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SSRF website most valuable treasure that anyone could ever ask for: Thanks to your website, I finally got some good answers to the questions I've always had! Thus I'm beginning to see all the more light. I am so overwhelmed with joy and excitement (I'm literally speechless)! It feels as if I've finally reached a big milestone in my journey to everlasting soul salvation (a state of bliss)… This site and the people running it are just amazing! Thank you SO much for making this information available to the public, this is the most valuable treasure that anyone could ever ask for!

– Mr. Zander Vermaak, South Africa

Every paragraph of the SSRF website is so interesting: I’m very impressed with SSRF’s website, I would very much like to receive guidance from you because every paragraph i read from your articles are so interesting, i click link after link until I get lost. This is definitely what I have been waiting for.

- Mr. Luis Doallo, Mexico


Experiencing Truth in SSRF’s website articles: On March 15, 2013, I went to Friday night services at a local Jewish temple with my father.  After the service, there was a reception with food and drink, in another room of the temple.  I sat on the side of the room, watching people talk and eat.  The noise was very loud.  I started thinking about the SSRF article that talked about introversion, soft talking, and reflection as ideal qualities for a seeker.  I began meditating on these qualities with my thoughts in that noisy room.  All of a sudden, or gradually, I began to feel peace enveloping me as if I were being protected.  I knew that the SSRF article was true.  Thank you very much for all the ways you have helped me, SSRF.”

– David Feigelson, Houston, Texas, USA

SSRF website making changes in one’s life:  I found your website about 2 weeks ago and I can say that this really made great changes in my life. I feel like a real living person now and everyday I study your website and many questions come to my mind.”

– Ms. Shayda Owrak, Teheran, Iran

Learning through SSRF site about the importance of expressing gratitude: One of the most important lessons I learned from SSRF site is to pay gratitude to God.  Recently, I was feeling inactive to do any kind of work, a kind of laziness.  I was becoming slow, could not finish work properly and so on.  I then started saying gratitude to God on every action I do.  It may be a simple task like washing a dish.  This helped me to overcome inactive nature.  I started feeling happiness when I do my work.

- Mrs. Sethulakshmi Santhosh, United Arab Emirates

I first would like to thank you for running such a great site. It is not making sense as to why this site is not the most popular site in the web since the information here I find it to be SO relevant to our lives.

– Mr. Frank, USA

The website is fantastic, i wish everyone would invest time learning from this.

– Chris Holbing, Melbourne, Australia

Hi, I am a lecturer in a college teaching Homoeopathy and Vibrational Medicine. I am very much thankful to you for publishing such wonderful articles on your website. I found your articles are very helpful to my students in attaining knowledge of Spirituality.

– Prof. Kumar Goteti, Perth, Australia

The way you have explained every concept that a seeker is interested to know is amazing. I am impressed how the explanations provided are affirmative, without any caveat and not religion specific.

– Sanna Khalkar, United Arab Emirates

SSRF articles making one feel happier and more confident: The more I am involved with your site and articles, the happier and more confident I feel. A lot of the time I find that it confirms my understanding of things, but explains them in such a perfect way.

– Debbie Howard, Tonbridge, UK

This is great that I've found you guys! It's all perfect! I feel that you have a lot to share and I'm open to contemplate all notions you share!

– Mr. Dickie Erwin, Austin (TX), USA

I found the SSRF website when I used a search engine to do research about angels. When I typed the word "angels" into the search engine, an SSRF article about angels was displayed and I read the article entirely. It was very informative and I realized it to be full of Truth. This led me to explore the entire SSRF website and I did so for about 4 hours at one time, gaining a lot of spiritual information.

- Lesley, MS, USA

Thank You for your Work…The Most High has Blessed me Greatly because I have followed your website on spiritual work, and as my finances increase so will my donations to further the spread of this Spiritual information… Lord Jesus Christ…

- Melvin Wilson, IL, USA

I'm very thankful that I found out about you guys. Before I only thought about God on Sundays or when I prayed. I had a feeling that the way I was praying was sort of wrong. I decided to Google prayer and I found your site. I read through it and I realized what I've been doing wrong. I thank God for leading me to this site and I hope others will have the chance to change in a spiritual way like me.

- Ryan Nem, USA (SSRF Facebook)

Greetings, I just wanted to say that i am completely absorbed by your website. It contains a vast amount of information that is expressed beautifully and concisely. I feel better as I grasp so many otherwise 'cryptic' concepts. By expressing this information scientifically, so much information which was otherwise fragmented from years of reading, research, satsangs is now ordered and clarified. The information has been put forward without making one religion right or wrong but above all. This is pure Spirituality. I absolutely adore this site.

- Jay, UK

SSRF is like a Spiritual Treasure trove for the seeker in me……everyday I find articles to read, and I’ve been practising what is taught therein… I must say… I wish every single day… Only if I had come across SSRF earlier than I have! Thank you so much!

- Nimi Nair, USA (SSRF Facebook)

It gives me pleasure to voice thanks and appreciation to SSRF's team doing well in guiding, providing and preparing people to meet with their beloved and merciful supreme God. I also thank SSRF's team as their team work and website helped me a lot to solve my problems, make life easier, get answers to my questions and much more. We are taking benefit from your work and you are providing your work free of charge to the people of all over the world. You (SSRF team) are some of the great people of the world. God bless you.

- Yasir, Pakistan

Thank you so much for the info you shared with me. You’ve saved me a lot of time, money and trouble. I understand my situation better than before.

- Thabo Hlalele, South Africa (SSRF Facebook)

Thanks a lot. I haven't seen such patience anywhere! I pray to God that your mission should be successful and more and more people should get to know about SSRF.

- Methuna Rajah, India (SSRF Facebook and Login)