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February 2015

Eager to begin! :Thank you dear Team! I was chanting for a while before I wrote to you but not so much. I will try immediately the therapy with Salt Water. I hope it helps…I have many, many problems…negative thoughts, I am too lazy of doing everything, I don’t see myself in the future….cause I’m afraid and I don’t have any order in my life anymore, its everything boring for me…but I will try everything now!!! Thank you very, very much!!!”

– Ms. Kinga Falusi, Graz, Austria

 So many useful articles : “ Hello? Thank you so much for the information (articles about effect of Saints to possessed person and spiritual healing), it is very useful to me!”

– Ms. Ida Ida, Hong Kong

A desire to spread the word : “ How i wish these practices (spiritual practice) are done here in Kenya. People have no faith. Please come to my help. Let’s teach the world. I know FAITH is everything. Love happiness joy health and heavenly wealth is just for those with WISDOM”

– Mr. Pattyerick Bahati Joy Hills, Kenya

 Clarity in all explanations : “ This website is best website I have seen. It educates us clearly on what is spirituality and spiritual levels. All such information on your website is superb. Thank you! Very clear explanations on everything. A lot of information on how problems are caused in life, thanks. “

- Mr.  Karthik Puranik, Bangalore

Serving at no cost at all : “ Thank you and I appreciate what you do especially for free which validates your mission. Thanks again.”

 - Mr.Idris Farag, Libya

Not believing in God has hurt me : “I found your website around January 19th. I thought this would help expand my spiritual growth in conjunction with my AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) program. With my 5 senses I made that decision but now there is a little bit of my 6th sense kicking in and now I see how this spiritual path and growth is not add on treatment but it is absolutely essential. I am starting to see how my lack of belief in God is playing a role in my life and has really hurt me and limited me in so many ways, especially in personal relationships. Not just defective girl/boy but business and my family.

I really appreciate your reminding me to forget the past and to get out of the future, you are so right because it keeps me further away from God and I need to do everything to dissolve my ego. My ego is alive and strong. I now see how my ego has blocked the divine light of God. I would like to tell you what really attracted me to the SSRF website was the guarantee of fast spiritual growth if I was willing to do the work.”

- Mr. Eddy Byrd, USA

 Sheltered by Lord Datta : “On this 18th I went to Haridwar with my brother-in-law as they were told by a priest that his departed father’s soul has been disturbing them and creating problems like fights without any reasons amongst family members. That subtle body started appearing in their dreams etc. While going with them I was chanting the Shree Gurudev Datta mantra and praying, ‘Please take me in your shelter’. After reaching there I came to know that the hotel we were staying in had a temple of God Dattatreya, that was from junagarh akhara. That’s when I realised that this mantra really works.”

- Mr. Anoop Singh, Bharat

 Needing continuity in guidance : “I have started doing accordingly. I hope I will overcome from all the negative energies and will proceed on path of spirituality by your and God’s blessings. Please keep guiding your follower…..Thank you again for writing back to me and motivating me. I have registered for the Satsang. Hope you will keep blessing me. May God give me power to continue the spiritual work.”

- Sita Ram, Canada

 A website one can trust : “I have been reading the SSRF website for the past few years now and I like to read whatever is published on the website. It is wonderful I came to know about the website, I think in the year 2009, while searching for some spiritual path. Since then, I have been regularly reading it whenever I feel the need to connect spiritually. I enjoy reading the website mainly because it is very scientific and it also provides proof about everything with sharing of actual examples, which is of immense benefit in this age of so much falsehood and cheating. The good thing about SSRF is it is very simple in its structure and ability to reach out.”

- Ms Nandini, Bangalore

Help comes when there is a desire to progress : “Help is always there for one who really wants to progress Spiritually and attain God. God has indeed helped me indirectly by getting me to contact SSRF. Your work is sponsored by God.”

