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Overcoming inflammatory bowel disease through spiritual practice

David is an entrepreneur with a finance background who lives in Sydney, Australia. In this case study (which has been documented in Jul 2013), David narrates in his own words how spiritual practice and spiritual healing methods suggested by SSRF on its website helped him to overcome a serious case of inflammatory bowel disease. David discovered SSRF in 2012 and has been doing spiritual practice under the guidance of SSRF for over a year. However, it is only in the last 12 months that he intensified his spiritual practice. Here he narrates his experience in his own words.

1. The medical problem related to the bowel

I have an inflammatory bowel disease which causes portions of the intestine to become very inflamed and develops ulcers and lesions. I have had this condition for over 10 years. My system could not handle conventional medication and it made me sicker. So after 1 year of trying allopathic medicines, I began to try many different types of naturopathic and alternative healing treatments. Many of those treatments did help me, but not more than 15-20%, and as a result I was always searching for something better.

Before I found the SSRF website, I had a very stressful and negative period in my life, where my disease had worsened. One of the lesions connected my bowel into my bladder (called an enterovesical fistula) thus causing the bladder to become infected repeatedly. As a result, I suffered repeatedly from severe urinary tract infections (UTI). My general practitioner (GP) ordered some blood tests for me. The results showed elevated white blood cell counts and high levels of C-reactive protein (CRP). Based on the results, my GP referred me to a urologist (bladder specialist). I had to wait about 4 months to get an appointment with the urologist, and then he further referred me to a colo-rectal (bowel) surgeon and again I had to wait another 3 months to see the surgeon. The surgeon then referred me to the top gastroenterologist (bowel specialist) in the country to see if there was anything else that could be done to rectify the problem without surgery. Luckily for me the bowel specialist had another patient cancel his appointment so he could fit me into his schedule at an earlier date. So I was able to see bowel specialist just a few weeks after I saw the colo-rectal surgeon.

2. Spiritual healing measures used that resulted in overcoming inflammatory bowel disease

In 2012, I was looking for spiritual practice that was correct, and I happened to find the SSRF website. Prior to that, I was practicing Spirituality under the guidance of another organisation. I could immediately see a lot of profound truth in all of the principles of the practice described on the SSRF website.

During the 8 months while I was waiting for the various doctors’ appointments (as mentioned above), I was also earnestly practicing Spiritualty as guided by SSRF. For at least 2 hours every day without fail, I would chant Shrī Gurudev Datta (the chant for problems caused due to departed ancestors) and a further 2 hours of chanting Lord Shrīkrushṇa’s Name. I would also continue to chant while doing other activities and even while watching TV. I also regularly did salt water remedy and box Treatment.

Once I began to chant, I noticed an evident and immediate decrease in my psychological distress and this was especially so when doing the salt water Remedy. The changes to my major health problem happened very gradually; it did not just get better and better. My health improved a lot and then regressed a little, then improved more and then regressed a little; it was like two steps forward one step back.

Later I used some advanced spiritual healing method of protection such as applying deities’ pictures on my chakras and spiritual protection strips for the 8th and 9th orifices. I got to know about these spiritual healing remedies when I had attended SSRF’s online satsang (company of the Absolute Truth).

The 8th and 9th orifice relates to the opening of the urinary tract and the anus. Negative energies can affect us more easily through an orifice as it is an opening which gives direct access into our system. The RajaTama component is higher at the orifices of the anus and urinary tract (due to the excretory and sexual function they perform) as compared to orifices such as the nostrils or mouth. Spiritual protection strips provided by SSRF enclosed in cloth aprons can be easily worn and act as a spiritual defence and healing mechanism for these orifices.

So also by putting small pictures of deities on our chakras, we increase the spiritual positivity around our chakras which in turn helps the smooth flow of subtle energy in our body. It also provides protection from negative energies attacking our chakras.

Initially I found the salt water treatment to be the most potent spiritual healing method. I would burp continuously for the full 15 minutes while doing it, and felt much better physically and psychologically on completion of the treatment. While nowadays I do not burp anymore while doing the salt water remedy, I have observed that its effects on me are much more subtle now. The box treatment then became the most powerful spiritual healing remedy for me. The placement of boxes worked more quickly at removing distress, and I would burp a lot while using them. Even today I burp when doing the box treatment.

People affected with negative energy can burp continuously when adopting spiritual healing measures or when exposed to a spiritually pure stimulus. This is one way how negative energy is released from the body.

If I ever forget to wear the protection for the 8th and 9th openings, I become extremely tired and fall asleep in the afternoon. On the other hand, I realised that there was a dramatic positive difference when they were used. I also found the placement of deities’ pictures on my chakras an extremely potent spiritual healing remedy, although initially with it the distress increased before I could perceive healing. I used to wear the pictures of deities only while doing the salt water remedy and while sleeping. Occasionally when I remembered I also used camphor by crushing and applying the powder on my body or inhaling its fragrance, which felt very purifying. I used smoke from SSRF incense sticks to spiritually purify the boxes for box treatment and pictures of Deities every day.

3. Positive result of regular spiritual practice and spiritual healing measures

By the time I saw the top gastroenterologist, my condition had improved significantly by at least 80%. I had been using urine test strips at home to monitor the white blood cells in my urine and they had dropped dramatically. I was also not getting any uncomfortable UTIs anymore. Flatulence that I would experience after eating a meal was not there anymore. In the past I would have flatulence every day.

The gastroenterologist said that he has been practicing in this line of medicine for many decades and had read all the research in this area and he had never seen a case of improvement such as mine. Lesions such as mine would always get worse in patients and would eventually require surgery. He also remarked that in an illness such as mine, he had never encountered blood test results that were normal, especially the white blood cell count and CRP levels. Finally, he said that there was nothing really he could do for me and that I should just continue what I was doing and that only if the problem got worse, I should consider surgery as an option.

I was really happy, grateful and relieved with the outcome. I would like to state that I firmly believe my healing is due to the grace of God and with the assistance of SSRF.

Prior to SSRF, I did intensive spiritual practice with many rituals for ancestors and various forms of chanting (under the guidance of another organisation). However I felt that they were not helping me. There are so many types of spiritual practice and people believe they are pure and the right way, but that just isn’t the reality. Spiritual practice as guided by SSRF has transformed me psychologically and physically. This spiritual practice for me is like food is to other people; I need it to live, and I need it a few times per day. For many people that are going through tough situations, they should know that spiritual practice can give them something they cannot get from anything else. One cannot guarantee what outcome spiritual practice will provide to them, but I believe everyone will get out of it what they need; for me that has been very many positive things.

4. SSRF’s Comment

Problems in life can be due to a combination of physical, psychological and spiritual causes. In David’s case spiritual measures (recommended by SSRF) had a powerful healing effect on the inflammatory bowel disease. The immediate healing effect seen after chanting Shri Gurudev Datta indicates that the problem had aspects of ancestral problems.

When an illness has a spiritual root-cause, it can only be treated by employing spiritual healing measures. It is important to note that even if a problem is solely due to spiritual reasons such as an attack by negative energies and in such an attack an organ in the body is damaged by 20%, then spiritual measures can only heal up to 80%. Once an organ is physically damaged, it is very difficult to make it whole again through spiritual means even though the cause in the beginning was spiritual in nature.

Regular spiritual practice along with spiritual healing measures is the most effective way of overcoming such type of problems in life. In some cases the symptoms may exacerbate when we start spiritual healing but this is merely an indication that the positive spiritual energy is fighting the negative energy causing the problem. In David’s case by being regular with his efforts combined with his faith, he was able to attract spiritual positivity everyday, which helped him to overcome his problem faster.

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