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Spiritual Practice

Spiritual practice when done daily and which is in sync with Universal Principles leads to spiritual growth. It needs to be under the guidance of a true spiritual guide (Guru). When one grows spiritually he starts emitting very positive vibrations and experiences higher states of happiness.

Collecting data about oneself – how to write a mistake

Writing mistakes in a proper manner goes a long way in reaching the root cause of the mistake and helps in the self-analysis process .

Categorisation of Mistakes

By categorising mistakes into actions and reactions one is able to increase self-awareness

Self-awareness is the first step to personality development

If one wants to improve one’s personality then become more self-aware about one’s personality defects is the first step.

Personality defect removal as spiritual practice

Whichever spiritual path one wishes to follow it is important that personality defects are reduced if one wants to grow spiritually – learn why this is so.

Personality defects and dealing with stress

Our ability to cope with stress is determined by the number of personality defects we have.

Desirable and undesirable characteristics in personality

This article explains the difference between personality defects and qualities of a person.

Importance and benefits of serving God – Satseva

Read how serving God benefits our spiritual practice.

Personality Defect Removal and Personality Improvement

Sacrifice for God (Tyag)