- Prof. Jaydipkumar Babriya, Bharat

 Healed from Allergic rhinitis : “Thanks to SSRF for sharing all their knowledge with us. My Family is completely TRANSFORMED mainly because of SSRF…..Sincere thanks to SSRF. May God continue to use you to Transform our lives. May God bless u abundantly. I will be sending an email to SSRF about a Testimony on how Chanting the name of God Completely healed me from a serious chronic Allergic Rhinitis problem I suffered for 40 yrs. Within 3 Months of discovering the Power of Chanting and Chanting every single day so many hours a day i am COMPLETELY HEALED. I started Chanting on Nov 21st 2014, by Feb 14th 2015…I was Completely healed.”

- (Apostle) Ms. Mary Nabila Ales, USA

 Grateful for receiving : I love your website. Thank you all for all the work that you do. Thank you for sharing. This is the truth behind spiritual practice. Certainly i did started with SSRF two months ago. Reading important and true research from SSRF, and practicing.


 January 2015

Sleep Paralysis : “Spiritual Science Research Foundation – India (SSRF India Facebook) – I already shared (with family and friends) this article (Sleep Paralysis) after reading it. Reading it is interesting as you well differentiate the two – medical vs spiritual which made this article interesting…keep posting best research articles of you”

  -Indira Shome Dutta, Bharat

Benefits from chanting : “Hi, Sir, i always reading the articles SSRF post. I learned a lot from those articles. Recently I tried chanting “Sri Gurudev Datta”. I had some experiences which I will like to confirm if it is the way or results of chanting. After chanting about 10-15 minutes, I feel my body was more relaxed. I could “see” calm lighting surrounding me. I feel joyful.”

 -Teo Gim Hwee, Malaysia

Thoughts racing through mind : “This is exactly the article (Benefits of prayers) I have been waiting for. It seems like my thoughts will not ever let me rest, and I can never get any sleep or focus on regular everyday tasks or even just relax because my mind is always racing with thoughts”.

 – Mr. Calvin Bell, Tennessee, USA

Problems resolved : “I had a dream few days ago that I am doing a PhD in Spiritual Science and my teacher is Jesus. My school is Spiritual Science Research Foundation SSRF. In the dream I was told it could take 2 years to complete the Program. I was overjoyed when I woke up because ever since God helped me to find SSRF on Friday Nov 21st, i am much closer to God. I now know the right Spiritual path to take to obtain Oneness with God. All the Problems I had all my life for 41 yrs has been resolved through the help of SSRF. I feel new and i am a very very happy and peaceful woman now despite so many challenges I continue to face. Before I found SSRF, i use to beg God to end my life. My suffering was too much. I was crowded by negatively. One dose of sea salt spiritual cleanse therapy and chanting did it for me. Thanks so much SSRF. ONLY God who found you for me will repay you on my behalf.”

  – Ms. Mary Nabila, (country not known)

Various Religious Backgrounds : “Before I begin, let me introduce myself, my name is Harsa, I am a Moslem. I recently read an article about the life after death that you wrote in the perspective of Buddhism, and found it is an interesting article to read.

By the way, I came across spiritual science research foundation’s article when browsing on the internet about the process after death, and to be honest the writing of spiritual science research foundation team is very inspiring. This afternoon, i joined skype SSRF conversation (EU satsang) for the first time about ancestral problems and i think it is a very nice experience to share thoughts and spiritual experiences with seekers from various religious backgrounds all over the world.”

-Harsa Arizki, Jakarta, Indonesia

 December 2014

Improvement in Examinations : “Nowadays I am chanting regularly for sometime except for the salt water treatment. I do salt water treatment but not very frequently and Ma’am Chanting really helps This time I’ve done my exams well more than I used to do before. I feel its because of the spiritual practice.I really feel blessed”

 – Ms. Thulasi Sudhakaran, Chennai

Abundant Knowledge : “Thanks SSRF for providing such a valueless info on spiritual subject..i m very much interested in this subject….infact i want salvation and ur website raised my hope. However abundant knowledge i got from here…but still want to know more and more.

