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Physical Illnesses – Spiritual Causes and Remedies

Abstract: We know that symptoms of physical illnesses are caused by psychological factors as well as physical factors. But most of us are unaware that in a huge majority of cases,

  • the symptoms of our physical illnesses are caused first hand by spiritual factors alone or
  • spiritual factors have a big hand in aggravating the existing illness or
  • spiritual factors are responsible for the non-response to adequate treatment in many cases.

In this article, we present the spiritual research into some physical illnesses caused by a spiritual factor, namely ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) and the corresponding spiritual healing remedies.

This is by no means an exhaustive thesis on all illnesses but is aimed to give an idea of how the various symptoms are caused by ghosts and how they can be cured by spiritual healing remedies by using the data unravelled through spiritual research.

SSRF advises continuation of conventional medical treatment along with spiritual healing remedies for the treatment of physical and psychiatric illnesses.

Readers are advised to take up any spiritual healing remedy at their own discretion.

1. Introduction

All of us have experienced physical illness in some form or the other. It could be a mild symptom like a runny nose or something more serious like renal stones, cancer or AIDS. In our section on spiritual causes of difficulties in life, we have explained that the root cause of problems in life (health problems included) can be physical, psychological and/or spiritual. Modern medical science, also known as Allopathy has uncovered only the physical and psychological causes of physical illnesses.

cause of physical ilnesses

The above chart gives a breakdown on average of the root causes of problems and difficulties in our lives. Spiritual research has indicated that up to 80% of the causes of problems in life have their root cause in the spiritual realm. It is important to note that any given physical symptom could have a proportion of the root cause in the physical, psychological or spiritual dimension and that they are not mutually exclusive.

For example, the diagram below shows how a woman is experiencing severe pain in the stomach and the root cause lies in all three dimensions.

spiritual problem causing physical illness

2. What are the deeper subtle causes and the spiritual remedies of physical illness?

A complete breakdown of the specific spiritual root cause of physical problems in our lives has been given in the article on the ‘Various types of spiritual causes of difficulties’.

Any one of the various spiritual causes can result in a person being afflicted with a physical ailment. For example, a chest pain could be caused by a block in the spiritual energy at the heart chakra (Anāhat-chakra) or by a ghost. Illness caused due to these spiritual root causes can be cured only by specific spiritual healing remedies. Irrespective of the spiritual aetiology, a foundation of spiritual practice according to the 6 basic universal principles of spiritual practice helps in early effect of the specific spiritual remedies.

In this article, we have focused on spiritual remedies that can help alleviate symptoms where the root spiritual cause is due to ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.).

Let us go back to the case of the lady who has a stomach pain. If the ghost is contributing to 70% of the pain, then by applying the remedies in this article, she should get relief to the same extent.

3. Physical illness caused by ghosts

Presently almost everybody in this world is affected by ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.). For more details, please refer to our section on ghosts. Ghosts can cause any of the symptoms of physical illnesses by impairing the function of the various organs and systems of our body at various levels through their black energy. They can mimic even infective diseases caused by bacteria or fungi, as they are even subtler than them. The subtle-bodies of our departed ancestors are also included in this category.

3.1 How can we know whether our symptoms are caused by ghosts?

Only Saints with the help of their highly active sixth sense can diagnose for sure whether a particular symptom is caused by ghosts. They can even tell us the details of the attacking ghosts, reason behind the attack, exact remedy, etc. For more details, please refer to the article on ‘Depth of ability to perceive paranormal activity with our sixth sense’.

Those with an activated sixth sense can also ascertain to some extent whether a certain symptom is caused by ghosts. However they cannot be 100% sure and they do not perceive many details about the nature of the attack.

What about the rest of us who do not have the sixth sense (ESP) ability to understand if a symptom is being caused by a ghost? There is a simple rule of thumb we can apply, to decide, by using our intellect. We can consider that there is a strong likelihood of an illness being caused by a ghost when the symptoms are:

  • not alleviated with routine, conventional medicines,
  • fleeting,
  • unexplained,
  • accentuated on full moon or new moon days and
  • relieved by spiritual remedies.

For example if a simple skin rash is very stubborn and does not go away with conventional medicine it is more than likely to have been caused by a ghost.

