Quick facts
Website 5 million unique visitors per year
Sources 68% organic search traffic for 0.86 million search terms
Youtube 10 million views

> An analysis of the audience SSRF reached during 2011 shows that is growing into an internet leader on Spirituality.

Spiritual progress of seekers doing spiritual practice as advised by SSRF
Sainthood (70% spiritual level) 4
60% spiritual level 16

Website report for the month of September 2014


  • SSRF YouTube has crossed over 10,160,000 views since the start of SSRF Youtube account.
  • Record reach in SSRF Facebook: SSRF Facebook had a record reach (Post reach is the number of people who have seen your post) and engagement (Engagement rate is the percentage of people who saw a post that liked, shared, clicked or commented on it) in September 2014,
    • over 1,102,000 people reached (5 times higher than in August)
    • over 76,000 people engaged (3.5 times higher than in August)
    • SSRF Facebook crossed 139,000 likes.
  • New articles published on SSRF website: 4 articles were uploaded on SSRF website in September 2014.
  • New curious starting spiritual practice: 47 new curious have started spiritual practice who have come through SSRF Facebook, Login, Google+ mostly chanting the Name of God.
  • SSRF Pinterest has 242 pins in 36 boards
  • SSRF Yahoo answers reached level 4 and crossed over 1,000 answers. 44 answers given by SSRF were chosen as best answers.
  • Total articles uploaded in various languages: A total of 148 articles were uploaded in the last 2 months in various languages on SSRF website.
  • 2 new SSRF articles on Atma website: Atma (website and Atma Facebook site) uploaded ‘Excessive sexual thoughts – causes and how to overcome them’ on 10.9.2014 and ‘Spiritual research on the life of Albert Einstein’ on 27.9.2014. Another article ‘World war 3 drawing near’ was published in the Hong Kong based magazine ‘The Indian’.
  • SSRF conducting public lectures and informal gatherings in Austria and Germany: From the month of September, SSRF has started conducting a series of lectures and informal gatherings in Austria and Germany. The lectures are aimed to raise awareness about Spirituality following the first SSRF book published in German langugae. The first public lecture was conducted in the town of St.Polten on 20.9.2014, with the topic “How spiritual dimension affects your life”. There were 6 attendees present. Another informal gathering was organized in Veinna on 21.9.2014 in the home of two SSRF seekers, where a total of 5 new curious attended. In each of the events, many questions were asked on how to apply Spirituality to everyday situation and problems in life which made the lectures and topics very interactive. All particpants had the opportunity to experience subtle dimension through subtle experiments conducted and many could get correct readings of the subtle vibrations of chanting or objects shown. A display of SSRF sattvik products was made for the curious to get benefit of using those products for spiritual healing and spiritual practice.
  • SSRF staring Public satsangs in German language: On 5.9.2014, first Public satsang in German language was held over Skype for readers of SSRF website, FB page, Log-in and Public satsang attendees. The first satsangs was attended by 3 new curious. It was conducted by SSRF seekers from Austria and Germany, who showed great enthusiams and desire to spread Spirituality in German language and help nurture a growing number of curious.

2. Total Visits for September 2014

 Google Page Rank  Alexa Rank  Similar web  YouTube  Slideshare  Login members  Facebook  Twitter  Google +
 3  79,774  544*  70,015  481,642  5,017  17,490  143,533  7,201  122,335

*NEW ‘Similar web rank’ is SSRF ranking in the world among all websites on spiritual topics including astrology, tarot, clairvoyance, christian websites, etc. The data is collected from the Similarweb website which is giving insight into top websites on various topics.

