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Spiritual Research associated with the Performing Arts – Music Vocals and Singing

Spiritual research has shown that music is associated with the Absolute Ether or Sky Principle; thus, it can impact us positively and adversely very fast. Spiritually pure music has immense healing properties. There are many genres of music, and we all have our select playlist to which we listen. Learn about the different types of music and their effects.

Spiritual Research associated with the Performing Arts – Musical instruments

Together with the sound, every musical instrument produces spiritual vibrations. Also, the way it is played can change the spiritual vibrations emitted from it. Our spiritual research has shown that of all the instruments on which we have conducted research, the Indian flute is the most spiritually pure.

Spiritual Research associated with The Performing Arts – Dance

Dance as an art form is quite immersive. People engage with various kinds of dance motivation, passion, career, or just for fun. However, as per spiritual science dance can help one grow spiritually. Did you know spiritually pure dance form when performed with spiritual emotion can purify your aura in a very short time?

A spiritual perspective on bringing in the New Year

New Year’s Eve is a way to bring in the next year with festivity while having a good time. Is there more to celebrating New Year’s Eve than meets the eye ?

Do Christmas carols help in spiritual growth ?

1. Introduction – Christmas carols and spiritual growth At Christmas time, it is hard to miss the warm and fuzzy feeling that the festive season brings with it and Christmas carols play a significant role in setting the joyous feeling. In homes all across the world, Christmas carols fill the air while families set up their … Continue reading Do Christmas carols help in spiritual growth ?

Music and Dance – A Spiritual Perspective

Techno Parades – spiritual effects

1. Techno Parades In the last 10-15 years, a new musical fad called Techno Parade began to take root in some large European cities, including Berlin, Frankfurt, Paris, Zurich, Geneva. As per Wikipedia: “A Techno Parade is a parade of vehicles equipped with strong loudspeakers and amplifiers playing techno music. Techno Parades generally have a carnival atmosphere, where social rules … Continue reading Techno Parades – spiritual effects