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Sacrifice to the Truth

Sacrifice to the Truth
If there is anything that helps us to truly make progress, it is sacrifice. Sacrifice helps to create the space within us to receive. Only when we let go of the sand in our hand, can God fill it with the diamonds that He has in store for us. Sacrifice can be of one’s mind, body or wealth.
What happens when we give of ourselves to serve God


The above drawing based on subtle-knowledge is a vision by one of our seekers as to what actually happens when one sacrifices for God. It shows that we are infact uplifted and protected.

An example of sacrifice of the mind is when we have the option to watch our favourite movie or help with setting up a satsang, we choose the latter. Here we sacrifice something that the mind enjoys for God. Chanting continuously is also a sacrifice of the mind.

An example of sacrifice of the body would be sleeping an hour less in order to do God’s work, such as completing an article for the website or performing some other spiritual service.



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