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Spontaneous change due to manifestation of positive spiritual energy

1. Introduction to manifestation and materialisation of positive spiritual energy

Since 2000, the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) has been investigating a number of cases where objects have changed due to spiritual phenomena or where negative energy had materialised spontaneously. However, from the year 2009 onwards, we began to witness cases in both living and non-living items that were of a different nature, especially with regards to the subtle-vibrations they emitted.  After conducting spiritual research, we came to understand that these changes were due to positive spiritual energy. Of these changes, the most evident ones which were easily documented were items that showed spontaneous changes in colour. This was in direct contrast to the spontaneous changes documented earlier, that were caused by higher-level negative energies which we have covered in our section on horrifying supernatural encounters and a photo gallery on such cases.

In this article , we provide general information about the phenomenon of spontaneous manifestation due to positive spiritual energy. We have also published a photo-gallery of these objects to demonstrate the various ways in which these phenomena can occur and help anyone recognize when spiritual phenomena are taking place around them.

2. The importance of the study of spontaneous change or Divine materialisation

In every religion, relics of Saints or objects symbolising Deities have been venerated. Any unexplained changes to such items have always generated a lot of interest and quite often have made headlines worldwide. By studying such spiritual phenomena through an advanced sixth sense, we are better able to understand the reason for these changes. As a result, we are also able to understand the type of Divine quality manifesting or materialising. Such objects, apart from helping to convince us about the existence of positive energies, also assure us that just as there are negative energies creating a variety of problems in life, there are positive subtle-energies which help us too.

3. Why did the positive spontaneous changes occur many years after the changes due to negative energies?

We mentioned that the cases of spontaneous change that were due to negative energies happened  from the year 2000. However, the cases due to positive energy only began surfacing around 2009. Why was this so?

In our article on ‘Battle versus good and evil’ and ‘World War 3 Predictions‘, we shared information on a huge subtle-battle that is taking place between the years 1999 to 2022. In the early part of this period, there was a consistent rise of negative energy distress. As the subtle-distress went beyond a certain threshold, positive subtle-energies begin to step in to help seekers of God. This resulted in an increase in cases of spontaneous change and materialisation due to positive spiritual energy.

4. Why does positive spiritual energy manifest or materialise?

Positive spiritual energy can manifest or materialise in many ways which include divine fragrance and divine sound. However, colour is the way in which it can be recognised most easily. Positive spiritual energy generally manifests or materialises in objects which are of a spiritually pure nature.

A Saint is a holy person who is spiritually pure. Due to their spiritual purity, Their physical body becomes an ideal medium for the positive spiritual energy to manifest. Objects used by Saints are more sāttvik because the sāttviktā of the Saint is transferred to the object.

Out of the photographs of the objects presented in the photo gallery, some are from a Saint’s body such as His Holiness Dr. Athavale’s hair and nails. Other objects are those that have been used by a Saint, for example His footwear. Another type of object includes those items used for the spread of Spirituality, such as small plastic bags used for distribution of Holy sacrament (Prasād) to devotees.

In the case of pictures of Deities and Saints, the manifestation of positive energy sometimes occurs because of the spiritual emotion (bhāv) of the seeker who is worshipping the Deity or God.

5. Spontaneous change of the colour of objects and their significance

In cases where spontaneous changes occurred due to positive spiritual energy in the form of colour, we found there was a certain spectrum of colours that the change was limited to. The colours observed were pink, red, yellow, white or blue. We studied the phenomenon with help of seekers having an advanced sixth sense and their findings were verified by H.H. Dr. Athavale. We discovered that each colour represented and was a manifestation of a certain Divine quality. In the table below we have provided a list of colours and their corresponding Divine qualities that were perceived through spiritual research.


One of the fundamental principles in spiritual science states that, ‘word, touch, form, taste, smell and its energy co-exist’. A Divine quality is a form of positive energy. So here a changed colour is a manifestation of a particular type of positive energy that corresponds to a Divine quality.

6. The benefits of objects manifesting positive spiritual energy

These objects (or even the photographs of them) function as a great source of positive spiritual energy. For the average person it is difficult to gain benefit from positive spiritual energy at a subtle-level. However, to gain benefit from physically manifested forms of subtle energy is comparatively easy. Through these objects and photographs of them, seekers get positive energy which is helpful for their spiritual practice. These items also help in the spiritual healing of those who have spiritual distress due to negative energies.

7. Experiencing positive spiritual energy ourselves

As the saying goes, Spirituality is the science of experience. To that end, please see what spiritual experiences you have by viewing these objects in the photo gallery of changes in items due to positive energy. We would recommend reading the article on how to “Test Your Sixth Sense”, to get an understanding of how to experience the subtle-dimension ourselves and in turn gain more appreciation for it. Feel free to submit your observations and experiences  to us, via the ‘Post a Comment’ function.

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