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C2 Autosuggestion Technique – punishment method for personality improvement

This article explains how you can eliminate stubborn personality defects and improve your personality by using the C2 Autosuggestion technique

Finding happiness

Regardless of religion, gender, or social or financial status, every one of us wants to be happy and it is this common need that binds us together. All our endeavours are geared towards finding happiness and alleviating pain.

The spiritual journey to Sainthood of H.H. Bhavana Shinde

If you feel that life’s difficulties are stopping you from growing spiritually, then H.H. Bhavana Shinde’s spiritual journey will surely prove to be an inspiration to you.

Do affirmations work ?

Affirmations can help to make you feel more positive, but do they have limitations ? What if there was a technique that was more effective ?

How to stop negative thoughts

Plagued by negative thoughts ? Then consider applying spiritual remedies to stop negative thoughts along with any physical or psychological solutions you may be doing to stop them.

A3 Autosuggestion Technique

Have you felt crippled by phobias, fears and insecurities? There is a simple technique known as the A3 Autosuggestion which employs self-hypnosis and visualisation/rehearsing that empowers you to overcome such defects in your personality.

Prevention of negative thoughts – C1 Autosuggestion technique

Do you suffer from negative thinking and emotions? Then try the C1 type of Autosuggestions as it brings positive energy to the mind to overcome such obstacles.

B2 Autosuggestion Technique

When it is not possible to rectify personality defects of others or change tragic conditions

B1 Autosuggestion Technique

Do you get affected by the mistakes of others ? Maybe the B1 Autosuggestion Technique can help. It is especially useful for parenting.

A2 Autosuggestion technique

Reactions and arguments rob us of mental peace and mar our relationships. The A2 Autosuggestion technique is a spiritual technique which can help us overcome reactions and change.