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Types and Hierarchy of Angels

Types and hierarchy of angels

Abstract: Since times immemorial the concept of angels has fascinated humankind. Angels appear in religious, mythological and other literature across all cultures. They are invariably depicted with wings. Many people pray to angels. We conducted spiritual research on various aspects of angels with the help of extrasensory perception (ESP) or sixth sense. Through our findings using spiritual research methodology, this article demystifies the topic of angels and offers fresh insight into them.

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1. Introduction

Through spiritual research methodology we have studied the various aspects of angels. This article answers many frequently asked questions on angels and provides insight into the world of angels. We have also provided drawings based on subtle-knowledge of some of the various forms of angels as actually seen through subtle vision or sixth sense.

2. What are angels?

Angels have existed since the beginning of creation. They are beings from the lower part of the subtle-region of Heaven (Swarga). They are the lowest in the hierarchy of positive subtle beings. Their primary purpose is to act as messengers for lower level deities in the lower subtle region of Heaven. Deities speak in the language of light whereas we humans speak in the language of sound. Angels therefore act as step-down transformers carrying messages from lower level deities to deserving beings in a language they can understand. This is primarily through the medium of putting thoughts in their minds. By deserving beings, we mean humans on Earth and subtle bodies in the Nether region (Bhuvarlok) who have some background of spiritual practice or merits. The messages are generally about how to address a particular worldly issue. About 5% of the time angels themselves also give worldly advice. As their duty is mainly on Earth, most of them are Earthbound. When they are not delivering messages they lead a life devoted to experiencing pleasures in the lower subtle region of Heaven after death.

3. What are the various types of angels?

There are in all some 30 varieties of angels. We have shown some of the more popular types of angels and their corresponding spiritual level in the table below.

Types of angels

The reason for the variety of angels is that each one operates at a different frequency. This allows them to relay messages to the multitude of human personalities who match their frequencies the best.

3.1 What is the spiritual level of angels?

Samashti spiritual level refers to the spiritual level attained through spiritual practice for the sake of society (samashti sādhanā), while vyashti spiritual practice refers to the spiritual level attained through individual spiritual practice (vyashti sādhanā). In the current times, spiritual progress for the sake of society has 70% importance while individual spiritual practice has 30% importance.

Most angels fall between 29-34% spiritual level. The minimum spiritual level for humans to make it to Heaven (Swarga) after death is 50% (samashṭi) or  (60% (vyashṭi). Despite their comparatively low spiritual level, angels reside in the lower part of the subtle region of Heaven. Just as on Earth along with humans we have other animal species and the plant kingdom of lower spiritual levels, so also in Heaven, along with subtle bodies of humans with higher spiritual levels and lower level deities, we have angels.

3.2 Drawings based on subtle-knowledge and brief description of some types of angels

The following drawings based on subtle-knowledge of angels have been drawn by Mrs. Yoya Vallee, a seeker of the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) who is able to see the spiritual realm just as we see the physical realm. The drawings based on subtle-knowledge have been verified by His Holiness Dr. Athavale for correctness.

Please also refer to the article on ‘What do we mean by drawings based on subtle-knowledge?

Note: Any drawing based on subtle-knowledge can be influenced by ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.). We have put a protective border around all the drawings based on subtle-knowledge of angels to protect against any influence of negative energies while the seeker with sixth sense perceives and transcribes the drawing based on subtle-knowledge for us.

Hierarchy of angels - Cherubim type
Types of angels - Dominions type
Hierarchy of angels - Powers type
Types of angels - Seraphim type
Hierarchy of angels - Principalities type
Pictures of angels - Archangels type

3.3 How is it that the types of angels shown above do not have wings?

Angels have traditionally been depicted having wings. However spiritual research conducted by SSRF has revealed that only 30% of angels have wings. 70% of angels do not have wings. The 30% of angels that have wings are of the lowest order of angels. They communicate with human beings regarding fulfilment of very low worldly desires. The higher angels do not have wings.