  – Raja Choudhury, Jammu

Overcoming an addiction : “Before spiritual practice i was addicted to smoking. Now i don’t. Thanks to you:). ”

  -Amitanshu Bose, Kolkata

 Subtle fragrance : “ I have began chanting Shri Gurudev Datta – i could feel my body is lighter than before – my thoughts are in control……While i was meditation this morning, a vision of H.H Dr. Athavale came i was happy with his smile. Later after plucking flowers for usual prayer, i could get strong sandalwood fragrances.”

-Logenthiran Rajagopal, Malaysia

 Being an Orphan : “SSRF has changed my life and driven me to the spiritual path and enabled me to go nearer towards the Supreme God. SSRF has taught our goal should never be materialistic but it must be to reach God. I am an orphan as i had lost my parents at the age of 14 years but now i have understood that i know that everyone in the world is an orphan until he or she does surrenders to God so that God take care for him.  I am extremely happy that my country and this world has got SSRF in this era to impart spiritual knowledge. This is not every person\’s capacity to understand these secret things in a right sense and most importantly to believe it. I thank SSRF my extreme desire is to meet to the great person Dr. Athavaleji and i shall meet him in future if God wishes so. Thank you SSRF.”

 – Jaydipkumar Babriya, Amreli

Knowledge and Daily Spiritual practice : “I find it very informative on spiritual matters.I have ordered some books and I will read and hope to understand more about life. I am already doing my daily sadhana, like chanting of the gayathiri mantras and rudraksha chanting. I hope to widen my knowledge through your website regarding my spiritual matters.”

     – Perumal, Singapore

November 2014

It works ! : “I find this (H. H. Dr. Athavale’s Divine changes wall post) fascinating; gosh the chanting has been changing my life; it works it actually works; this science of bringing light in you can feel yourself transmute. I never felt so much love for people in my life. thank you so much.”

- Helen Edel, Australia

This website is like the Holy Scriptures : “Hi, hope you are all good. Many thanks for all the valuable information you share with us. To me, your website is like a holy scripture and I read at least one article from it every day.”

 –  Ms. Deepa Vasudevan, Ireland

Healing changes :  “Daily chanting has changed my life in profound ways. Very healing”

-  Ms. Annie Thibeault, Canada

Improved decision making : “I have started doing spiritual practice (chanting Name of God as per birth religion) daily…However, I still feel it is not optimal…but I will keep on trying to increase the frequency….meanwhile, my heart and my mind feel peaceful…due to that I can make better decisions in life and feel comfortable since God’s presence is felt closer.”

- Arie Marianto, Indonesia

No more dreams about Dad : “Thank you very much for the reply. I have been chanting the Datta chant on and off but not regularly since i am at work and sometimes forgetting about it, but chanting it when ever possible. Since I started chanting I have not dreamt of my dad. Hopefully it has done something good to his soul. Your foundation is doing very well for people like me and hope every research be a success”

-  Ms. Thushitha Suresh Kumar, Bharat

Questions Answered : “I am very happy to find this site as i can get my answers to various questions. Thanks a lot. Whatever questions come in my mind i would like to discuss those right here and i know i ‘ll find my answers. Thanks so much. Yes you can publish these comments with my name. I have not any objection. In fact this conversation or guidelines will help people who are interested to know various aspects of spirituality and show them new dimensions in this field. I saw one picture on google plus having formation on 5 tatvas on our fingers. This picture attracted me because i am continously seeking the way which leads to spirituality. Clicking on that picture i found this site.”

- Jitesh Kohli, Bharat

Divine Particles on hand : “Last month i saw my palm was shining with silver colour very small particles. And most of the time when i observe my hand  it is shining there. i compared it with my friends hands. But their hands are not shining in that way. So i was excited and i searched about that, after that i got to know about SSRF while i was searching these things from Google. I felt really happy to know about SSRF and i really wondered and was excited when i saw the videos in you tube. My hand is also shining in that way.”