Comments from our readers

  • “ Guys I love all your articles. I have grown so much from them all.”- Mr. Thiago Alves de Moraes, Brazil
  • “ Dear SSRF, First of all I have to appreciate yourself and all of you in such a great initiative to help humanity towards betterment by seeking spiritual life. I really thank you all of this. SSRF has made me a different person too as I try to follow satvikta and other modes and ways to connect better to God. I currently say lord shiva mantra ” Om Nama shivaya” in the right tone. I also would like to soon start chanting on my kula devata ” lord Narayana ” mantra”.- Mr. Ravi, US
  • “Thank You Spiritual Science Research Foundation – India for absolutely fantastic articles :) Have read almost all articles and trying out some of your therapies like salt water treatment etc. Thanks again”- Ms. Sai, Kodad
  • “The first time I used box treatment by placing on my computer desk I felt great energy changes. I feel a lot of energy sensation on my midbrow (third eye). When I did the box treatment I felt the sensations on my mid brow again and also during chanting. I also did the salt water treatment when I felt heavy headed and uncomfortable and then after it I felt better. I feel the increase in energy after chanting and when I stop it slowly reduces and I feel lighter and cold. I have polio in my right leg since I was 5 years old, and now I am 35 I feel some sensations in my right leg, I don’t know if it is because of chanting.”- Mr. Thomas, Virar
  • “I have a deep connect with your articles and beginning to feel the need to attain a higher spiritual level. Your guidance was exactly what i was needing, to answer my numerous questions about life”- Mr. Backiaraj, Mumbai
  • “I am lucky to have found your site, what you mention in your blogs is really true when I go out I feel so many people under the influence of some sort of negative presence and they usually will have no idea about it .”- Mr. Rohit, Trivandrum

Website report for the month of July – August 2014


  • SSRF Spiritual Workshop held in Goa, India: A spiritual workshop for SSRF seekers was held in Goa, India, from 21st July to 27th July 2014. Around 70 seekers from 15 countries like Austria, Bolivia, Croatia, Canada, Germany, India, Kuwait, Bulgaria, Mauritius, Nepal, Serbia, Singapore, United Kingdom, USA, and UAE participated in this workshop. Some of the changes observed in seekers who attended the SSRF workshop upon returning to their homes are more desire to increase efforts in spiritual practice and seva, increase in ability to recognize distress and perform spiritual remedies promptly, increase in ability to introspect and observe own mistakes, personality defects and ego, deeper understanding of the subtle dimension and spiritual phenomena and importance of maintaining a sattvik lifestyle abroad.
  • Two SSRF seekers reach 61% spiritual level: During the inauguration ceremony 2 seekers, editor of SSRF website, Mr Sean Clarke and child-seeker Master Afolabi Missa (15 years) were declared to have reached 61% spiritual level.
  • First German Holy text on Spirituality: During inauguration ceremony of the SSRF spiritual workshop, the first SSRF book in German language ‘Introduction to Spirituality’ was released. The book was a collaborative effort of German speaking seekers from Austria and Germany who undertook the seva of translation, proofreading and cover design with the help of SSRF seekers from Ramnathi and EU. During this ceremony, the team of seekers from Austria and Germany were felicitated by H. H. Cyriaque Vallee for the successful spread of Spirituality throughout Austria and Germany. The book has been made available on SSRF web shop and has been sold to few new curious in Germany.
  • Increase in visits to SSRF website: Visits to the SSRF website grew noticeably in July and August 2014. Compared to June 2014, the number of visits per month has increased by 72,543 additional visits and now in August, SSRF website had 469,449 visitors, which is 18% growth in 2 months.
  • New articles published on SSRF website: 4 articles were uploaded on SSRF website in July and August 2014.
    • Devotional pictures
    • Problems in schools – a spiritual analysis of a student seeker
    • Spiritual practice as per the Principle
    • How to increase spiritual emotion (Bhav)
  • Total articles uploaded in various languages: A total of 170 articles were uploaded in the last 2 months in various languages on SSRF website.
  • Adwords campaign: This month 61,891 visits came through 2 SSRF Google AdWords campaign. The average bounce rate (bounce rate represents the number of visitors who enter and “bounce” or leave the site rather than continue viewing pages within the same site) was 69.18% and the average time duration spent on the site was 2:26 minutes.
  • New curious starting spiritual practice: Around 33 curious who came through SSRF Facebook and SSRF Google+ have started spiritual practice of chanting the Name of God in the months of July and August 2014. 40 curious who came through SSRF Login function have also started doing spiritual practice of chanting the Name of God.
  • Record views in SSRF Google+: SSRF Google+ has crossed 4,348,900 views.
  • New Satseva (Service unto the Truth) of Yahoo answers: New satseva of ‘Yahoo answers’ was started from 17.8.2014, under the name SSRF Spirituality. SSRF is focusing on answering questions related to Spirituality, Spiritual realm, Mental and Physical health. There are many people who answer the questions of people and for every question only one best answer is chosen. 17 answers given by SSRF were chosen as best answers.
  • 2 new SSRF articles on Atma website: Atma (website and Atma Facebook site) uploaded 2 articles on ‘Life before birth’ (‘Zivot prije rodjenja’ and ‘Spiritual cause of problems in life’ (‘Duhovni uzroci problema u zivotu’ on its website.
  • Gurupournima celebrations: Gurupournima (a day to express gratitude towards one’s Guru. Since Guru principle is active 1000 times more on this day than on any other day, seekers are benefited accordingly) was celebrated on 12.7.2014 in around 12 SSRF centres across Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. 250 seekers and curious took part in the celebrations.