Video: The above drawings based on subtle-knowledge of angels have been seen and drawn by a seeker who does spiritual practice under the guidance of SSRF. The following is an excerpt of an interview with Mrs. Yoya Vallee while she was creating the drawings based on subtle-knowledge of angels.

Yoya is speech and hearing impaired and so the video has subtitles.


3.4 Influence of ghosts in drawings based on subtle-knowledge

Quite often negative energies pose as angels and misguide people and create illusory forms of angels with wings. In this way quite often ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) try to mislead people who have psychic ability. As many psychics guide society, negative energies mislead psychics who in turn unintentionally mislead the people they are guiding. It is for this reason that in 90% of cases when the average psychic sees an angel, it is generally a ghost. Hence it is very important for a person with subtle vision to verify their drawings based on subtle-knowledge with a spiritual guide of the spiritual level of at least 70%.

3.5 What are guardian angels?

There is no such thing as a guardian angel. Some ancestors who have deep affinity for the family communicate to help their family members regarding worldly matters. These departed ancestors may be mistaken for the guardian angels. Ancestors who are in the range of 20-30% spiritual level can help only about deriving worldly pleasures. Only those ancestors above the spiritual level of 50% can help regarding spiritual progress.

3.6 Are angels male or female?

Angels can be either male or female. Only subtle entities and subtle bodies above the subtle region of Heaven, i.e. in Mahaloka etc. due to their high spiritual level of over 60% (samashti) or 70% (vyashti) do not identify themselves with any gender.

3.7 What is the composition of angels as per the subtle basic components?

Types of angels - Proportion of subtle components in angelsThe percentage proportion of the three subtle basic components in angels is given in the chart on the right hand side.

Refer to the article on what is Sattva, Raja and Tama, the 3 subtle basic components of the universe.





4. Other frequently asked questions about angels

4.1 Can we see angels?

As angels are subtle-beings they are not visible to the ordinary human eye. They do not appear before us. They can be seen only with the help of advanced and activated extrasensory perception (ESP) or sixth sense. Their mechanism of communication with us (humans) is through putting thoughts in our mind.

4.2 How many angels are there?

There are innumerable angels.

4.3 How close are angels to God?

Considering the relatively low spiritual level of angels (i.e. 29-34%), they are very far from God. (One has to be near 100% spiritual level to be close to God.)

4.4 Do angels have the power to answer our prayers as in fulfilling our worldly wishes?

No, angels do not have the capacity to answer prayers, i.e. they cannot bestow any favour or get anything done for humans on their own. At the most they can guide people with regard to worldly matters by putting thoughts in their minds. This happens about 5% of the time.

4.5 When we pray to angels if they don’t answer then who answers the prayer?

The prayers are answered either by our departed ancestors or ghosts. However in their eternal quest to gain control over humans in order to exploit them or to satisfy their cravings, ghosts or ancestors take advantage of the prayer to ingratiate themselves to the person by satisfying his small wish. However, in the process of fulfilling his wish they engulf the person in their black energy. This then enables them to acquire control over the person and cause distress to him. Refer to the article on, “Why would my departed loved ones and my other ancestors want to give me pain?

4.6 Do angels protect us from negative energies?

Angels due to their low spiritual level cannot fight with even lower level ghosts and hence cannot protect us.

4.7 Are angels worthy of worship?

They cannot answer our prayers to help us with spiritual growth. Hence they are not worthy of worship.

5. In summary

  • Angels are the lowest in the positive subtle hierarchy in the Universe. Their only function is to deliver messages for lower level deities in the subtle-region of Heaven to deserving humans or subtle-bodies in the nether region.
  • As they cannot guide us spiritually nor protect us from negative energies, they are not worthy of worship.
  • Invariably ghosts (demons, devils and negative energies, etc.) take advantage of humankind’s fascination for angels. They take the form of angels to misguide psychics who in turn unintentionally misguide society.

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