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Spontaneous scratches created by higher level negative energies

Explains the spiritual science behind the appearance of spontaneous scratches

Spontaneous scratches created by higher level negative energies

1. Introduction to spontaneous scratches

At SSRF, we have documented many unusual cases where scratches have appeared on various items such as kitchen utensils, computer accessories, cupboards, walls and floors. We have also studied cases where scratches have mysteriously appeared on photographs of Saints and deities. All these were cases where the scratches appeared without any known physical cause. In most cases, the scratches appeared suddenly and were often preceded or followed by some unpleasant and distressful sensations or experiences.

In discussion groups and paranormal portals on the internet, one can find many experiences of common people around the world who have witnessed scratches appearing on someone’s body or an item, without any apparent physical reason. However, by and large, most of these accounts are left wanting an explanation of their true cause.

In this article, we explain the spiritual science behind spontaneous scratches created by higher level negative energies.


2. Reasons why scratches are formed

Black energy : The primary weapon used by negative energies is black energy which is a spiritual energy capable of manipulating any process on the Earth plane. The extent of this manipulation depends on the strength of the attacking negative energy.

  • Scratches and other disfigurements are a tool used by subtle-sorcerers (māntriks) (highest level negative energies) to demoralise seekers. After the appearance of such a malformation, when seekers are in a disturbed state, subtle-sorcerers attack them by releasing more black energy.
  • Compared to other types of malformations, black energy is more successfully transmitted from the innumerable tiny points in any rough, scratched area created by negative energies. So while some types of malformations (e.g. oily stains) are used by negative energies to absorb and store black energy from the atmosphere, scratches and rough surfaces are used to transmit it.

3. How do higher level ghosts create spontaneous scratches

  • How: Higher level ghosts create spontaneous scratches by using the Absolute Earth (Pruthvī) Principle.
  • Spiritual power required:

In the table below we give the minimum spiritual strength of an attacking negative energy that is creating scratches, depending on the type of scratch.

Type of disfiguration Minimum spiritual strength of the subtle-entity attacking an average person or his/her items Minimum spiritual strength of the subtle-entity attacking a Saint or Their items
Scrape marks (as though attacked by a blunt weapon)

3rd region of Hell (Pātāl)

4th region of Hell

Scratches (as though attacked by a sharp weapon) and tearing of lamination

4th region of Hell

5th region of Hell

Thick scratches (as though scratched by a claw)

4th region of Hell

5th region of Hell

4. Unique features of scratches in emitting negative vibrations

Other than depleting the vital energy of the affected person or seeker and throwing black energy on them, scratches and figures created by negative energies (e.g. on floors and walls) cause distress in the following ways:

  • Through scratches and figures, negative energies can project illusionary vibrations which may seem good, and can give spiritual experiences. The person, most often, would not be aware that the pleasant experience they are getting is in fact illusory.
  • Scratches have the capacity to receive frequencies sent by negative energies.
  • Scratches and figures can produce pleasant and distressing vibrations as per the requirement. This means they have the capacity of adaptation and change, just like a chameleon.
  • Scratches absorb the colour pigments from the skin of the affected person, making the skin look lifeless and dry. (This may or may not be physically visible.)

In this sub-section of Horrifying Supernatural Encounters, we have provided a number of case studies to show various examples of how this phenomenon of spontaneous scratches occurred, and how the seekers who were attacked dealt with the attacks on a spiritual level.