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Spiritual vibrations from an SSRF spiritual workshop

Spiritual vibrations from an SSRF spiritual workshop

1. Background of spiritual research into the SSRF spiritual workshop

Between 3 to 10 January 2018, a workshop for SSRF seekers was organised for enhancing seekership qualities in the Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram in Goa, India. A day before the workshop, a satsang was organised for the seeker-attendees. In this satsang, the seekers were guided by His Holiness Cyriaque Vallee, Mr Rendy Ekarantio and Her Holiness (Mrs) Bhavna Shinde. (At the time this satsang was held, His Holiness Rendy Ekarantio was not yet declared as a Saint. Hence, in this article he is referred to as Mr Rendy Ekarantio.)

1.1 Pictures based on subtle-knowledge

At the Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram, extensive research into the spiritual dimension is conducted through the medium of the advanced level of sixth sense of seekers. The subtle-knowledge received by seekers in the spiritual research team undergoes rigorous scrutiny.

One medium of receiving Divine knowledge is in a visual format. The seekers who receive knowledge in such a manner are known as subtle-drawing artists and they can visually perceive the subtle-process during an experiment or situation and draw what they see and feel. These drawings are akin to spiritual X-rays and provide the average person with an unparalleled visual view into the spiritual dimension.

Mrs Yoya Vallee, a subtle-drawing artist, was present in this satsang. Her subtle-analysis of this satsang is presented in the subtle-picture below.

Subtle-picture of a satsang and SSRF spiritual workshop

2. Commentary on the subtle-analysis of Saints conducting a spiritual workshop

The Guru principle or the Teaching principle of God is attracted towards the Saints and Mr Rendy Ekarantio and emitting towards the seekers. The Guru principle was attracted due to H.H. Dr Athavale’s blessings in the form of a resolve for the workshop. The seekers attending the workshop are making efforts to spread Spirituality around the world, so the Guru principle is blessing them and their spiritual progress is occurring.

Saviour energy (Tarak-shakti) is activated at the Adnya-chakras of H.H. Cyriaque Vallee, Mr Rendy Ekarantio and H.H. (Mrs) Bhavna Shinde in the form of Divine guidance. God can take a saviour or destroyer aspect depending on the need. Saviour energy is energy associated with the saviour aspect of God and its function is to help seekers in spiritual practice.

Rings of different colours are seen around them due to their different Divine virtues.

  1. Blue ring around H.H. Cyriaque Vallee : God Himself is guiding the seekers, so H.H. Cyriaque Vallee gets Divine guidance to perform the mission of propagating Spirituality all over the world. He helps seekers in their spiritual practice.
  2. Yellow ring around Mr Rendy Ekarantio : There is Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) in Mr Rendy Ekarantio, so spiritually curious people get attracted to him when he is propagating Spirituality. Due to his yearning to spread Spirituality and his Divine qualities, his speech influences them at the spiritual level and they commence spiritual practice.
  3. Red ring around H.H. (Mrs) Bhavna Shinde : H.H. (Mrs) Bhavna Shinde has the leadership necessary to perform the mission of spreading spirituality. She is preparing seekers to establish and lead the Divine Kingdom, which will commence from 2023.

3. The importance of attending spiritual workshops

From above, we can see that attending spiritual workshops conducted by spiritually evolved seekers or Saints provides benefits beyond just the words spoken by the conductors. Different types of Divine subtle-vibrations are transmitted to seekers attending such workshops. Seekers attending may experience the benefit of these subtle-vibrations through spiritual experiences that are far beyond their level of spiritual practice. For example, one may smell a pleasant fragrance without any external source, one may experience a spontaneous meditative state, Bliss etc. Such experiences help to develop faith in the spiritual dimension that inspires one to undertake spiritual practice. The Divine consciousness that seekers obtain from such workshops also provides the energy and motivation to make the efforts needed for spiritual growth. This is because, the guidance received from the conductors creates an impression about spiritual practice in the subconscious mind, which makes it easier for a seeker to understand the importance of spiritual practice at a deeper level and put it into practice.

We encourage those of you who want to make faster spiritual progress to attend spiritual workshops to imbibe benefits such as those described above. SSRF in association with the Maharshi University of Spirituality holds 2 and 3-Day workshops around the world and 5-Day workshops in the Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram in Goa, India.  If you are interested in attending one of our workshops, please do visit our workshop page to see if there is a workshop being held in a location convenient for you.

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