- A curious , Srilanka 

The Science behind the ‘Eternal Truth’ : “Information present on this site is very very scientific. Layout of this site is very user friendly and each section contains perfect heading, images for better understanding. We follow our religion but don’t know much about the science behind it. And yes, this site is full source of science behind the ‘Eternal Truth’.”  

- Amol Dhore, Pune

Chanting succeeds where medicines fail : “I am pleased and happy to inform you that my facial dermatitis is finally showing recession after months of spiritual practice. I can for the first time, feel that chanting has made a change and for me and this is some change which I have not experienced with countless of treatments pursued so far. I am very astonished with the power of spirituality and it continues to amaze me …I cannot actually believe that spirituality is the key to many unknown and locked doors in life.”

 – Sajit, Kerala 


A Divine Purpose : “The creation of SSRF has Divine purposes- to elevate the common people from the miseries of life and immerse one’s mind in chanting the nectar-like names of the Lord. I’m happy that people are receiving this knowledge to make themselves better people. “

 -Ms Nalin Venkat Sameera, Bharat


 October 2014

“Your website served as a Guru for me. I have read almost all of your website and have watched several videos of SSRF here as well as on Youtube. I came across your website through Google search. Your website influenced me to chant ‘ Wahe Guru’ as i belong to the Sikh religion”.

-Mr. Harpreet Singh, Ludhiana

“A few months back (Dec 2013) my grandfather passed away which made me really sad. In 16 years of my life, I have never experienced such a situation before. He is such a kind person. Days passed, but I was not completely able to accept what has happened. At that point, I wanted to know what happens to one after their death. So I surfed it on the Internet and that’s how I came across SSRF. On reading the article on “What happens after death” I was able to understand what was going around me but still at times I wish that he was alive. Then frequently I started visiting this website and started reading quite a few articles put up here. I like this website so much. Its Awesome !!!!”

- Ms. Thulasi Sudhakaran , Chennai

“ I am so happy and grateful to you for the wonderful answers that you had given to each question of mine. SSRF website is such a great encyclopedia of unknown facts or rather long lost wisdom in the scrolls of time.THANK YOU so much. i have read about organ donation from your article on SSRF website,it was quite interesting and for long even i have thought about it”.

-Mr. Rohit Raveendran, Trivandrum

So much thanks to SSRF. Ever since I’ve discovered this site, it has enhanced my understanding and tolerance of the different religions that there is. A major area of enlightenment is that on the spirituality behind sicknesses, addictions, disasters etc. Thank YOU ALL!

-Innocent Mawuena, Ghana 


Thank you. U guys really gave me real answers. God bless you and continue. Just continue.

-Mr. Toma Adam, Spain

What an incredible story (transformation article – Annette Brown). If so many can get help like this, this world would a better place to live. Namaste.

Debbie L Ruiz Flores, Puerto Rico

September  2014

Experiencing the Power in Spiritual Remedies: “The first time I used box treatment by placing on my computer desk I felt great energy changes. I feel a lot of energy sensation on my midbrow (third eye). When I did the box treatment I felt the sensations on my mid brow again and also during chanting.

I also did the salt water treatment when I felt heavy headed and uncomfortable and then after it I felt better. I feel the increase in energy after chanting and when I stop it slowly reduces and I feel lighter and cold.  I have polio in my right leg since I was 5 years old, and now I am 35 I feel some sensations in my right leg, I don’t know if it is because of chanting.”

-Mr. Thomas Arokiaswamy, Virar


Inspired to grow spiritually: “I have a deep connect with your articles and beginning to feel the need to attain a higher spiritual level. Your guidance was exactly what i was needing, to answer my numerous questions about life”

-Mr. Backiaraj Sivamanickam, Mumbai


Experiencing the truth in the Articles: “I am lucky to have found your site, what you mention in your blogs is really true when I go out I feel  so many people under the influence of some sort of negative presence and they usually will have no idea about it .”

-Mr. Rohit Raveendran, Trivandrum 

Growing from learning: “ Guys I love all of you articles. I have grown so much from them all.”