Even in cases where the root cause is physical or psychological or spiritual (other than that of ghosts), we recommend that one complements the medical treatment with the below spiritual remedies. The reason is that ghosts take advantage of any vulnerability caused by the illness to attack a person and compound or aggravate the problem. Hence even an illness that may have started as a purely physical illness, in most cases is later complicated by an attack by ghosts.

4. Explanation of the chart and how to use it

 Five parameters have been provided in the section on spiritual healing chants:

Symptom: This means the symptom that one is suffering from and which has been caused by a ghost, for example mouth ulcers, experience of intangible sexual assault, etc. We have given the symptoms instead of the illness for easy reference and perusal of our readers.

This is by no means an exhaustive thesis on all illnesses but is aimed to give an idea of how the various symptoms are caused by ghosts and how they can be cured by spiritual healing remedies by using the data unravelled through spiritual research.

Level of the five Absolute Cosmic Principles (Panchatattva): This column tells us the level of the Five Cosmic Principles affected that is causing that particular symptom.

The diagnosis according to the prevalent system of medical science that we all know of (Allopathy) is limited only to knowing which germ has caused a particular disease in case of infectious illnesses or which function of a particular organ is affected in case of disorders like endocrine disorder, etc. Here science has gone only up to the biological or physiological-biochemical level of the cell.

The ancient medical science of India, Āyurvēda, goes much deeper when diagnosing a disease or disorder. It goes several layers deeper than the level of protons, neutrons, mesons, gluons and quarks. It diagnoses at the level of the Five Cosmic Principles of which the entire creation is made of. Please refer to the article on the Five Cosmic Principles.

The importance of knowing the level of the affected Cosmic Principle is that, the remedy to be applied needs to be either of that level or that of the higher Cosmic Principle.

The following are some examples of spiritual healing remedies corresponding to the five Cosmic Principles in order of least to the highest Cosmic Principle. The Absolute Earth Principle is lowest and the most tangible among the subtle Absolute Cosmic Principles while the Absolute Ether Principle (Ākāshtattva) is the most subtle (intangible) and the highest in hierarchy.

Cosmic Principle Spiritual healing remedy
Absolute Earth Principle (Pruthvītattva) Perfume remedy
Absolute Water Principle (Āpatattva) Partaking of Holy water (Tirthā), salt water remedy
Absolute Fire Principle (Tējtattva) Applying Holy ash (Vibhūti)
Absolute Air Principle (Vāyutattva) Blowing of Holy ash
Absolute Ether Principle (Akashtattva) Boxes and Sky remedy

Each of these remedies are explained in our section on Spiritual Healing.
Thus if a symptom is caused by affecting us at the level of the Absolute Earth Principle and if it is by a ghost of lower hierarchy/strength or the affliction is mild then we would benefit by the spiritual healing remedy using perfume, that is a spiritual healing remedy corresponding to the Absolute Earth Principle. But if the affecting ghost is of higher hierarchy or the attack is severe then we would have to go for the salt water remedy that acts at the level of the Absolute Water Principle. For symptoms caused at the level of the Absolute Ether Principle the remedy is done at the Ether Principle level itself.

Spiritual energy centre (chakra): This explains where one needs to channel the spiritual energy with the technique of nāyas. Please read the article on the technique of nyas. There are seven unseen or subtle spiritual energy centres in our body and the following diagram shows where they exist in relation to our physical body.

physical illnesses connected with kundalini chakras

Each spiritual energy centre provides spiritual energy to the organ system in its vicinity. For example, the root chakra (mūlādhār-chakra) to the excretory system, the sacral chakra (swādhishṭhān-chakra) to the reproductive system, the navel chakra (maṇipur-chakra) to the digestive system, etc.

The position of nyas, is the position where we have to focus our spiritual energy by placing our bunched fingers when chanting. For example if the remedy was to do nyas on the mid-brow chakra (ādnyā-chakra) it would look like this.

remedy for physical problem caused by ghosts

Mechanism behind the action of nyas

Nyas is always to be accompanied by chanting. By chanting we imbibe divine energy of the aspect of God Whose Name we chant. By doing nyas, we channel the divine energy derived from the chanting to that particular spiritual energy centre. By so doing that energy is dispersed to the organs in that area.

If one is not aware of the exact position of nyas for a particular symptom, as a general rule,

  • For all physical illnesses we benefit by doing nyas by placing bunched fingers of one hand on the heart chakra and the other on the navel chakra.

  • For all mental disturbances the general nyas position is with one hand on the mid-brow chakra and the other on the heart chakra.