Total Visits for the month of June 2014

Google rank Alexa rank YouTube visits visitors Slideshare visits Login members Facebook followers Twitter followers Google+ followers
3 77,370 72,198 469,449 6,720 17,046 139,210 6,887 112,13

Comments from our readers

  • “I am practicing spirituality everyday since I was born. Not a lot of improvement until found your website. Very nice, clear and straightforward ”.- Mr. Hicham, Algeria
  • ” Have you sometimes felt charged when you wore one outfit and quite depressed when you wore another? SSRF reveals how some colours like blue, white and yellow attract positivity in our daily life, while black, green and purple draw negativity towards us.” – Mr. Nguyen
  • “Thank you! Visited for migraine yet salt water cure stopped nightly leg cramps. You touched upon issues I did not know were related. – Lady Steel
  • “Thank you very much for developing such a useful website. I am getting answers to most of my questions. This website has truly scientific information and is immensely useful for those who are on the spiritual path! “– Ms. Arati, Bharat.
  • “On week before, when I was surfing internet I have an opportunity to look at SSRF website. I have gone through the salt water remedy page completely and use it for myself. After doing it I have been able to feel the real difference of transformation of negative to positive energy. Thanks a lot for the information.”- Mr Siva, Bharat
  • “By the way I’m in spiritual practice and that is the reason why I accidently discovered your SSRF website two weeks ago. You people are doing great service to the human kind who are in the thirst for spiritual seeking. Indeed on behalf of the world. I would like to thank the great website of SSRF and the team and the leaders who is managing sincerely, and also you are providing amazing realization to seekers like me. Hinduism is GREAT Thank you and I love SSRF.”- Mr. Alagesan, Malaysia

Website report for the month of June 2014


  • Increase in visits: Paid visits to SSRF website increased noticeably by 53% from 43,888 in May 2014 to 66,995 in June 2014.
  • Google Adwords: In June 2014, 66,996 visits to SSRF website came through 2 SSRF Google AdWords campaign. The average bounce rate (bounce rate represents the number of visitors who enter and “bounce” or leave the site rather than continue viewing pages within the same site) was 69.50% and the average time duration spent on the site was 2.22 minutes. The first Google adwords are for English articles and received 33.202 visitor and average time duration is 2.15 minutes. The second Google adwords groups are for others languages and received 33,729 visitor and average duration is 2:30 m.
  • It was a record high for SSRF Login with 439 new members creating Login accounts.
  • SSRF Hindi page going live: The SSRF Hindi webpage went live from June 2014 with 14 articles being uploaded in the first month.
  • SSRF Facebook page being verified: SSRF Facebook page was verified by Facebook and Facebook has now made SSRF Facebook page official. Facebook themselves choose who they will verify, and until now they usually reserved this option for popular brands or public figures.
  • New curious starting spiritual practice: 19 curious who came through SSRF Facebook and SSRF Google+ have started spiritual practice of chanting the Name of God in the month of June 2014. Another 16 curious who came through SSRF Login have also started doing some spiritual practice in the form of Chanting the Lord’s name.
  • SSRF Twitter had a record increase in followers with 1591 new followers in June 2014. SSRF Twitter had 1.16 Million re-tweet reach in June 2014.
  • Record views in SSRF Google+: SSRF Google+ has crossed 3 million views (3,351,573 views)
  • Father of a SSRF seeker, reaches 61% spiritual level: Due to his many qualities, being born with less defects and lower ego and being a very sattva predominant personality, father of a SSRF seeker, Mr Jovica from Europe has attained 61% spiritual level. He is 75 and has not been doing spiritual practice externally throughout life. However, his spiritual practice was happening internally (at the level of subconscious mind). All his life he has been making efforts to have learning attitude as well as improve himself in all aspects of daily life. His daughter, Ms Ana was getting intense thoughts about her father’s qualities lately and has written a file about many of his qualities which show in his day to day actions towards the family members. Some of his qualities are: not interfering in others life, supporting Ana to do spiritual practice, having love for others, helping and sacrificing for others, etc. After sending this file to His Holiness Dr Athavale, He announced his spiritual level and special features of his seekership: “Persons in society who are sattvik by nature and have less personality defects and ego can progress and for them it is easy as their basic nature is sattvik. Such persons have no attraction for Maya (the great illusion) they perform action but they don’t have expectations. If such a sattvik person does spiritual practice they will reach sainthood very fast. ” – His Holiness Dr Athavale, 30.6.2014.
  • Malawi group of seekers starting seva of satsang conducting locally: During the month of June 2014, a group of 4 seekers from Malawi have started seva of conducting satsangs locally to curious in their refugee camp as well as curious around their area. They are having 2 satsangs weekly with 3-6 attendees. Amongst themselves, they have organized that each seeker is taking up one part of the seva of preparing satsang by studying and delivering the topic, to translation into 2 local languages Swahili and Kirundi. They are making efforts to learn about satsang conducting seva and are regularly sending reports and questions from curious to be answered to be checked by SSRF seekers. It is amazing to see their efforts, desire and unity.
  • New satsangs for Indians living abroad: Apart from the Public and Non-public satsangs held for curious from India, a new series of satsangs were started for Indians who live abroad. This satsang was started as per the guidance that since most Indians living abroad already have the base in Spirituality, they will receive more benefits from this and thus help them to increase their efforts in spiritual practice.