-Mr. Thiago Alves de Moraes, Brazil

Personal Transformation: “ Dear SSRF, First of all I have to appreciate yourself and all of you in such a great initiative to help humanity towards betterment by seeking spiritual life. I really thank you all of this. SSRF has made me a different person too as I try to follow satvikta and other modes and ways to connect better to God. I currently say lord shiva mantra ” Om Nama shivaya” in the right tone. I also would like to soon start chanting on my kula devata ” lord Narayana ” mantra”.

-Mr. Ravi N Sruti, US


Inspired to introspect: “ Excellent article. This article wants me to do more effort of spiritual practice. This article also makes people to think the purpose of life.”

-Mr. Julius S, Jakarta, Indonesia


Salt water treatment: “Thank You Spiritual Science Research Foundation – India for absolutely fantastic articles :) Have read almost all articles and trying out some of your therapies like salt water treatment etc. Thanks again”

-Ms. Sai Anurag, Kodad

Live an Aware Life: Dear Admin, Ur ‘live an aware life’ is a very well shot & narrated video which is a main attraction point at first glance for the viewers of this page. It connects to every individual beautifully & develops intrest.Consider placing it on the very first page… Just a suggestion. Awsome Job by ur team. Regards Raghuveer

- Raghuveer

July-August 2014

“So profound the chanting information. This site is truly a blessing.”

– Ms. Cathy Saba, Geelong, Victoria, Australia


“Your website and your foundation is unbelievably fantastic ! Love and Blessings to you.”

- Mr. Reza Stella, Tehran, Iran


Clarity at last: “I am practicing spirituality everyday since I was born. Not a lot of improvement until found your website. Very nice, clear and straightforward ”.

-Mr. Hicham Berkouk, Boumerdas, Algeria


Spiritual Science in Colours: “ Have you sometimes felt charged when you wore one outfit and quite depressed when you wore another? SSRF reveals how some colours like blue, white and yellow attract positivity in our daily life, while black, green and purple draw negativity towards us.”

- Mr. Nguyen Thao


Leg cramps cured: “Thank you! Visited for migraine yet salt water cure stopped nightly leg cramps. You touched upon issues I did not know were related.

-Ms. Steel


Useful information: “ Thank you very much for developing such a useful website. I am getting answers to most of my questions. This website has truly  scientific information and is immensely useful for those  who are on the  spiritual path! “

-Ms. Arati, Bharat


Transformation after Salt Water Remedy: “ On week before, when I was surfing internet I have an opportunity to look at SSRF website. I have gone through the salt water remedy page completely and use it for myself. After doing it I have been able to feel the real difference of transformation of negative to positive energy. Thanks a lot for the information.”

 – Mr Siva Anandam, Bharat


Gratitude on behalf of the World ! “ By the way I’m in spiritual practice and that is the reason why I accidently discovered your SSRF website two weeks ago. You people are doing great service to the human kind who are in the thirst for spiritual seeking. Indeed on behalf of the world. I would like to thank the great website of SSRF and the team and the leaders who is managing sincerely, and also you are providing amazing realization to seekers like me. Hinduism is GREAT Thank you and I love SSRF.”

- Mr. Alagesan Arumugam, Malaysia

 June 2014

“I would like to know if you have any video about how to treat Addiction through spiritual healing? Thank you so much you have no idea how helpful is this. If I have any question I will ask. Blessing and Love.”

– Mr. Idalmy Caro, Mexico City, Mexico


Heartfelt gratitude: “You are everything that I’ve been looking for! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

–      Ms. Domina Peovic, Croatia,  (SSRF FB in Croatian language)


Helpful website: “ I feel I have a long way to go in my spiritual awakening but your website has been very helpful thank you for sharing all that information.”


 Inspiring Research: “The research done by SSRF is commendable and inspiring. All explanations in your website have a scientific and spiritual ground which for every reader and curious like me, it will sound 100% real and satisfactory. I had not found so far any site which could offer so many different topics. It is true that when one is in search of the Absolute Truth from God, it manifests. All this information manifests in our daily life it we have the desire. I fully identify with SSRF and support its beautiful work”.

