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Benefits of satsang

    Benefits of satsang

    1. Introduction to the benefits of Satsang

    Satsang is an important aspect of spiritual practice in a seeker’s spiritual journey. This is especially so at the beginning of one’s spiritual journey when Spirituality is not yet a part and parcel of one’s life. For the more experienced seeker attending satsang is an opportunity to serve God and co-seekers by sharing their experiences and nurturing other seekers in their spiritual practice.

    Below, we have shared some experiences of seekers with regard to how attending Satsang has helped them.
    Soon after I got married, I came to the U.S. It was just a month after I started my spiritual practice of chanting the Name of God. Once in the U.S., I tried to chant and incorporate some spiritual practice in my life but was never quite successful. So for almost a year I did not do much spiritual practice. Only after I started attending satsangs, I once again started to chant regularly and started to put all my plans for my spiritual progress into action.- SK, USA

    2. Clarification of questions about Spirituality

    Questions on SpiritualityWhen a seeker studies the science of Spirituality, he or she may come across new life concepts and learning. These new concepts may give rise to questions in a seeker’s mind such as, “How do I practically implement this spiritual principle” or “How do I overcome an obstacle that I am having in my spiritual practice.” Such kinds of questions are quite natural for students of Spirituality and it is important that such questions or doubts are answered in a timely manner so that one’s spiritual practice can continue unobstructed.

    When a Satsang is conducted by a seeker who has a desire for spreading Spirituality, love for others and spiritual emotion, he or she is better able to access God’s thoughts and provide holistic answers to questions on Spirituality and spiritual practice. Along with this the entire group of seekers attending the satsang collectively learns about the perspectives that one should have when faced with the same questions on Spirituality. These questions if unanswered can raise doubts which can put a brake on one’s efforts and in some cases can entirely derail one’s spiritual practice.
    By attending Satsang some seekers have also been pleasantly surprised when unanswered questions they have had in their mind have been answered during the course of the Satsang without them actually asking the question. Due to one’s effort to attend satsang, God helps the seeker by answering questions that have been lingering in his or her mind for some time.

    3. Satsang helps to recharge our ‘spiritual batteries’

    According to the science of Spirituality, the entire universe is made up of 3 basic subtle components – Sattva, Raja and Tama. Sattva is the component that represents spiritual purity and knowledge; Raja represents action and passion, while Tama represents ignorance and inertia. The subtle vibrations emanating from anything and everything are dependent on the predominant subtle basic component they are comprised of.
    In today’s world there is a higher focus on materialism and less focus on Spirituality. When there is less focus of society on Spirituality, spiritual impurity begins to build up in the environment. This is known as spiritual pollution and it means that there is an increase in the Raja and Tama subtle components in society and the environment. This spiritual pollution depletes our spiritual energy and by the end of the week our ‘spiritual batteries’ feel like they are discharged. Due to this we feel drained and it becomes difficult to even think about spiritual practice. This may lead to a loss of enthusiasm to persevere with our spiritual practice.
    When we attend Satsang, we are exposed to higher levels of spiritual positivity. The environment is charged with Divine Consciousness and the predominant subtle component is Sattva. This spiritual positivity can rise even further when the spiritual level of the seekers attending the Satsang is higher and if the seekers have spiritual emotion along with an attitude of learning. At times, positive energies and Deities may also grace seekers with Their presence in the subtle in the Satsang.
    After a challenging week, a seeker may be physically, mentally and spiritually depleted. However due to the Divine Consciousness and sattvikta (spiritual purity) present in a Satsang, the seeker attending it is charged with spiritual positivity and gets enthusiasm to continue and persevere with his or her spiritual practice.

    All those gathered around a campfire receive the warmth of the fire. Likewise, all those attending a Satsang are spiritually nourished by others’ spiritual experiences. Just as air is essential to keep a fire burning, Satsang is essential to encourage us to continue our spiritual practice.

    I had come home very tired from work and I did not feel like attending a Skype Satsang with other seeker of SSRF; I just wanted to be left alone. My husband however insisted I attend. Very reluctantly I agreed to attend the Satsang. In the middle of the Satsang I was asked to share a spiritual experience that I had encountered a week ago. When sharing the spiritual experience my spiritual emotion got awakened. Tears of spiritual emotion and gratitude welled up in my eyes. After that I began to feel very light and it was like just in a moment the tiredness of the day had disappeared. – RG, Europe

    3.1 Online satsangs conducted over telephone and voice conference software such as Skype

    Online satsang via the InternetThe positive energy of a Satsang is not dependent on everyone being in the same physical space. Even if one were to attend a Satsang via conference call or over the Internet, one is still able to access God’s energy. If the seekers attending the Satsang have spiritual emotion then God’s energy in Satsang will be that much more.
    The Spiritual Science Research Foundation conducts online Satsangs for seekers across the world over Skype.  Even though seekers gather from different continents for online satsang over the Internet, they are able to experience the Divine Consciousness in the Satsang and closeness and unity with other attending seekers.

