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Bun hairstyles and their spiritual benefits


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  2. Spiritual research in hair care and hairstyles
  3. What is Kundalini?

1. Introduction to the bun hairstyle from a spiritual perspective

A bun is popularly used by women to do up their hair. Through spiritual research, we found that a bun is also the most spiritually beneficial way of styling a woman’s hair. However the method that is used to do up one’s hair in a bun is important. If not done properly, the spiritual benefit of doing one’s hair up in a bun can reduce or in some cases it may create an adverse effect. In this article we will share our findings gained through spiritual research on doing one’s hair up in a bun and the particular bun hairstyle that is most sāttvik or spiritually pure.

2. Spiritual research on a bun hairstyle

2.1 Drawing based on subtle-knowledge of an ideal bun hairstyle

In our spiritual research team, we have seekers who have an advanced sixth sense of vision. By the grace of God and with many years of regular spiritual practice these seekers are able to see into the spiritual dimension, just as we see the physical dimension. One such seeker Ms. Priyanka Lotlikar made a drawing based on subtle-knowledge of the spiritual vibrations she saw when a woman does her hair up in a bun. Through this drawing based on subtle-knowledge, she gives us a glimpse into the spiritual dimension and the spiritual positivity generated around a woman when her hair is tied up in a bun. All of Priyanka’s drawings based on subtle-knowledge are verified by His Holiness Dr. Athavale for subtle accuracy before they are published.
The accuracy of this drawing based on subtle-knowledge is 80% which is well above the average subtle or clairvoyant artist’s ability which is less than 10%.
The best bun hairstyle and the spiritual vibrations associated with it
As you can see from the drawing based on subtle-knowledge above, a variety of positive energies are associated with a woman when she puts her hair up in a bun. When hair is tied up neatly in a traditional bun with a knot, it has the capacity to absorb and emit spiritually pure or sattvik vibrations into the surroundings. In fact the bun absorbs and emits sattvik waves from or to the environment as per the need of the woman wearing it. It also transmits Divine Consciousness when required into the void of the woman’s head, through the medium of touch. The shape of the bun is one of the important factors that help the bun to absorb this energy. The circular shape also keeps the divine energy moving in a clockwise manner thus retaining the energy within the woman’s body.
Due to this the woman’s body becomes more sensitive in absorbing sattvik vibrations and hence it gets spiritually purified. When one’s hair is long, the bun is able to absorb this energy faster.

2.2 Where to position the bun on the head

Refer to the article – What is Kundalini?
From a spiritual perspective a bun is best placed at the back of the head. The reason for this is because it is directly behind the point of the confluence of the 3 main Kunḍalinī channels (Tripuṭi), that is – the Central channel (Sushumnānāḍī), Sun Channel (Sūryanāḍi) and the Moon Channel (Chandranāḍī). The central point of the bun is able to absorb and retain the energy radiating from this confluence in the void of the head. The traditional bun is an ideal medium for the accumulation of spiritual energy.

2.3 Importance of a central parting

By making a central parting before making a bun, a woman is better able to receive the Divine energy through her Sahasrār-chakra which is then transmitted throughout the body, giving positivity to all the other chakras.

2.4 Other spiritual benefits of a bun

Black energy : The primary weapon used by negative energies is black energy which is a spiritual energy capable of manipulating any process on the Earth plane. The extent of this manipulation depends on the strength of the attacking negative energy.

The increase in spiritual positivity from a bun has other benefits

  • One of the main benefits is that it helps provide positive energy to protect a woman from the attacks of negative energies.
  • Any subtle black energy covering around the intellect is minimised.
  • Due to a bun a woman experiences increased sharpness of intellect and behaves more maturely. Along with this her mind becomes more stable and there are more sattvik thoughts.
  • Subsequently, it helps a woman to continue on her spiritual journey while living a worldly life.

2.5 The best bun hairstyles from a spiritual perspective

The traditional bun

Best bun hairstyles – the traditional bun with a knot

Women put their hair up in a bun in a variety of ways. However the capacity to absorb Divine Consciousness (Chaitanya) from the environment is not as much as a traditional bun tied with a knot as shown in the picture above.

Bun hairstyle made from a folded braid (known as Khopa in India)

Khopa – Bun hairstyle made from a folded braid

This is another style of making a bun which emits even better spiritual vibrations than the traditional bun we discussed above. In some parts of India it is referred to as a khopa. In order to make a khopa, one needs to first make a plait using three strands after making a central parting in one’s hair. The braid is then folded upwards and tucked in towards the head.

2.6 Examples of how not to tie a bun from a spiritual perspective

  • When hair is put up in a bun in any other way other than described above, the spiritual purity or sāttvikta of the bun is impaired. In fact instead of the bun imbibing spiritual purity it could absorb Raja-Tama or spiritually impure vibrations.
  • Do not tie a bun at the nape of the neck as at that point it will not be able to absorb spiritual energy.
  • Parting the hair to the left or right or having no parting at all causes a covering of distressing energy to be created more easily.
  • Unnecessary twisting of the hair in and around the bun reduces its ability to absorb positive energy and causes heaviness in the head.

As a result of the above factors a person can incur spiritual loss instead of being positively benefited by the bun.

3. Some do’s and don’ts with regard to tying a bun

While a bun hairstyle can help to increase the spiritual positivity of a woman there are a few things a woman may do that can reduce its spiritual benefits. This is apart from deviating from the spiritually proper way of tying one’s hair up in a bun.

hair nets for buns and their spiritual effect

Some women cover their bun with nylon net of various colours to keep it in place. This reduces the ability of the bun to absorb Divine Consciousness or Chaitanya from the environment. This therefore reduces the benefit of the bun in being able to provide energy for protection from attacks by negative energies.



hair clips and their spiritual effect

In trying to make a bun look fashionable, multi coloured hairpins or clips are used. These are not sattvik and give out Raja-Tama vibrations. As a result they also attract negative vibrations towards the woman wearing them.




How not to tie a bun

The ends of the hair should not stick out of the bun. By tucking the ends of the hair into the bun maximum positive energy is retained in the bun and a woman is also protected from the Raja-Tama aspects in the environment.



4. The effect on negative energies

Untied bun or loose hair gives out negative vibrations.At the Spiritual Science Research Foundation we witness various types of demonic possession. When the personality of these negative energies come to the surface as seen in the picture, we can easily perceive what they like and what they don’t like. Conversely we get a first-hand understanding of what is not good for us by observing what these negative energies like. In almost all cases if the person who is possessed has her hair tied in a bun, the manifested negative energy in her unties it and leaves the hair loose as it is not able to tolerate the positivity of the traditional bun hairstyle. The adjacent picture shows a person who is possessed by negative energies and when the negative energy manifested one of the first things it did was untie the hair bun.


Refer to the article – What percentage of the world population is affected by ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.)?

5. In summary

Doing one’s hair up in a bun in the traditional way enhances spiritual positivity and reduces the risk of being attacked by negative energies. We therefore urge our readers who are women not to be swayed by prevailing fashion but to embrace the traditional bun hairstyle.

Doing spiritual practice makes one more sensitive to actually experiencing the spiritual purity of the bun hairstyle. Once one is able to perceive this purity, theoretical knowledge about the benefits of the bun hairstyle is not required as the experience itself will encourage one to keep on tying one’s hair up in a bun.

The next time you are planning to put your hair up in a bun you may consider tying it in the manner seen above. If you are able to perceive the positivity from a bun tied in the traditional way, please share your experiences with us, we would like to hear from you.

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