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Meet the seekers – Subtle Art

Apart from the world perceived through the media of the five senses, mind and intellect, there is a vast subtle world beyond the understanding of these media. The extent of this subtle world as compared to the gross world is 1 to infinity. This subtle world impacts our lives to a large extent. Some people have the ability not only to perceive this world but also to reproduce what is perceived in the form of sketches/pictures. These ‘subtle pictures’ act as an important tool in studying and understanding the subtle world, its effect on mankind and the effect of various interventions by man on it. In this section, we introduce our readers to some privileged persons who can perceive the subtle world as well as demonstrate what they perceive through sketches, what we call ‘subtle pictures’.

The seekers of God who draw subtle pictures


Most people cannot fathom the subtle world. The fact that there is much more than what their eyes can see is something that is difficult for most to accept. However many seekers of the SSRF are able to perceive the subtle world in varying degrees. Mrs. Yoya Vallee of France is one such seeker. Read more…


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