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Gaining spiritual experiences from spiritual practice

In Spirituality, only 2% of importance is given to intellectual knowledge and 98% of importance lies in the experience of that knowledge. These experiences are known as spiritual experiences and help us to generate faith in our intellectual understanding of the science of Spirituality. Spiritual experiences can manifest in many ways.

Some of the more tangible aspects are when one experiences something with the five senses with no rational cause.

For example, a person is in a quiet room meditating and he has shut the door and windows to seal off any disturbances. Suddenly he begins to perceive a fragrance of incense of sandalwood. He is puzzled and he looks around for the source of the fragrance by checking around the house and even opening the windows. The fragrance follows him wherever he goes. This is God’s way of encouraging us. For more information refer to the article on spiritual experiences.

On the other hand one may experience how Divine intervention works by applying a spiritual principle or concept in their lives. As a result one gains faith in that principle and internalises it.



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