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Satsang with Saints

The company of Saints is the highest type of physical Satsang. One derives benefits of the Satsang in proportion to one’s attitude and behaviour towards the Saint.

Types of Satsang

Satsang with God, Satsang with Saints, Guru’s and evolved seekers,  Satsang with co-seekers, reading the Holy texts written by Saints, attending spiritual discourses, etc.

Benefits of satsang

Satsang is an important aspect of spiritual practice in a seeker’s spiritual journey. This is especially so at the beginning of one’s spiritual journey when Spirituality is not yet a part and parcel of one’s life.

Awakening Spiritual Emotion (Bhav)

Spiritual emotion

In whom is Spiritual Emotion awakened?

As per the Spiritual science, awakening spiritual emotion through spiritual practice is possible for a seeker at the 50% spiritual level.

How is It Possible to Chant While Performing Various Activities?

This level of chanting happens at a much later stage in our spiritual journey when the chanting centre is well established in the sub-conscious mind.

Chanting During Daily Activities

This article explains how it is possible to chant during working hours or when talking with someone.

What is satsang

Simply said, Satsang is being in the Company of Truth.