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Introduction to Personality Defect Removal (PDR) | SSRF

1. Scenes from around the world

Please view our video on PDR here:

1-Lost-KeysWashington DC, USA: 8 AM

When John forgot where he kept his keys due to being absent minded, he not only wasted an hour of his time in a panic trying to find them, but also upset his wife as he turned the house upside down trying to locate them.


2-Burnt-StewDublin, Ireland 10 AM

Aisling forgets to tend to the stew she has on the stove as she is engrossed in her favourite soap opera on Television. As a result of her irresponsibility and carelessness the stew gets burnt and lunch will need to be prepared once again.


3-Irresponsibility-sinks-ferrySomewhere off the South Korean Coast 9 AM – 11:30 AM

Now the same mistake on a much larger scale ..
The crew and management of the ferry MV Sewol overloaded the boat with cargo by more than 3 times. Due to irresponsibility and not following procedure, the boat capsized whilst turning, killing 304 passengers and crew and destroying cargo worth USD 1.7 million.


4-Reckless-drivingBrazilia, Brazil 12 PM

Roberto sped past the red traffic light due to his impatience and reckless nature causing a major accident seriously injuring the Oliveira family.



5-JealousyAuckland, New Zealand 2 PM

When Ellen’s friend Monique finds true love, Ellen instead of being happy for her is overcome by jealousy. This causes a rift in their friendship and finally ruins the relationship for good.



6-violence-against-womenRome, Italy 4 PM

On hearing that his wife had gone out for the day despite him saying no, Giovanni’s pride is hurt and he is overcome by anger and takes off his belt to hit his wife. Domestic violence due to his anger has had a devastating impact on his wife and children.


7-insecurity-leads-to-depressionLisbon, Portugal 6 PM

Antonio has never been able to stand up for himself at work as he lacks courage and is insecure and is therefore always in a state of depression.



8-emotional-living-in-the-pastStockholm, Sweden, 7:00 PM

Julia keeps remembering painful past incidents due to her highly emotional nature and it often brings her to tears.



Dubai, UAE 9-greed11 AM

Smooth talking Imran due to his greed cons his trusting brother Asif into parting with his share of the family property to help him fund an illegal business venture. The business venture eventually fails and Asif incurs major financial loss.


New Delhi, Ind10-greed-and-corruptionia 9:30 PM

Now a variation of the same mistake on a much larger scale. Overcome by greed, a corrupt politician has just made final arrangements to transfer millions of dollars earned from bribes to a private Swiss bank account. If that same money were to stay in India, millions of starving people could be fed for a month.

These are examples of mistakes commonly found all over the world; some with consequences that can be quite tragic and dangerous. All of us will be able to identify with some of the mistakes shared earlier. While the intensity may differ, mistakes such as these are predominantly due to personality defects present in an individual. Personality defects are those impressions in the mind such as pride, anger, greed and laziness that trigger undesirable thoughts, emotions and activities that bring unhappiness and harm to both oneself and others.

2. Impact of mistakes at an individual level

Do you remember the last time you were angry? Were you happy? Most probably not and in every one of our workshops everyone answers with a big ‘no’.

People who have more severe personality defects like anger, laziness, judgement and irresponsibility are generally very unhappy individuals and their mind is always in turmoil. Every action and thought of theirs is tainted with such defects, which results in giving pain to themselves and to others.

3. Impact on close relations

Mistakes made by us due to personality defects have the potential to affect not only ourselves with unhappiness but also the people around us such as our family, colleagues and friends.

Sometimes we feel we are justified in getting angry with others. The fact however is that even if we feel that our unhappiness is because someone has wronged us, getting angry with that person only compounds the unhappiness for oneself.

4. Impact on society

The higher our position in society or influence over others, the more people can be negatively impacted due to our personality defects. Our personality defects prompt us to make mistakes and errors in judgement, and if by these mistakes people get hurt, we heap upon ourselves negative karma, the repercussions of which we may have to endure birth after birth and in the afterlife.

5. How PDR will help you

Removing personality defects from our mind is an important way to achieve a happier life and have calmness of mind. In this series of tutorials, we will train you on the ‘Personality Defect Removal Process’ also known by the acronym of ‘PDR’. When PDR is done regularly and sincerely in conjunction with other forms of spiritual practice, we go through a process of self-actualisation, which means that it has the potential to lift one to a higher quality of life and helps one progress faster spiritually. When personality defects such as anger and greed reduce within us, not only do we benefit to become happier individuals but others who come in touch with us also benefit. We extend to you a warm welcome to participate in SSRF’s drive to help one and all in Personality Defect Removal and Ego Removal.

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