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What is individual spiritual practice and collective spiritual practice?

There are two generic types of spiritual practice (sādhanā)

Go from many to one

Going from many to one

Doing spiritual practice relevant to the times

Doing spiritual practice relevant to the times

There are as Many Paths to God as There are People

There are as many paths to God as there are people

Learning to listen to an authority in Spirituality

Just as in any field of expertise, we also need to listen to an authority in the field of Spirituality if we want to progress spiritually.

Basic Principles of Spirituality for Rapid Spiritual Progress

Rapid spiritual progress can be achieved when we do spiritual practice according to the basic principles of Spirituality.

Spirituality is to be Experienced

In Spirituality, words have only 2% importance while 98% importance lies in getting the experience of those words.

Increasing the Level of Spiritual Practice Regularly

Just as we increase our levels of fitness by steadily increasing our exercise regime, the same is true in spiritual practice.

Spiritual Practice should be done on a daily basis

If we are serious about any endeavour in life we need to be both persistent and regular.