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How to Remove Smell from Clothes and Protect our Belongings

How to Remove Smell from Clothes and Protect our Belongings

To understand this article we suggest you familiarise yourself with the following article:

1. Introduction

Clothes and our personal belongings are the next closest thing to our bodies. In our previous article we have seen how clothes can be influenced by positive and negative energy at the level of smell. With negative energies very active in today’s times, one of the ways they affect us is by creating an unpleasant smell and subtle black energy covering on the clothes.

Though many of us may not be aware of this subtle-smell or black covering, they create obstacles in our daily life and spiritual practice. Thus we need to utilise up to 70% of the spiritual energy obtained through spiritual practice to counter their effect on our clothes and personal belongings.

Through this article we will help you to recognize whether or not your clothes have been affected by negative energies. We will also suggest what steps you can take to spiritually purify your belongings and protect them from attacks by negative energies.

The spiritual healing methods will be useful as a preventive measure even for clothes which have not been affected by negative energy.

2. How to recognize whether our clothes are affected by negative energy

2.1 Identifiable through gross vision

In our section Negative energy attacks on inanimate objects we have explained the various types of deformations negative energies can make that are visible through the gross eye.

We can exercise alertness in inspecting our clothes and intellectually rule out possible physical causes, such as:

  • Did I drop/spill something on the clothes/object?
  • Did I get hurt unknowingly which has caused blood stains?
  • Did I use fabric softener, perfume, a different detergent?

2.2 Identifiable through subtle senses

In order to identify clothes affected by negative energies at a subtle-level, we would need to take a few moments to see what we experience from the clothes.
Before doing so one can make a prayer:
“O God, please remove all obstacles from this experience of the spiritual dimension. May no negative energy interfere in the experience. Please help me determine whether or not these clothes are affected by black energy.”
Attention can be paid to the changes taking place at the physical, mental and intellectual level. These are some of the signs of negative energy distress:
  • One feels nauseous or vomits
  • The hand holding the garment or head become heavy
  • Various unwanted thoughts start coming to mind, or mind and intellect start becoming numb
  • Chanting or thoughts about God cease

Below are some examples of how one can experience a presence of black energy in the clothing through the subtle-sense of smell, vision or touch.

Subtle-sense Related to which Absolute Cosmic Principle Experience
Subtle-smell Absolute Earth Principle (Pruthvītattva)

Smell the item 5-6 times and see if there is foul smell. Check the border and end portion of the garment as emission of black energy is more from these two areas. For shirts, smell at the sleeves and underarms. Sometimes even the middle part may have a foul smell.

The level of black energy can be determined (i.e. whether it is mild, medium or severe) by the intensity of the foul smell.

  • If one can take a full breath (air reaches lungs fully) while holding the garment in front of the nose, it is a sign of mild distress
  • If one can inhale air only half way while holding the item in front of the nose, then the clothing is under moderate distress
  • If one cannot inhale, feels breathless or coughs while holding the clothes in front of the nose, one can take it as a sign of severe distress
Subtle-vision  Absolute Fire Principle (Tējtattva) If one has advanced subtle ability, one can realize that the garment has a covering of black energy by looking at it. This knowledge is received at the level of the Absolute Fire principle.
Subtle-touch  Absolute Air Principle (Vāyutattva)

When the clothing is touched, one can note the difference between a garment that is attacked and not attacked by black energy. For example a silk item will feel rough despite being made of silk.

Also, while holding the clothing in our hands we can see whether or not the clothing feels heavier than the actual weight of the clothing. When clothing feels heavier than usual then this can be due to an increase in the amount of black energy within it. This knowledge is received at the level of the Absolute Air principle.

3. How to purify clothes at a spiritual level

3.1 Washing clothes

The intensity of foul smell reduces by washing of clothes. As the remedy of Absolute Water Principle (Āpatattva) is performed on the Earth Principle present in the clothing, the black energy is destroyed.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
sea-salt prayer boxes-washing-machine
Mix rock salt or Holy ash (Vibhūti) from SSRF incense sticks with water that is used to soak or wash the clothes. If rock salt is not available one can use sea salt crystals/table salt, however the effectiveness of the remedy will reduce to 30% (of the remedy when rock-salt is used). Pray to God and the Divine water principle present in the water used for soaking and washing of clothes that all of the black energy in the clothes be destroyed and that each garment be purified. Keep two small size boxes on the washing machine (with one box with the open end facing the direction of the clothes and the other box with the open end facing the upward direction). Pray for the black energy from clothes and the washing machine to be pulled into the boxes.

Some other important points:

  • The washing powder/detergent and clothes softener should not have a strong scent as that contains a lot of chemicals and can attract distressing energies. If possible, do not use clothes softener as it gives an illusionary smell to the clothes and affects them negatively.
  • Clothes that have severe distress should not be mixed with clothes with moderate or mild distress. The black energy from the severely distressed clothes can affect the other clothes.

3.2 Drying clothes

When clothes are put to dry in the sun, the black energy in them gets destroyed faster due to the Absolute Fire Principle.

Step 1 Step 2
keep-laundry-in-sun laundry-at-sunset
Hang the clothes to dry outside in the sun for as long as possible. We can make a prayer to the Divine principle in the Sun that all of the black energy within the clothes be destroyed and purified with Divine consciousness (Chaitanya). Take the clothes inside before sunset as they can be attacked by negative energies after the sun sets.

Some other important points

  • After washing, if the clothes are kept soaked in water for a longer time, they can take on a musty smell. Therefore, clothes should be put to dry as soon as possible and prayer can be made for the clothes to not get attacked.

