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How to greet – kissing | A spiritual perspective

How to greet - kissing | A spiritual perspective

1. Introduction

Depending on the culture and context, a kiss can express various sentiments which include love, passion, affection, respect, greeting, friendship, and good luck, among many others. Also dependent on the culture, relationship and context, a person may kiss another on their lips, cheek, head, hand and each of these gestures may carry a different social significance. In today’s world, especially in western culture, a kiss on the cheek is recognised as a common form of greeting.

In this part of our series on spiritual research into greetings, we look at the effects of a kiss from a spiritual perspective.

2. Background information on greetings

At the outset, we encourage you to familiarise yourself with our article, ‘A spiritual perspective on greeting’. It provides the necessary background information to understand this article. The article explains how we are more prone to an exchange of subtle-energies when a greeting includes touch. Through spiritual research, we have found that most people are affected to some extent by negative energies. As a result, it is very likely that the exchange of subtle-energies between two people touching or hugging is spiritually detrimental. Most of us cannot perceive this detrimental effect, as we do not have the sixth sense ability to do so.

3. A note about greetings that involve touch

When a greeting involves touching, the following can be kept in mind. The use of touch enhances the transfer of spiritual or subtle-energies up to 100%, when compared to a greeting that does not involve touch. (Staring into each other’s eyes can also instigate a transfer of subtle-energies, depending on the types of negative energies involved.)

Type of contact between two people greeting each other Ease of energy transfer between the people greeting each other Example of greeting
Skin to skin Energy transfer easier Handshake, hug
Skin to mouth More energy transfer than skin to skin Kissing of hand or the cheek
Mouth to mouth Most energy transfer Kissing mouth to mouth

4. Spiritual research on kissing

As stated in the table above, kissing mouth to mouth instigates the easiest and greatest transfer of subtle-energies. Negative energies generally enter a person through one of the orifices such as the mouth, nose, ears etc.  In fact, the intake of food is one of the easiest ways that negative energies affect a person.

From a spiritual perspective, the mouth is considered an impure void. There are two reasons for this:

  • One is due to the predominance of the Absolute Cosmic Water Principle (Āpatattva) in the mouth. One of the qualities of the Absolute Cosmic Water Principle is that it has capacity to retain negative energy and also positive energy. (Most people do not do regular spiritual practice and are more attracted to worldly things. Attraction to worldly things without any spiritual focus generates and attracts negative vibrations to a person. This makes people more susceptible to be affected by negative energies.) The mouth is one such orifice where negative energies can accumulate especially due to the predominance of the Absolute Cosmic Water Principle.  As a result, when a person’s mouth comes in contact with the skin or another person’s mouth, there is invariably an exchange of negative energy.
  • The other reason why the mouth is considered an impure void is that the mouth is a conduit to the respiratory and digestive systems. Due to this, the entry and expulsion of negative energies from these body systems, all pass through the mouth. When in transit from one person to another, the negative energy from these systems accumulates in the mouth before being transmitted.

Kissing another person mouth to mouth, as opposed to touching another person by means of a handshake, generates a far deeper level of sexual intimacy. This generally invokes an emotional response towards the other person which in turn can potentially destabilise the mind. Any destabilisation of the mind can be taken advantage of by negative energies as they have the capacity to exaggerate one’s emotions and make one even more emotional in a detrimental way.

The drawing based on subtle-knowledge below shows the exchange of subtle-energies when one person kisses another on the cheek. In this particular case, one of the people involved is possessed while the other is affected by negative energies. According to spiritual research undertaken by SSRF, approximately 30% of the world’s population is possessed by negative energies. In almost all cases, the possessed person is oblivious to the fact that he or she is being controlled by negative energies.


This drawing based on subtle-knowledge has been drawn by Mrs. Yoya Vallee through an advanced sixth sense of vision. It has been verified and authenticated by His Holiness Dr. Athavale. When checked through advanced sixth sense, the drawing based on subtle-knowledge was found to be 80% accurate.

The table below provides the details behind each of the aspects in the above drawing based on subtle-knowledge. Refer to the article on chakras to acquire a better understanding of the table below.

No. Explanation
1 Due to the lady being possessed, there is a thick black covering of negative energy around her body. However, the person kissing her cannot perceive the negative vibrations due to a lack of sixth sense ability.
1A There is a creation and an activation of a ring of negative energy at the heart chakra (Anāhat-chakra)
1B A flow of dense negative energy from the lady’s heart chakra gets absorbed through the heart chakra of the average person.
1C This in turn creates a dense ring of negative energy at the heart chakra of the average person.
1D Particles of negative energy were seen flowing from the lady’s mouth across to the person whose cheek she has kissed.
1E All this results in the creation of a negative energy covering around the body of the average person.
1F A circular ring of negative energy is created around the lady’s mind.
2 The thick black covering of negative energy flares out and is emitted into the surrounding environment.
2A There are waves of black energy emitted out of the lady who is possessed by negative energies.
2B A black energy covering is created around the body of the average person.
2C A cloud of black energy engulfs the average person’s mind.
3 Creation and activation of a ring of alluring (mohini) energy around the mind of the person possessed. This makes the lady look more attractive than she is.
4 There is emission and expansion of a ring of illusory (māyāvi) energy that engulfs the two people. Illusory energy is created by negative energies to make things appear what they are not. So even though kissing a possessed person is spiritually detrimental for the man, he feels good after kissing the lady.

The act of kissing another person generally gives rise to negative vibrations which attracts negative energies in the environment.  Out of all the greetings, kissing is actually the one that is most likely to give rise to Tama predominant vibrations. The negative effect of kissing a person who is possessed can last for many days, resulting in depression, negative thoughts, too many thoughts, etc. The person affected, due to a lack of understanding of the spiritual realm, will not comprehend that these are due to an inability to perceive the spiritual dimension.

There are exceptions to this rule:

  • Depending on the type of love: Some positive vibrations can be generated in the act of kissing family members, one’s spouse and a mother kissing one’s child.  The positivity will depend on the type of love displayed in the act, whether it is love without expectation (prīti) as opposed to love with expectation. It is for this reason that when a mother kisses a child, positive vibrations are most likely to be generated due to her love and goodwill for the child. Conversely, if the mother has a strained relationship with the child then it will not have the same positive effect.
  • Depending on spiritual level: In addition to the above example, if a person who is possessed kisses someone who is beyond the 60% spiritual level then there would be a healing effect on the possessed person. This is because people beyond the 60% spiritual level exude positive Sattva dominant vibrations which have a spiritual healing effect.

If we kiss people who are friends and acquaintances with goodwill, then the goodwill hardly counts as the kiss is generally in lieu of a regular handshake. In such situations, the feelings are too superficial to generate any positive vibrations and the net result is most likely to be negative vibrations.

5. Avoiding the spiritual ill-effects of a kiss

The purpose of this article is to make us aware of the spiritual consequences of our everyday actions and not to make us feel afraid. Having knowledge about something that affects us adversely gives us the ability to take corrective measures.

The following points can be kept in mind:

  • The safest spiritual option is to avoid greeting people with a kiss or any form of touch and instead greet others with namaskār.
  • If one cannot avoid kissing someone then there are a few things one can do :
    • Continuously chanting the Name of God generates a subtle protective sheath minimising the effect of negative energy attacks.
    • Saying a prayer for protection also helps in re-enforcing the subtle protective sheath.
    • Saying a prayer to prevent the exchange of black energies between negative energies affecting those involved.

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