If your hand starts aching during the course of doing nyas you can bring your hand down and rest it for some time or you can change your hand.

Specific Chant of a deity: We have to chant the Name of a particular aspect of God to derive the specific divine spiritual energy required to combat a particular ghost for various symptoms. Sometimes the specific energy required is derived by chanting the Names of a combination of two or more aspects of God (Deities) in a specific sequence. We need to repeat the Names in the sequence given and after we complete the sequence we start again.

For the benefit of our readers, we have made the audio of chanting as per the science. Those who are new to the language can take up the remedy in the following phased manner.

Step 1: Just listen to the chant and keep your eyes on the print of the chant.

Step 2: Try to say the chant along with the audio.

Step 3: Say it on your own. At this stage, you can say it aloud or repeat it mentally at any time you are free or mentally irrespective of where you are or what you are doing. If possible, do nyas. If nyas is not possible like e.g. if you are travelling by train to work you can just chant mentally without nyas.

Even listening to the chant when keeping your eyes on the print of the chant will give some benefit.

The chants listed below are like prescription chants designed to cure us of symptoms of illness. Chanting them will not result in spiritual growth.

Specific Number chant: In this column, we have provided an alternate remedy chant called a number chant. If one cannot repeat the Name of God for any reason (because one is an atheist or finds it difficult to pronounce the words in the chant) one can chant the specific number given along with nyas. Please read the article on number chants to understand how they work.

We have also provided you with a number in the brackets which is simply the sum of each of the digits. This is the 3rd type of chant you can do while in the nyas position.

Number chants are most effective when done in the Sanskrit language as it is the most sāttvik language. If you find it difficult to pronounce a multi-digit number, e.g. 131, you can repeat the number 5, which is the number obtained by adding all the digits in 131 (1+3+1= 5). Of course the benefit derived would be reduced.

If you find pronouncing the number chant in Sanskrit very difficult, you can repeat it in your own language.

4.1 How long should one chant?

It is recommended that you perform this remedy on a daily basis for periods depending on the severity of symptoms.

In mild afflictions you can do the chants for 1-2 hours per day in a single session or in a number of sessions.

If the symptoms are moderate you may have to do it for 3-4 hours or more.

If the severity is high, please do the remedies for as long as possible every day.

After the symptoms have disappeared you have to continue the remedy for 2-4 months. Just as in the case of infective bronchitis, the disappearance of cough does not mean that the illness has been eradicated from the lungs; the germs causing the bronchitis and giving rise to the cough still persist. Hence the antibiotic prescribed for eradicating the illness needs to be continued for the prescribed number of days. Similarly even after the symptoms have disappeared, the influence of the ghost remains and hence the remedy needs to be continued for a complete cure.

4.2 Which remedy should one use?

We have provided you with a choice of three remedies in the table which you can take advantage of. The following table explains the comparative effectiveness of each of the remedies. The remedies corresponding to the five Cosmic Principles are complementary to the other remedies and can be done along with any of the other remedies for faster and more complete cure. They can be beneficial even on their own if the affliction is mild or if the causative agent is a lower hierarchy ghost from the Nether region (Bhuvarlok). Otherwise they act at best as secondary treatments to the chants.



Chant of Name of Deities


Number chant


Chant of number derived by adding the numbers in the number chant


* This effectiveness is only if the chanting is done in Sanskrit

4.3 Should one continue the chanting of Name of God as per religion of birth and that of Lord Datta?

Yes, if one can continue the basic spiritual practice, the benefits are more and early. If one cannot manage both, then it is best to primarily focus on the specific remedy. This is because one generally finds it difficult to focus on spiritual practice in the presence of irritating physical illness.

4.4 Should one continue medical treatment?

Even if one feels that the symptoms are caused by ghosts, one needs to continue their medical treatment. This is because it gives us at least symptomatic relief if not a cure. We should not waste our sparse and invaluable spiritual resources on what can be done by easily available physical medicine.

4.5 Does one need faith to derive the benefit from the chant?

Faith helps, but we can still derive benefit from any spiritual remedy suggested on this website without it. This is akin to the fact that one does not need faith in a medicine to derive the benefit of the medicine. So also, this is a spiritual medicine and one will derive benefit by putting it into practice whether one has faith or not.

5. Table of remedies for physical illnesses caused by ghosts

Please click here to view the spiritual healing chants

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