- Mr. Luis Cabrera, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


“I believe nothing is accidental in this world. It is God’s love and guidance that helped me find SSRF through Internet browsing. Thank you.”

-Mr. Dede Sunarya, Kerawang, Indonesia

 Personal time rechanalised: “ Thanks and my chanting is going good, I want to thank you a lot because if I have not come in contact with SSRF, I would be wasting my time in just internet surfing, watching television etc, which all are just wastage of time. “

-Ms. Aditi B, Punjab


Relief from Sexual thoughts: “Thanks a lot for guiding me for chanting. I am happy because evil sexual thoughts are nullified. I want to achieve this from my teen age. Finally I achieve this now. Nothing is enough to your help in achieving this. Thank u very much.”

-Mr. Dondeti Reddy, AP


May 2014

Feeling quiet: “ You are doing an excellent work!! Greetings from the Dominican Republic. Thanks a lot for the information provided. I am chanting without pause as recommended. I have felt very quiet and happy those days and it will continue. Thanks my dear friends.”

- Mr. Louis Cabrera, Dominican Republic


An invitation: “ It is an honour to be a part of this group!!! The majority of them (articles) are truly fascinating. Maybe we can hold a seminar, or conference, in London? “

- Mr. David Parry, London, UK


Spreading the word: “I am so happy about the frequent contact that we have established through login, thank you again. Every time that i have the chance i will pass on and spread the word about SSRF’s website among my close ones and anyone else as well, this is part of my service to God.”

– Mr. Louis Cabrera, Dominican Republic


April 2014

Finally a breakthrough: “Thanks for your spiritual research. It opened the door i had been trying to open since i was a teenager.”

– Mr. Mundoga Muchfault, Pretoria, South Africa

Caring for others: “Well responded, detailed suggestions,caring for others feeling…Thank u, we found u r service useful, good luck.”

-Mr. Bhanu Prakash M, Bangalore, India

Beautiful description: “Beautiful description, I believe more in loComments 0ng cycles of transformation. Until one understands there is no escape, no beloved, no security, no happiness, but GOD.

 – Mr. Ahmed Loudiyi, Cassablanca, Marocco

Request for Satsang: Dear sir /Madame, bonjour. Please let us be assisted by you and get in Satsang. It is not our wish which lead us to find SSRF foundation but only the powerful God ’’Gurudev Datta’’. We like Satsang as we have read its spiritual benefits, because it links us with all our SSRF spiritual aspirants and Saints, as well as SSRF Satsang is the company of the truth what we want for our spiritual life; because we don’t like being misled. Example: We can benefit from the spiritual energy of the SSRF Saints through Satsang. We can also get the spiritual upliftment through Satsang, the reason why it is so most important to us. May God bless you. Namaskar to all of you.”

- M. Safari B Mutabesha, M. Masumbuko Joachim, M. Diesa Diabu, M. Wa Byondo from Malawi, Africa


Instantaneous Relief :  “Thank you once more for helping me. I am honored and grateful to have your guidance. The advice you and SSRF are providing on the internet is vital to people everywhere. I have been busy reading the articles on SSRF website and tried the spiritual healing remedy with the rock salt. I notice a big difference in how I feel, what I think and how I act even after doing it once for 15 minutes. I will continue to do it once a day as I am able. I am learning a lot and am very appreciative that you and SSRF have helped me begin my spiritual journey. Thank you for steering me closer to God. This is an aspect of my life which I have been lacking for far too long. Finally I have received some honest advice on the matter. Sincerely”

- Mr. Brian McGuire, USA

 Questions Answered: “Hello, it is a true bliss to have found this site on the internet. I really appreciate it; I have just found it some minutes ago and i have already created a log-in profile. It gives me great opportunity to search for a very desired answer. I really thank you”.