  • If there is no place to dry them in the sun, we can pray for spiritual healing through the Absolute Air Principle to take place on them. We can also light an SSRF incense stick below the hanging clothes so that the smoke from the incense sticks passes over the clothes

3.3 After drying


Step 1: Classify clothing as per its level of distress Step 2: Apply a spiritual healing method
clothes-stack spiritual-healing-methods

Mildly distressed clothes can be stored together, moderately distressed clothes can be stored in another place and severely distressed clothes separately

> Holy ash from SSRF incense sticks can be applied to the clothes

> Arrange empty boxes around the clothes. The black energy in clothes gets destroyed due to the Absolute Ether Principle (Ākāshtattva) active within a closed space (in this case – a box).

> Keep pictures of deities or chanting strips in the clothes and around them. Put pictures of a deity on those parts of the clothing where the negative energy attack is greater e.g. under the sleeves of a blouse. Clothes like dresses, coats or suits are often put on hangers. In that case we apply chanting strips to each hanger.

> Occasionally we can try to keep clothes in a place that is full of Divine consciousness, e.g. near a home altar.

3.3.1 Chanting strips and pictures of Deities as a spiritual healing method

What are chanting strips? What are pictures of Deities?

Chanting strips are strips of paper that have the Name of a Divine principle written or printed on them. They serve as a reminder for chanting that particular Name of God. They can be used for protection against negative energies and they also perform spiritual healing.  The spiritual healing ability of chanting strips increases when the Name of the Divine principle they represent is written as per spiritual science or by a spiritually evolved person.

Pictures of Deities attract the positive frequencies of God. They help in increasing devotion and also perform spiritual healing. When the pictures are drawn as per spiritual science, in today’s times they can attract up to 30% of that particular Divine principle. Most images of Deities available on the market attract 1 – 2% Divine principle.

chanting-strips-one-set deities-pictures-small-shri-krishnadeities-pictures-datta

3.3.2 Effectiveness of various spiritual healing methods for clothes and personal belongings

The following table gives information about the effectiveness of various spiritual healing methods that we can apply:


Spiritual healing method

Duration of the effect of spiritual healing (in days) Level of Hell to which the negative energy (that would be affected by this healing) belongs to
1 Keeping the belongings in the sun 15 3
2 Application of Holy Ash from SSRF incense sticks to the belongings 8 3-4
3 Keeping the belongings in contact with a lit incense-stick in the vicinity 8 4
4 Keeping the belongings between Deities’ pictures 8 4
5 Placing four spiritual healing boxes around the clothes, facing the clothes 6 4
6 Placing a piece of paper with His Holiness Dr. Athavale’s handwriting in the clothes and making a circle of these chanting strips around the clothes 4 5
7 Placing a chanting strip of ‘Shūnyā’ in the clothes and making a circle of these chanting strips around the clothes 4 5
8 Placing a chanting strip of ‘Mahā-shūnya’ in the clothes and making a circle of these chanting strips around the clothes 3 6
9 Placing the belongings close to the audio of devotional songs (bhajans) of H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj*Bhajan of H. H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj


3 6
10 Placing the belongings close to the audio of H.H. Dr. Athavale’s guidance

Guidance of H. H. Dr. Athavale


3 6
11 Placing a chanting strip of ‘Om’ in the clothes making a circle of these chanting strips around the clothes 3 6
12 Placing a chanting strip of ‘Om Om’ in the clothes and making a circle of these chanting strips around the clothes. (These vibrations are beyond the three basic components) 3 6


All audio files are ©

* H. H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj was a Saint of the unmanifest (nirguṇ) level. Everything can be created from the unmanifest. Therefore, His devotional songs can give spiritual experiences of spiritual emotion (bhāv), Divine consciousness and serenity. Listening to His devotional songs is advised as a remedy related to the Absolute Ether Principle.

4. Implementing these steps daily

All the above remedies should be done every day. Each day before taking a bath, check your clothes and wear only clothes that have no distress. If such clothing is not available, you can wear the clothes that have mild distress. Even if the clothes are charged with Divine consciousness, they can be attacked any time. Therefore, it is important that we keep on smelling the clothes at regular intervals throughout the day.

If we smell the end of a garment and detect a foul smell, we can apply Holy ash as it helps to reduce the intensity of the distress.

5. Spiritual purification of other personal items

We can apply the same principles to other textiles we use such as bath towels, bed linen, etc.

We can also spiritually purify other items that we use on a regular basis like eye glasses, watches, jewelry, hair combs, footwear, etc. by:

  • Passing the items through the smoke emitted from SSRF incense sticks
  • Applying Holy ash from SSRF incense sticks on them
  • Placing them in a box when not in use
  • Attaching a chanting strip to the item
  • Placing them in a Holy text when not in use
  • Regularly placing them in the sun

6. Avoid using artificial perfumes and fragrances

Perfumes should not be used for clothes to smell pleasant. Most people use deodorant to prevent sweat odour, however we can use chemical-free products as an alternative under the arms instead.

In the earlier eras of the Universe, human beings undertook regular spiritual practice. In those days, the bodies of the Sages and Saints would have a pleasant smell due to their spiritual practice. Now in the present era of Kaliyug, there is a need to use artificial perfumes since the majority of the population does not do spiritual practice. Due to a decline in the collective spiritual level, we have started making use of scents which are RajaTama pre-dominant instead of sāttvik perfumes. These RajaTama pre-dominant scents have an illusory (māyāvi) or unnatural smell which attract negative energies.

7. Conclusion

Negative energies can adversely affect our day-to-day lives easily by creating a black covering over our clothes and personal items that we use on a daily basis. By following the above remedies and taking care to spiritually purify our belongings regularly, we can avoid these harmful effects and increase our ability to imbibe Divine consciousness from our spiritual practice.

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