    When I came online to attend the Skype Satsang for North America, I saw that I did not know any of the attendees. Initially I was keeping quiet and just listening to others. The Satsang conductor was so warm and friendly and I was touched that she continuously tried to reach out to me and other seekers. As other attendees began to freely share their obstacles in spiritual practice, I felt I could identify with them. I too shared one of my experiences I had when I started chanting. By the time we came to the end of the Satsang I felt that I knew all of them and that we were all connected by Spirituality. I was grateful to God for this experience as it doesn’t usually happen in worldly life. – Christie Leung, Canada

    4. Through satsang we get motivation to persevere on our spiritual journey

    Spiritual experiencesAs we persevere with our spiritual practice, we start getting spiritual experiences. Seekers share their spiritual experiences during the Satsang. Besides sharing our spiritual experiences, we also get to understand the spiritual significance underlying them. Spiritual experiences are gifts from God that gives a seeker the motivation to persevere on this path. Contemplating on one’s own spiritual experiences or listening to others’ experiences increases our faith in spiritual practice.

    Once I was quite depressed as I felt my spiritual practice was not going well. I earnestly prayed to God to help me and to be with me. At that time I felt a voice saying, “I am always with you.” Then I asked God, “I want to see you.” Then He said, “Just look out of the window, you will see me very shortly. I just looked out of the window and waited but nothing seemed to happen. Then I asked again and God said that slowly My form will appear. Then suddenly out of nowhere, a double rainbow appeared. Then God said that I have come to meet you in the form of a rainbow. My spiritual emotion was awakened and it stayed awakened for long afterwards. Even today when I think of the spiritual experience I had, I feel reassured and calm.

    When I shared this spiritual experience during satsang with co-seekers in Melbourne, we felt our spiritual emotion get awakened and we all experienced a feeling of peace and assurance that God listens to our prayers. – Shweta Clarke, Melbourne Australia

    To make gains in the form of spiritual progress ‘faith’ is the only currency. To put it metaphorically, the currency in USA is the US Dollar, while in the European Union it is the Euro. To buy something in USA only US Dollars will be of use. Similarly, to make spiritual progress strong faith is essential. Normally, we believe in our bank balance because we can withdraw money from the account according to our need. Just like this when it comes to Spirituality and spiritual progress we should have an even greater faith in God and spiritual practice.

    5. Development of expansiveness and love for others

    love for others and expansiveness In a Satsang, one develops a feeling of closeness towards other seekers. Unlike worldly relationships, the focal point of seeker’s relationship with another seeker is spiritual growth. Accordingly there is less expectation and more attention towards helping each other and learning from each other. Satsangs become a platform to nurture and develop such kind of positive relationships. Later between seekers one is able to experience love without expectation also known as Priti in Sanskrit language. At an even later stage, one is able to experience love without expectation for all of humanity. However all of this begins in the spiritually nurturing environment of a Satsang.

    I am a management student. I have been undertaking spiritual practice for the past 3 ½ years as advised by SSRF. I am very lucky because the weekly Satsang has helped me a lot. Before attending Satsang, I was very emotional and envious about others. From the time I started attending the Satsangs, I feel like sharing everybody’s happiness and sorrow and I feel like praising people who are achieving their goals in their fields. Recently my friend asked me how I manage to think about others even when I am in a difficult situation. I then realized that I have changed so much due to spiritual practice and attending Satsangs. – A seeker

    6. In Summary

    Spirituality is a science of experience. The best way for a seeker to understand the benefits of a Satsang is to observe their spiritual practice and how they feel, before and after a satsang. By attending Satsang regularly, we become stronger in our spiritual practice. As a result, we also become stronger in our conviction that we should realise God which is the main spiritual purpose of life.

    The Spiritual Science Research Foundation conducts Satsangs all over the world run by seekers who practice Spirituality on a daily basis. For Satsang timings do visit our Calendar of events page.
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