- Mr. Héctor Laynes – Guadalajara, Mexico


March 2014

Addiction gone, Lifestyle change : ‘ My chanting has been very strong. My whole life has been changing and i now do yoga every day. I have been able to handle stress in my life a lot better. My addictions have gone which was only smoking. I am going to donate some money to you as i know i will get a lot out of this . I have been reading your texts every day on the right way to live. I have even taken to wearing white and yellow now. I got my hair tied back in the right position. I have gone vegetarian. I have to attend a satsang. Thank you so much for helping me change my life for the better.’

-       Ms. Helen Edel, Kingscliff, New South Wales, Australia

Nightmares eliminated:  ‘ Chanting has helped tremendously. The most remarkable affect has been the elimination of nightmares and night terrors in our 2 year. These were  the same terrors that affected our niece and nephew, with the same entity going from home-to-home, child-to-child. This entity is so very recognizable by the children, us  as parents, and it’s signature effects on the dreams and vision of children. So easily was the entity defeated, the child empowered, and  the family allowed to rest in peace. Thank you SSRF, you have been of  tremendous value in our lives !!! ‘

    – Mr. Matthew Early, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, USA


Effect of Chanting: “Yes I just started chanting but I already can feel a difference. I went deep into meditation. Thank you for bringing them to my attention. I am most grateful for this resource I’ve been looking for something like this for a while.”

            – Mr. Wade Littrell


February 2014

You are unique: “ I read your website  and  I’m very impressed. SSRF has accumulated more know-how than any organisation on the Earth on the Dark Side.  You are unique.  Nobody else has come close to the penetration of Dark Side practices that SSRF has achieved.”

– Dr. Mark Tarver, UK


January 2014

SSRF is a caring guide: “SSRF has given me many precious insights in different areas of spirituality. It benefited me greatly because of the vast knowledge we get to learn like their spiritual remedies to reduce dark entities and energy. It is a caring guide that would like everyone in this world to become a full being of light!”

- Mr. Nick Stacey 


SSRF website most valuable treasure that anyone could ever ask for: Thanks to your website, I finally got some good answers to the questions I’ve always had! Thus I’m beginning to see all the more light. I am so overwhelmed with joy and excitement (I’m literally speechless)! It feels as if I’ve finally reached a big milestone in my journey to everlasting soul salvation (a state of bliss)… This site and the people running it are just amazing! Thank you SO much for making this information available to the public, this is the most valuable treasure that anyone could ever ask for!

– Mr. Zander Vermaak, South Africa


Every paragraph of the SSRF website is so interesting: I’m very impressed with SSRF’s website, I would very much like to receive guidance from you because every paragraph i read from your articles are so interesting, i click link after link until I get lost. This is definitely what I have been waiting for.

- Mr. Luis Doallo, Mexico


Experiencing Truth in SSRF’s website articles: On March 15, 2013, I went to Friday night services at a local Jewish temple with my father.  After the service, there was a reception with food and drink, in another room of the temple.  I sat on the side of the room, watching people talk and eat.  The noise was very loud.  I started thinking about the SSRF article that talked about introversion, soft talking, and reflection as ideal qualities for a seeker.  I began meditating on these qualities with my thoughts in that noisy room.  All of a sudden, or gradually, I began to feel peace enveloping me as if I were being protected.  I knew that the SSRF article was true.  Thank you very much for all the ways you have helped me, SSRF.”

– David Feigelson, Houston, Texas, USA


SSRF website making changes in one’s life:  I found your website about 2 weeks ago and I can say that this really made great changes in my life. I feel like a real living person now and everyday I study your website and many questions come to my mind.”

– Ms. Shayda Owrak, Teheran, Iran


Learning through SSRF site about the importance of expressing gratitude: One of the most important lessons I learned from SSRF site is to pay gratitude to God.  Recently, I was feeling inactive to do any kind of work, a kind of laziness.  I was becoming slow, could not finish work properly and so on.  I then started saying gratitude to God on every action I do.  It may be a simple task like washing a dish.  This helped me to overcome inactive nature.  I started feeling happiness when I do my work.