Total Visits for the month of June 2014

Google rank Alexa rank YouTube visits visitors Slideshare visits Login members Facebook followers Twitter followers Google+ followers
3 71,841 71,908 396,906 7,021 16,029 129,998 5,069 89,200

Comments from our readers

  • ” I feel I have a long way to go in my spiritual awakening but your website has been very helpful thank you for sharing all that information.” – Mileyby (SSRF Pinterest)
  • “The research done by SSRF is commendable and inspiring. All explanations in your website have a scientific and spiritual ground which for every reader and curious like me, it will sound 100% real and satisfactory. I had not found so far any site which could offer so many different topics. It is true that when one is in search of the Absolute Truth from God, it manifests. All this information manifests in our daily life it we have the desire. I fully identify with SSRF and support its beautiful work”. – Mr Luis Cabrera, Dominican Republic
  • “I believe nothing is accidental in this world. It is God’s love and guidance that helped me find SSRF through Internet browsing. Thank you.” – Mr Dede Sunarya, Indonesia
  • “Thanks and my chanting is going good, I want to thank you a lot because if I have not come in contact with SSRF, I would be wasting my time in just internet surfing, watching television etc, which all are just wastage of time. ” – Ms Aditi B, Punjab
  • “Thanks a lot for guiding me for chanting. I am happy because evil sexual thoughts are nullified. I want to achieve this from my teen age. Finally I achieve this now. Nothing is enough to your help in achieving this. Thank u very much.” Mr Reddy, AP

