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Go from many to one

The impact of our efforts is much more powerful when we concentrate our efforts on the one, instead of the many.

Which is more effective?

  • Digging one well to access water which is 10 meters deep or digging 10 wells of 1 meter each.

  • Accruing frequent flyer miles from various airlines or sticking to just one airline.

The following is how this principle works depending on the various generic paths to God.

Path of Action (Karmayoga): In the initial stage, a seeker gives alms to several beggars. In the next stage, he focuses his efforts on a single cause such as a donation to a school or a hospital.

Path of Knowledge (Dnyānyoga): After studying various spiritual texts from new age philosophy to religious texts, a seeker finally turns to a single one that has the most percentage of spiritual truth in it.

Path of Devotion (Bhaktiyoga): A seeker progresses from worship of several Deities to that of one, goes to one place of pilgrimage rather than to many, reads one book of Holy verses rather than many.

Path of Chanting the Name of God (Namsankirtanyoga): Here, the seeker chants the Name of only one Deity instead of many.

Path of Guru’s Grace (Gurukrupāyoga): After visiting several Saints, a seeker finally visits only one Guru. Irrespective of the path of Spirituality one follows, spiritual progress does not really occur beyond a certain level without the grace of a Guru.


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