- Mrs. Sethulakshmi Santhosh, United Arab Emirates


Relevant to our lives: I first would like to thank you for running such a great site. It is not making sense as to why this site is not the most popular site in the web since the information here I find it to be SO relevant to our lives.

– Mr. Frank, USA

The website is fantastic, i wish everyone would invest time learning from this.

– Chris Holbing, Melbourne, Australia

Homeopathy students helped in Spiritual study:   Hi, I am a lecturer in a college teaching Homeopathy and Vibrational Medicine. I am very much thankful to you for publishing such wonderful articles on your website. I found your articles are very helpful to my students in attaining knowledge of Spirituality.

– Prof. Kumar Goteti, Perth, Australia

Explaining with clarity: The way you have explained every concept that a seeker is interested to know is amazing. I am impressed how the explanations provided are affirmative, without any caveat and not religion specific.

– Sanna Khalkar, United Arab Emirates

SSRF articles making one feel happier and more confident: The more I am involved with your site and articles, the happier and more confident I feel. A lot of the time I find that it confirms my understanding of things, but explains them in such a perfect way.

– Debbie Howard, Tonbridge, UK

This is great that I’ve found you guys! It’s all perfect! I feel that you have a lot to share and I’m open to contemplate all notions you share!

– Mr. Dickie Erwin, Austin (TX), USA

Angels: I found the SSRF website when I used a search engine to do research about angels. When I typed the word “angels” into the search engine, an SSRF article about angels was displayed and I read the article entirely. It was very informative and I realized it to be full of Truth. This led me to explore the entire SSRF website and I did so for about 4 hours at one time, gaining a lot of spiritual information.

- Lesley, MS, USA

Feeling Blessed: Thank You for your Work…The Most High has Blessed me Greatly because I have followed your website on spiritual work, and as my finances increase so will my donations to further the spread of this Spiritual information… Lord Jesus Christ…

- Melvin Wilson, IL, USA

Learning how to pray: I’m very thankful that I found out about you guys. Before I only thought about God on Sundays or when I prayed. I had a feeling that the way I was praying was sort of wrong. I decided to Google prayer and I found your site. I read through it and I realized what I’ve been doing wrong. I thank God for leading me to this site and I hope others will have the chance to change in a spiritual way like me.

- Ryan Nem, USA (SSRF Facebook)

Greetings, I just wanted to say that i am completely absorbed by your website. It contains a vast amount of information that is expressed beautifully and concisely. I feel better as I grasp so many otherwise ‘cryptic’ concepts. By expressing this information scientifically, so much information which was otherwise fragmented from years of reading, research, satsangs is now ordered and clarified. The information has been put forward without making one religion right or wrong but above all. This is pure Spirituality. I absolutely adore this site.

- Jay, UK

SSRF is like a Spiritual Treasure trove for the seeker in me……everyday I find articles to read, and I’ve been practising what is taught therein… I must say… I wish every single day… If only I had come across SSRF earlier than I have! Thank you so much!

- Nimi Nair, USA (SSRF Facebook)

It gives me pleasure to voice thanks and appreciation to SSRF’s team doing well in guiding, providing and preparing people to meet with their beloved and merciful supreme God. I also thank SSRF’s team as their team work and website helped me a lot to solve my problems, make life easier, get answers to my questions and much more. We are taking benefit from your work and you are providing your work free of charge to the people of all over the world. You (SSRF team) are some of the great people of the world. God bless you.

- Yasir, Pakistan

Understanding my situation: Thank you so much for the info you shared with me. You’ve saved me a lot of time, money and trouble. I understand my situation better than before.

- Thabo Hlalele, South Africa (SSRF Facebook)

Thanks a lot. I haven’t seen such patience anywhere! I pray to God that your mission should be successful and more and more people should get to know about SSRF.

- Methuna Rajah, India (SSRF Facebook and Login)