Website report for the month of May 2014


  • Increase in visits: SSRF French and Serbian language websites had noticeable increase in visits in May 2014, in part due to Organic and Paid searches.
  • Consistent growth in fans and followers: All social media are showing consistent strong growth with the total number of all fans and followers for SSRF Facebook, SSRF Google+, SSRF Twitter and Login now being more than 209,000!
  • Google Adwords: In May 2014, 41,570 visits to SSRF website came through the SSRF Google AdWords campaign. The average bounce rate (bounce rate represents the number of visitors who enter and “bounce” or leave the site rather than continue viewing pages within the same site) was 68.56% and the average time duration spent on the site was 2:58 minutes. A second SSRF campaign was also started and within 5 days it brought an additional 4,159 visits.
  • Articles and Blog: In the month of May 2014, 12 new articles were published on SSRF website and now there are a total of 4486 articles on the website; 3 new blogs were uploaded this month.
  • Reach of SSRF Facebook increases: SSRF Facebook reach increased more than double this month and reached more than 290,000 people.
  • New SSRF Facebook goes online: New SSRF Facebook India page is now online and two wall posts are scheduled to be published daily.
  • Growth in SSRF Twitter followers: SSRF Twitter had a record growth of 887 new followers.
  • New curious starting spiritual practice: 21 curious who came through SSRF Facebook and SSRF Twitter have started spiritual practice of chanting the Name of God in the month of May 2014.
  • More engagements in SSRF Google+: SSRF Google+ had a record engagement with 5,823 comments/+1s/re-shares
  • Increase in Login questions in May 2014: There was an increase in questions asked through SSRF Login facility on the SSRF website. A total of 700 questions and queries were replied to in May 2014 by a team of SSRF seekers doing the satseva of replying to queries.
  • SSRF articles printed first time in UK based magazine: Kindred Spirit, a bi-monthly magazine and UK’s leading guide to Mind, Body and Spirit, founded in 1987 for the first time printed an SSRF article on ‘Negative energies: myth or reality’ in its May 2014 issue.
  • 2 new SSRF articles on Atma website: Atma (website and Atma Facebook site) uploaded 2 articles on “What is sixth sense and how it is used?” and “Effect of Eclipses on us” on its website at &
  • ‘Seminar on Sattvik Living’: A ‘Seminar on Sattvik Living’ was held on 2.5.2014, in one of the cities in Middle East. The seminar was attended enthusiastically by 27 adults and 9 children. All the attendees enjoyed the program, which began with traditional rituals like blowing of the conch and lighting of an auspicious lamp and went on to insightful speeches about understanding, living and preserving sattvikta. An exhibiton of sattvik products and Holy texts attracted a lot of attendees.
  • Mini SSRF workshop held in Singapore: A mini workshop of 2 days was held in Singapore in May 2014. Visiting seeker from Bharat guided the seekers in the workshop. Around 14 seekers and 2 child seekers from Singapore and Malaysia participated in the workshop. It was a very interactive workshop with seekers sharing their experiences and giving their inputs throughout. Topics of importance of Chanting, Satseva (Service to the Truth), Sattvik living, Spiritual remedies, Spiritual emotion were covered in the workshop.
  • Lecture held on “Destiny and Law of Karma” in Boynton Beach, Florida: A presentation on the topic of ‘Destiny and Law of Karma’ on 19.5.2014 was held at the residence of a SSRF seeker. The presentation was attended by 11 curious.
  • Good response to Public satsangs: Public satsangs held by SSRF across North America, Europe and India are getting a good response with many new curious joining in the satsangs every month. The curious are guided in their spiritual practice through the many topics taken in the satsangs and many of them have also started doing satseva (service to the Truth).

Total Visits for the month of May 2014

Google rank Alexa rank YouTube visits visitors Slideshare visits Login members Facebook followers Twitter followers Google+ followers
3 73,123 100,020 394,345 6,466 15,575 1,13,333 3,478 77,500

Comments from our readers

  • “You are doing an excellent work!! Greetings from the Dominican Republic. Thanks a lot for the information provided. I am chanting without pause as recommended. I have felt very quiet and happy those days and it will continue. I am so happy about the frequent contact that we have established through login, thank you again. Every time that i have the chance i will pass on and spread the word about SSRF’s website among my close ones and anyone else as well, this is part of my service to God.” – Mr. Louis, Dominican Republic
  • “It is an honour to be a part of this group!!! The majority of them (articles) are truly fascinating. Maybe we can hold a seminar, or conference, in London?” – Mr. David, UK

