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SSRF’s Bi-annual Spiritual Workshop

SSRF’s Bi-annual Spiritual Workshop

SSRF holds a bi-annual spiritual workshop at its premier Spiritual Research Centre in Goa, India. The workshop is conducted free-of-charge for all the seekers attending with the sole purpose of assisting them with their spiritual practice. Attending seekers have the good fortune of getting the Satsang of Saints and gain access to personalized guidance to help them improve their spiritual practice. The 5 to 10 day workshop has an exacting schedule and seekers are exposed to many practical sessions that enable them to realize their strengths and weaknesses in spiritual practice. Seekers are able to learn from each other’s situations and they gain faith from listening to the spiritual experiences and personal transformations from other seekers. The environment is completely geared towards spiritual learning and understanding the spiritual dimension. Seekers are exposed to various unique spiritual phenomena which are not available anywhere else in the world.

How does one get invited to SSRF’s spiritual workshop?

This workshop is open to all seekers guided by SSRF who have made sincere efforts in their spiritual practice. Only if a seeker has taken the effort to practice Spirituality regularly can he or she benefit from attending such a workshop. The Science of Spirituality is a science of experience where theoretical knowledge has limited value. It is for this reason SSRF stresses the importance of daily spiritual practice that conforms to the six basic principles of spiritual practice.

Anyone and everyone can make spiritual progress in their lifetime if they have desire to progress spiritually and on the SSRF website we have provided a clear roadmap for seekers to progress spiritually. The following are the steps generally taken by a person who is new to SSRF and follows the spiritual guidance given by SSRF.

  1. Comes across the SSRF website

  2. Reads the SSRF website

  3. Starts spiritual practice and continues to study the SSRF website

  4. Starts attending satsangs (spiritual meetings) via Skype

  5. Starts doing satsēvā (service unto the Absolute Truth) according to one’s ability and talent.

  6. Starts the spiritual practice of personality defect removal and ego removal and makes earnest efforts to change for the better.

Note: The workshops described above are meant for advanced seekers. To read about and register for workshops for beginners, visit this page.

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