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Sleeping Disorders

Sleeping disorders

Those of us who have trouble sleeping at night, will truly understand or appreciate the value of a good night's sleep. Apart from resting us, a good night's sleep can do many things, such as recharge us, calm a restless mind or even help us to think of a new way to solve a difficult problem. Good quality sleep benefits us at the physical, mental and spiritual levels and improves our efficiency in all activities. Many people suffer from sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleepwalking and sleep-paralysis, which make it very difficult  for them to get quality sleep no matter how hard they try. Doctors prescribe sedative drugs, advise exercises or relaxation techniques to people with sleep disorders but many times people do not get relief. The reason people often do not get relief through conventional medical treatments is that the root cause of most sleep disorders lies in the spiritual dimension. In order to treat spiritual problems effectively, a solution needs to be taken at a spiritual level. In this section, we present spiritual research conducted on various sleep disorders and solutions at a spiritual level. Along with this we also share real life case studies of people who have overcome sleep disorders through spiritual practice and spiritual healing remedies.


how to sleep peacefully

Research articles

Sleep paralysis – causes and treatment

Have you ever woken up to find that you are not able to move? What is the real reason why some people experience paralytic attacks while sleeping?

Causes of sleepwalking and its treatment

To sleepwalk or to have a family member sleepwalk can be an unnerving experience for everyone at home. Did you know that the reason people sleepwalk is due to spiritual causes 60% of the time?

Featured articles

Sleep ParalysisWhat is the real reason why some people experience a paralytic attack while sleeping?

Research suggested

How to sleep better

Losing sleep has an adverse effect on us at many levels. Here is practical guidance on what you can do to sleep better with less disturbances.

Box treatment for spiritual healing

Placing empty boxes around the bed provides spiritual healing and protection from sleeping disorders throughout the night.

Incense sticks for spiritual healing

SSRF incense is a spiritual healing tool that is easy to use and has a significant positive effect on us. We can even light SSRF before sleeping to protect us from negative energies and improve our sleep.

Case studies

RuchiSleep paralysis

Ruchi experienced sleep paralysis for 4 years until she overcame it through spiritual practice.

SeanParalysed at night

Sean describes his experience when he was paralysed and could not move after waking up.

AuritroOvercoming insomnia

Auritro describes how spiritual practice helped him to overcome insomnia permanently.

YaduveerInsomnia in a baby

Yaduveer would wake up 8-10 times every night due to suffering from insomnia.


The night before video shooting for an SSRF video, negative energies tried to frighten a seeker.

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Tutorials and videos

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Video Salt water treatmentRemoving the subtle black energy from the body through the salt water remedy can help us feel better and also improve our sleep.

Spiritual blog

Sleep paralysis – academic and spiritual research

In her book “Sleep Paralysis: Night-mares, Nocebos and the Mind-Body Connection”, Shelley Adler acknowledges that alternate explanations like SSRF’s are needed to understand the causes of sleep paralysis.