Website report for the month of April 2014


  • 10 Million Views were reached on SSRF YouTube channel in the month of April 2014 ! (all the YouTube videos together)
  • The visits on SSRF website reached 400,000 for the first time.
  • Total number of all fans and followers for SSRF Facebook, SSRF Twitter, SSRF Google+ and SSRF Login has crossed 160,000 ! SSRF Login also reached a record high with 370 new login members joining in April 2014.
  • SSRF Google+: There was an immense increase in the number of new followers on SSRF Google+ with over 55,000 new fans within a 3 week period!
  • Google Adwords: In the month of April 2014, 36,537 visits to SSRF website came through Google Adwords. The average bounce was 3.24 minutes and the time duration of the visits has tripled since January 2014. It was also observed that there are more quality visits to the website.
  • New Articles on SSRF website: In the month of April 2014, a record number of 15 new articles were published on SSRF website which is an all time record.
    • Same sex marriage debate – a spiritual perspective
    • Research on vibrations emitted by meat and wine using bio-feedback instruments
    • Fashion Shows – a spiritual perspective
    • Is graffiti art or vandalism – a spiritual perspective
    • Why not to get dreadlocks – a spiritual perspective
    • Transformation of seekers – Bliss as the utmost purpose of life
    • Overcoming inflammatory bowel disease through spiritual practice
    • SSRF’s Bi-annual Spiritual Workshop
    • Revealing women’s clothes
    • Children and teenage smoking – a spiritual perspective
    • Subtle experiment on Funerals – Burial vs. Cremation
    • Study of vibrations emitted by a meat burger, sponge cake made with eggs and lentils with rice using biofeedback equipment
    • Types of Satsang
    • Gender identity disorder treatment
    • Positive changes in seekers – From extreme addiction and suffering to Bliss
  • In April 2014, 5 blogs were uploaded on the SSRF website.
    • Increase in national conflicts indicate the beginning of World War 3
    • Spiritual experiences in the SSRF Satsang for North and South America seekers
    • Unprecedented number of daily visitors to
    • Spiritual Researchers from “Living Unitedly” organization visit the SSRF Spiritual Research Centre
    • Visit of Dr. Ulrich Berk to SSRF Spiritual Research Centre
  • Articles published: 3 articles were published-uploaded in April 2014. Atma (website and Atma Facebook site) uploaded 2 articles on “Spiritual experiences – milestones in spiritual practice” and “Best sleeping position: spiritual perspective” on its website at & Brisbane Indian Times printed an article on ‘Stop addiction before it starts’ at on pg 27.
  • 4 new seekers from the African state of Malawi attending SSRF Public satsang from refugee camp: During this month, 4 news seekers joined SSRF login and Public satsangs from the African state of Malawi. They are refugees, living in a refugee camp and having only bare facilities such as shelter, food and water. Despite these odds, they are eager to practice Spirituality and are supporting each other. Every Sunday, they join on one Skype from a public computer to hear the satsang and participate. As the Internet connection is sometimes poor, they still attend by writing in the Skype chat their experiences and keeping regular communication over e-mail. Each of the seekers had various spiritual experiences of receiving protection from God, being cared for despite difficult circumstances of life. They are persevering and doing regular chanting and spiritual remedies. This shows that with desire, everyone can practice Spirituality and make spiritual progress in adverse circumstances also.
  • Positive comments from ‘Atma’ website editors: SSRF has been collaborating with Croatian website ‘Atma’ for 2 years now. Every month, an article from SSRF is published under designated SSRF section on their website with a back link to SSRF website. In a meeting with the Editors of Atma this month, they commented that they support all material published on SSRF website and would publish any articles on their website SSRF proposes and compile for them.

Total Visits for the month of April 2014

Google rank Alexa rank YouTube visits visitors Slideshare visits Login members Facebook followers Twitter followers Google+ followers
3 69,039 137,101 400,522 8,210 15,198 87,891 2,591 59,700

Comments from our readers

  • “Thank you once more for helping me. I am honored and grateful to have your guidance. The advice you and SSRF are providing on the internet is vital to people everywhere. I have been busy reading the articles on SSRF website and tried the spiritual healing remedy with the rock salt. I notice a big difference in how I feel, what I think and how I act even after doing it once for 15 minutes. I will continue to do it once a day as I am able. I am learning a lot and am very appreciative that you and SSRF have helped me begin my spiritual journey. Thank you for steering me closer to God. This is an aspect of my life which I have been lacking for far too long. Finally I have received some honest advice on the matter. Sincerely” – Mr. McGuire, USA
  • “Hello, it is a true bliss to have found this site on the internet. I really appreciate it; I have just found it some minutes ago and i have already created a log-in profile. It gives me great opportunity to search for a very desired answer. I really thank you”. – Mr. Laynes – Guadalajara, Mexico
  • “Beautiful description, very different from the final irreversible state hell I’ve been taught in Islam, I believe more in long cycles of transformation. Until one understands there is no escape, no beloved, no security, no happiness, but GOD.”– Mr. Ahmed, Marocco

