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A spiritual perspective on bringing in the New Year

New Year’s Eve is a way to bring in the next year with festivity while having a good time. Is there more to celebrating New Year’s Eve than meets the eye ?

Do Christmas carols help in spiritual growth ?

1. Introduction – Christmas carols and spiritual growth At Christmas time, it is hard to miss the warm and fuzzy feeling that the festive season brings with it and Christmas carols play a significant role in setting the joyous feeling. In homes all across the world, Christmas carols fill the air while families set up their … Continue reading Do Christmas carols help in spiritual growth ?

Music and Dance – A Spiritual Perspective

Techno Parades – spiritual effects

1. Techno Parades In the last 10-15 years, a new musical fad called Techno Parade began to take root in some large European cities, including Berlin, Frankfurt, Paris, Zurich, Geneva. As per Wikipedia: “A Techno Parade is a parade of vehicles equipped with strong loudspeakers and amplifiers playing techno music. Techno Parades generally have a carnival atmosphere, where social rules … Continue reading Techno Parades – spiritual effects