcerer (māntrik). Below the seeker explains her subtle-reading of the sari.
Experience “I could perceive spiritually pure vibrations in the clothing. After smelling them, I started feeling fresh and I started getting positive thoughts. Unlike my own clothes which I had smelt just before that, this time I experienced something very soothing.” Experience “When I would touch it, I would feel a lot of heat and would experience distress. Many seekers with advanced sixth sense could experience a foul smell from the sari. Even standing a few feet away from the clothing, other seekers would feel pressure on the head, heaviness in the eyes as well as in their hands and feet.”

3. The spiritual science behind changes in smell of clothes due to the effect of positive and negative energy

As per the rule that word, touch, form, taste, smell and its related energy coexist, clothes too take on the subtle-attributes of our bodies. Due to the Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) in Saints, Their clothes or personal belongings sometimes emit a Divine fragrance. This may also happen in the case of seekers above the 60% spiritual level whose spiritual emotion (bhāv) for God is high.

Such fragrances emitted from Saints occur as per the requirement, that is – the subtle-fragrance may appear or disappear or take on various scents (e.g. jasmine, sandalwood, etc.) as per the need. God provides the type of subtle-fragrance that is required for that moment. Divine fragrance can be either saviour (tārak) or destroyer (mārak). One can generally differentiate a destroyer fragrance by its sharp and pungent smell.

However in today’s times, for the average person there is a greater likelihood of experiencing an unpleasant or foul odour from clothes and personal belongings.

In recent years there has been an increase in the activity of negative energies around the world. Nobody is excluded from experiencing its ill effects, and negative energies try to find more new ways to trouble society. Saints and seekers involved in spiritual practice for the benefit of society are at the forefront of the negative energy attacks, but sooner or later everyone will start experiencing them.

One of the ways negative energies spread black energy is by attacking the clothes we wear and the personal belongings that we use. This envelopes and soaks the items in negative black energy. The black energy which they store in our clothes or personal belongings affects us adversely. For example, it causes physical heaviness, drains our vital energy so we feel tired, makes us unable to think clearly, and also makes it difficult for us to perform spiritual practice.

4. Conclusion

The spiritual dimension affects every aspect of our daily lives. Through this article we have gained an understanding of how clothes that we wear can impact us at a spiritual level. In our next article we will share the practical steps that we can take to spiritually purify our clothes and protect them from attacks by negative energies.

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