Website report for the month of March 2014

  • Record high reach for SSRF channels: All the channels for visits including SSRF website, YouTube and Slideshare were above 500,000 this month which is a record until now.
  • Increase of visitors to SSRF language websites: There was a noticeable growth in almost all SSRF language websites in March 2014, with Indonesian, Spanish and German growing by around 10,000 additional new visitors.
  • Increase of visits to World War 3 article: The article of ‘World War 3 Predictions and Armageddon’ on the SSRF English website had a significant growth of organic visits. Same was observed for the article, ‘World War 3 Predictions and Armageddon’ in German. The new published article ‘Crop circles explained through spiritual research’ also showed considerable increase in visits in March 2014.
  • Most growing article: The article of ‘Effect of moon on man’ in French was the most growing article with 500% growth.
  • SSRF Facebook received 28,000 new fans in just March 2014. Now SSRF Facebook (English and Non English) has reached almost 80,000 fans (79,500). Its reach was 610,000 in March 2014. There was also an increase in followers of SSRF Facebook in languages of Serbian, Croatian, German and French. 31 curious from SSRF Facebook have started spiritual practice under the guidance of SSRF.
  • SSRF Twitter had a record reach of 1.3 million Retweets and 900,000 reach for mentions in March 2014. Twitter had a 200% growth in replies and 90% growth in re-tweets received. 3 curious visiting SSRF Twitter have started doing spiritual practice from March 2014.
  • Statistics on visits to SSRF website through SSRF articles posted on In the course of last 4 months, some 0.08% of all visits to SSRF website worldwide come through Croatian portal, which is continuing to publish SSRF excerpt articles on monthly basis. It was observed that readers who come from portal spend about 7 min on SSRF website, which is higher than the average 3 min.’Salt water remedy’ had a highest number of visitors compared to other more theory oriented topics.
  • Radio show Interview of SSRF seeker: On 16.3.2014, SSRF website Editor, Mr. Sean Clarke was interviewed on radio by Ms. Janine Regan-Sinclair, founder of the Crystal Ki Foundation, a centre for well being in UK. Starting with the introduction of SSRF, topics of causes of problems in life, addictions, cremation over burial, changes in seekers after starting spiritual practice were discussed in the interview.
  • SSRF lecture conducted for business executives group in Melbourne: On 27.3.2014, a lecture on ‘Science behind happiness and unhappiness’ was conducted for a small business executives group on the request from the CEO of that company. 8 people attended the lecture. The main topics covered in the lecture were, how the spiritual dimension can be the cause of happiness and unhappiness in person’s life, give and take account and how ancestors can affect our life.
  • Website articles: In the month of March 2014, a record number of 12 new articles were published on SSRF website.
    • Skull Fashion- A spiritual perspective
    • Research on vibrations emitted by bread and chapati
    • Positive changes after only 9 months of spiritual practice
    • Kissing in public-spiritual effects
    • Positive changes after only 4 months of spiritual practice
    • Research on vibrations emitted by coffee, tea and milk captured with biofeedback equipment
    • Comparative study of the Holy basil plant (Tulsi) watered by H.H. Dr. Athavale and Tulsi plant not watered by Him using biofeedback instruments
    • Nudism – A spiritual perspective
    • Techno Parades-spiritual effects
    • Research conducted on vibrations emitted by beer, cola drinks and fruit juice
    • Transformation after doing spiritual practice under the guidance of SSRF
    • Gay Parades- A spiritual perspective
  • 3 blogs were uploaded on the website.
    • Divine particles on Gurudev’s stocking
    • Are major disasters destined
    • SSRF Facebook Milestone – 50,000 fans
Month Google rank Alexa rank YouTube visits visitors Slideshare visits Login members Facebook followers Twitter followers Google+ followers
March 2014 3 70,795 132,304 394,254 8,295 14,829 79,514 2,370 1,773

Comments from our readers

  • ‘ My chanting has been very strong. My whole life has been changing and i now do yoga every day. I have been able to handle stress in my life a lot better. My addictions have gone which was only smoking. I am going to donate some money to you as i know i will get a lot out of this . I have been reading your texts every day on the right way to live. I have even taken to wearing white and yellow now. I got my hair tied back in the right position. I have gone vegetarian. I have to attend a satsang. Thank you so much for helping me change my life for the better.’- Ms. Helen, Australia
  • ‘Chanting has helped tremendously. The most remarkable affect has been the elimination of nightmares and night terrors in our 2 year. These were the same terrors that affected our niece and nephew, with the same entity going from home-to-home, child-to-child. This entity is so very recognizable by the children, us as parents, and it’s signature effects on the dreams and vision of children. So easily was the entity defeated, the child empowered, and the family allowed to rest in peace. Thank you SSRF, you have been of tremendous value in our lives !!!’ – Mr. Matthew, USA
  • ‘Yes, I have just started chanting but I already can feel a difference. I went deep into meditation. Thank you for bringing them to my attention. I am most grateful for this resource; I’ve been looking for something like this for a while.’ – Mr. Wade.