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It is said that sometimes our ancestors help us, is it correct?

It is commonly believed by many people and cultures that their departed ancestors look over them and help them in their lives.

The spiritual research conducted by SSRF corroborates the fact that ancestors can help us. The extent and quality of help depends on their attitude in their life on Earth and their spiritual level. Departed ancestors at a lower spiritual level can help less than those at a higher spiritual level. The higher the spiritual level, the more the extent and quality of help possible.

In almost all cases, the help that ancestors want to provide to their descendants is at a worldly level.

For example:

  • An ancestor may help his descendant get a job by putting the idea in the interviewer’s mind of selecting him.
  • They may help a girl get the boyfriend of her choice by putting the thought in the to-be boyfriend’s mind.
  • An ancestor with the foreknowledge of a possible accident may try to delay the departure of the descendant from the house thus trying to keep him away from the scene of the accident.

Ancestors, by helping their descendants, are in effect enhancing the attachment of their descendants to worldly pleasures and simultaneously get further attached themselves. The only real help departed ancestors can give their descendants is to make them aware of the necessity of spiritual practice. More than 50% of mankind is below the 30% spiritual level with minimal spiritual strength. It is very difficult for these ancestors to be of any help to their descendants. Sometimes higher-level ghosts (devils, demons, negative energies etc.) like subtle-sorcerers (māntrik)  can also ensnare our departed ancestors of lower spiritual levels and torment them. At this point, survival is the only thought in their mind.

However even if some ancestors may genuinely desire to help their descendants, the fate of the helpful ancestors is akin to being trapped in a glass cage. They can see the plight of their descendants but cannot reach out to them to alert them of danger or deliver timely help. This can be caused by one of two factors:

  • The descendants do not receive or understand the signals sent by the ancestors or do not believe in them.
  • The spiritual power of ancestors falls short of the help needed.

For example, a departed father may want to warn his son about the risk in signing the business deal through dreams but the son either does not make the connection between the signs in the dreams and the deal or if he does, he may not attribute enough significance to it thus ignoring the message.

In another case, a departed mother may have to helplessly watch her beloved son falling prey to a lethal drug addiction orchestrated by a subtle-sorcerer. She understands the root cause of the addiction, though the son and the world is unaware about it, but as her spiritual power falls much shorter than that of the subtle-sorcerer she is forced to be a helpless spectator.

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