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How many Saints are there in the world?

The following table obtained through spiritual research shows the number of Saints that are there in world. A person is said to be a Saint when his or her spiritual level is 70% or above.

As of Feb 2016, there are approximately 1000 Saints between the spiritual level of 70% and 100%. However here in the table below we have only shown the number of Saints and Gurus who are actively spreading Spirituality.

Spiritual Level Total # of Saints actively taking part in the spread of Spirituality
70 – 79% 100
80 – 89% 20
90 – 100% 10

Source: Spiritual Research conducted by SSRF

There has been a significant reduction over the past few years in the number of Saints worldwide. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • Saints are leaving their body (passing away) as per God’s wish before the calamitous times that will befall the world in this decade.
  • This is because they will be better able to help seekers from the subtle positive regions of the Universe during these times.
  • Moreover during these times people will be more in survival mode as opposed to actively looking for spiritual guidance.

When the World War 3 predictions come true, then after 2018,  there will again be an upsurge of Saints and this will be primarily to help humanity stabilise during the establishment of the Divine kingdom on Earth.

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