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Trouble caused by ancestors due to family traditions not being followed

SSRF publishes these case studies with the intention of providing some direction to our readers with regard to problems that manifest at a physical or psychological level, but which can have their root cause in the spiritual dimension. When the root cause of a problem is spiritual in nature we have observed that the inclusion of spiritual healing remedies generally gives the best results. SSRF advises continuation of conventional medical treatment along with spiritual healing remedies for the treatment of physical and psychiatric illnesses. Readers are advised to take up any spiritual healing remedy at their own discretion.

Trouble caused by ancestors due to family traditions not being followed

Until February 28 2003, Mahesh, a seeker in India had been experiencing many difficulties in life such as obstacles in studies, constant arguments with family etc. On starting his spiritual practice this seeker started residing in the Spiritual Science Research Foundation’s (SSRF) centre in Thane, a city outside Mumbai, India. In the course of his spiritual practice, it was noticed that the seeker’s temperament would suddenly change from his normal self and he would get uncontrollably noisy and loud and would not be himself, as though he was possessed and controlled by another entity. The seeker was sent to SSRF’s hermitage (ashram) in Panvel, another city in India for spiritual treatment by seekers with subtle perception abilities so as to help him get to the root of his problem. It was very quickly discovered that the cause was the ghost of his ancestor.

The following is a transcript of the conversation between the ghost who had manifested and the seekers of SSRF with the ability to perceive and converse with it.

Comment: This is one of the ways that ancestors possess their descendants and converse through them.

Ancestor’s Subtle Body: I’m his father’s cousin. Leave me in Khareshwar (A temple in India).

Seekers: What is there in Khareshwar?

Ancestor’s Subtle Body: I possessed him in the Khareshwar temple, and so I can leave him only there. Your His Holiness Dr. Jayant Athavale has asked me to leave him. I feel like listening to Him.

Comment: Each ghost has different demands to leave the affected person. It is difficult to reason out each time as to why they have those demands. In this case, it may be that since the ghost has been told to leave and by leaving at the same place where he came in, his attachment to this individual and his family gets fulfilled, as though a sin has been paid off, thereby closing the circle.

Seekers: Why do you trouble him?

Ancestor’s Subtle Body: Because nobody in his family follows the family tradition of worshipping Lord Shiva (the divine principle of Destruction), at Khareshwar and so I cannot be freed from my ghost-like existence. Since they are not continuing the family tradition, why should I let them live? I want to destroy their family.

Comment: After death, a subtle body travels in various subtle planes of existence before they are reborn as per their give-and-take account that they have created. Many a time they get stuck in some plane and cannot progress to the next plane as they do not have the ability or energy to do so. These souls or ghosts derive the required energy to proceed to further planes from spiritual efforts made by their living descendants. Hence if the descendants do not do the required spiritual effort, they trouble that family till they do so. This is called an ancestor’s soul problem.

Seekers: Why do you make so much noise and cause so much trouble?

Ancestor’s Subtle Body: Because I cannot stay in the hermitage. Leave me in Khareshwar. I do not have enough energy to leave him here (in the hermitage)

Comment: As explained above, each ghost has various specific demands to leave affected persons. The ghost in this case could not leave because the positive energy (sattvikta) of the hermitage was so high that the ghost had been drained of energy and did not have the energy required to leave the affected seeker.

Seekers: When did you possess him?

Ancestor’s Subtle Body: When he was 4 years old I possessed him in Khareshwar temple.

Seekers: How did you trouble him?

Ancestor’s Subtle Body: I degraded his handwriting (seeker has bad writing), I put obstacles in his education. (When the troubled seeker was studying for engineering he missed a year, thereby failing. Later he studied hard but despite this, still failed. He thought of dropping out of school, but other seekers persuaded him to complete it.) I troubled his mother and also tried to create doubts about him in other seekers’ minds.

(Prior to the ghost talking to the seekers, the affected seeker always used to say, “I want to go to Thane”)

Seekers: What is there in Thane?

Ancestor’s Subtle Body: I can trouble him more in SSRF’s centre in Thane but not here in the Panvel hermitage (ashram), as here a lot of holy energy (sattva component) is present.

Comment: Ghosts (negative energies) themselves feel very distressed in very holy atmospheres. In such places they do not have much capacity or energy to trouble their affected victims.

Seekers: If we take him to Khareshwar will you definitely leave him?

Negative energy : Yes, definitely I will leave him. I swear by Khareshwar! (The ghost repeated this thrice)

Comment: Ghosts have been known to lie on several occasions. The reason being that telling the truth could prove detrimental to their mission of causing trouble. When a ghost repeats his oath three times, it is a strong indication that he is, in fact, telling the truth.

Seekers: While going to Khareshwar, if you give him trouble, we won’t be able to take him.

Ancestor’s Subtle Body: No, I won’t trouble him on the way. I will trouble him only when he goes inside the temple and bows before the symbol of Lord Shiva (Pindi). (“I will not trouble him while going to the temple and I won’t trouble this seeker again” was repeated three times by the ghost)

On March 2, 2003 when the affected seeker was taken to the temple of Khareshwar, while bowing to the symbol of Lord Shiva, the ghost manifested again and gave the following information:

Ancestor’s Subtle Body: Every year bring him to visit this temple and ask him to go to the holy place Kashi (a place of pilgrimage in India) soon. This is my wish. I have given him lot of trouble and so I’m sad. Give my regards to H.H. Dr. Jayant Athavale. I feel sad while leaving.

After that the seeker felt light, as though a huge burden had been lifted, and thereafter did not experience any trouble.

Comment: Many times, in order to remove problems with ghosts, it takes the resolve of a Saint to have the ghost leave, as it was the case here. It is also important to note that depending upon the quality of the affected seeker’s own spiritual practice, he may or may not have to heed the final wishes of the ghost.

It must be noted that to overcome the negative energy trouble there is no need to go to any Sorcerer but with the power of chanting the Name of God and other complementary spiritual practice, one can fight troublesome ghosts just like this seeker did.

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